Yes, that is

the worst scenario for Democrats.

One Democratic lawmaker, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter, raised the prospect that Biden could secure the nomination, then have to drop out for health reasons. “The worst-case scenario is we get past the nominating process with President Biden as the nominee, and then he’s no longer able to continue on as the nominee,” the lawmaker said. “That’s the nightmare scenario for Democrats.”

Unfortunately, only the good die young. So Biden is totally safe.


Yes, I agree.

There are many problems with a Newsom candidacy. But none are so gnarly as the Kamala Harris problem. Indeed, it is a Gordian knot. In other words, like cutting through the knot was the solution for Alexander The Great, I strongly suspect that Kamala is in a lot more mortal danger from the DNC than from Conservatives.

Conservatives want her to run! The DNC? Not so much…

The really big sticking point in the “Magic Newsom” scenario is Vice President Kamala Harris. Not one person I know who insists that Newsom will eventually be the nominee has mentioned how he or she thinks Madame Veep is going to be out of the picture. It’s merely assumed. It’s like saying, “I’m going to be rich,” and not having an answer when people ask you what your job is.

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So what will

happen IF Democrats lose this segment?

The UAW is withholding an endorsement of Biden as it waits to hear back from the administration. UAW President Shawn Fain demanded the Biden administration give the UAW assurances that union workers will be protected as the federal government pushes for higher EV production. Biden, who describes himself as the “most pro-union president” in history, received the endorsement of the UAW in 2020 as the union typically backs any candidate with a “D” next to their name, but the UAW president said Biden has some more to prove before he gets an endorsement for 2024.

The fact that the UAW is so far withholding endorsement of Biden is a HUGE red flag for Democrats. The UAW! That, in and of itself, is a seismic shift.

Oh, the UAW will eventually endorse Biden–that is virtually for sure. But the fact that they are so unenthusiastic about Biden mirrors the sentiments of voters–they are also quite unenthusiastic about Biden. And workers may be far less likely to vote as a bloc.


I agree:

I will believe it when I see it.

Hope? Yes, absolutely. But this cultural norm has been very durable.

Still, the best evidence that there could be something to this theory is that Leftist Black intellectuals are now worried about the possibility. I don’t know if they are responding to the same anecdata (anecdotes masquerading as data) or whether they have a legitimate reason to be worried about a surge of support for Republicans by Black voters.

… Republicans don’t want to “own” the Black vote. We want to earn it. Democrats are scared to death that we will if we can get a hearing.

BUT, will Republicans ever get a hearing? Not if the Left can prevent it!


The only poll

that really counts is the one on election day. Still, this is good news.

I am SO pleased to see West running!

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Yes, but ALWAYS

a bridesmaid and never a bride.

Yes, I have hope that we are seeing a shift, here. And it seems that we are. But I want to see real change, not change that is always approaching but never actually arrives.

Biden’s 2020 margin among Black voters was smaller than for any other Democratic presidential nominee over the past two decades, and the latest data suggests that support has eroded since the election.

… A Quinnipiac University national poll released last week found Biden receiving 73% support from Black voters, compared to 20% for Trump in a hypothetical 2024 rematch. A poll conducted for Fox News released this month showed 61% of Black voters favoring Biden, compared to 20% for Trump. August surveys from Emerson College, Harris X/The Messenger, and YouGov/The Economist also showed similar results.

But Democrats only getting 61% (or even 73%) of the Black vote is utterly catastrophic for them. If that rate held, Democrats would rarely ever win again (talking about the Presidency)!



hope it happens!

If Manchin runs, Biden is toast! I just don’t think there is enough election fraud out there this time to save him.


I’m telling you,

this will almost for sure happen. Just you watch.

Harris is pure poison for Democrats.


Yeah, well

Democrats should panic about this!

“We’re here to make sure the American people have an option, and the option is can you move the political parties off their respective sides,” he said.

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We’ll see. But I hope we are seeing a sea-change.

It turns out that not all black voters in Georgia are ready to hand the keys to the White House back over to Joe Biden for a second term, unsurprisingly for many of the same reasons that voters in other demographic blocs have their hesitations about the president. Some black voters are considering alternatives, be they GOP candidates or third-party options, or sitting out the 2024 presidential race altogether.