Election Fraud Lefty Scheming Unconstitutional misbehavior

Oh, so

YouTube has reversed course. How… interesting!

YouTube has announced a reversal of its “election integrity” policy, stating that it will now leave up content that makes claims of fraud, errors, or glitches in elections, including the much-debated 2020 presidential election and previous US elections.

But hey, YouTube is still in the Democrat hip pocket–dontcha worry your purdy lil’ head about THAT for a second! See, even now they will not tolerate someone disputing the validity of voting by mail…

Baby steps, YouTube, baby steps.

Conspiracy Immorality Unconstitutional misbehavior

So, now we have

explicit and undeniable evidence that Twitter and the gov’t colluded to suppress the truth getting out.

It is neither illegal nor unconstitutional for Twitter to suppress free speech. But it is absolutely certain that it is both illegal and unconstitutional for the gov’t to do it.


Musk just bombed the Democrat despots into oblivion!

Read what happened.

If you are a Leftist AND consider yourself moral, just how do you justify THIS?

Guys, the crap is hitting the fan…