Elections Voter Fraud

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MY concern is that we won’t have free and fair elections due to rampant Democrat cheating and voter fraud.

Regular people need to stand in the breach and volunteer en masse.

Banana Republic of Brandon Elections

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What they did is disgraceful. No one is safe anymore.

Let’s roll…

Civil Rights Elections Freedom

Yep. People have

had enough. And it is quite clear that Biden and his cabal of corrupt lackeys would strip you of many Civil Rights if they ever have half a chance.

Let’s not give them that chance.


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Elections Evil Clown Fighting Back

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But Liz Cheney has paid the price. As a result of her anti-Trump mania, the Wyoming Republican Party no longer recognizes her as a member of the GOP. Plus, among those polled by Mason-Dixon, only 27% approve of her job performance.

… But if Trump wins the nomination I will vote for Trump because I believe that he and the GOP best serve the nation. The Democrats? Not so much. Look how members of that party are trying to undermine the Supreme Court, the third branch of government, for example. 

Culture Elections

Yeah, I don’t

want to get overly optimistic. And if it’s one thing that we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt it is that the Democrats will cheat and the ONLY way to get a reasonably fair vote is for Conservatives to volunteer en masse.


This may be one of the more damning accusations against the White House made by fellow Democrats to date. With less than four months before the midterm elections, “White House aides, from their vantage point, do not appear to be in enough of a hurry,” even though “the calendar, increasingly, is not the president’s friend.”


Indeed, we have a

choice coming soon,

Is it November yet?


Look, it’s just

the beginning.

The plan was always to ditch Joe in favor of Kamala–he was just a Trojan horse. And Joe is the ultimate scapegoat.

The problem is that Kamala is unbelievably unpopular. She is widely seen as the empty-headed social climber that she is!


Well, let’s

Abortion Elections

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abortion won’t save Democrats.