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Yes, that is

pretty much true.

  • We KNOW that Hillary Clinton was behind the scam.
  • It materially damages other “Russiagate” cases.
  • We KNOW that it was a scam from the get-go–Trump is and always was innocent. They tried to frame an innocent man out of a lust for power. Think about THAT!
  • The Alfa Bank lie is dead, dead, dead.
  • It shows beyond a doubt that the MSM LIES! You now trust them? You are a blithering fool if you do!
  • It lays bare the awful deep state corruption.

No matter what the verdict is, almost all of us are no longer fooled by the lies. We KNOW that the Lefties and the MSM (though I repeat myself) will lie to us without compunction, without conscience, and without remorse. The scales have fallen from our eyes. And THAT makes it a “win” no matter what.

UPDATE: The verdict is in, and no surprise, the obviously guilty goes free. What do you expect, with such a partisan jury?





ain’t good numbers!

But I think that 36% disapproval is pretty much as low as Biden’s approval can go. Maybe he can lose 3 more points. Maybe. But probably, after this, there just isn’t much statistical room for variance. There simply aren’t many “degrees of freedom” left to vary.

I mean, you go from 100% approval to 97% and it isn’t much at all. That 3-point loss is virtually for sure statistically meaningless–a 3% loss. It is statistical “noise.” No biggie.

Yet if you go from from 10% to 7%, it’s still only a 3-point loss. But it is actually a loss of 30%! So the lower the base number is, the harder it is to see variance because any changes are (increasingly) proportionally large. At this point, very few people who are still for Biden are at all persuadable.

Biden is almost to the point of what I call the “Dead-Ender Democrat Voter” crowd. These folks vote “blue” no matter who. Again, these folks would vote for a moldy orange if it had a “D” after its name.

And my expectation is that Biden’s numbers will rise come September or so. Then the MSM will get so excited they wet their pants and tout him as “The Comeback Kid.” “Look,” they will solemnly intone, “he has risen 10 points–JOEMENTUM!

Just you watch…


Just so you

know WHO Democrats are and what team they bat for…

Current Events

Lest we


Current Events


for dang sure!


It really is

good question:

The logic holds: It’s on one side as the other.

Guys, let’s not be total idiots, here! Let’s not be tragically concrete. Please, show that you are capable of abstract thought. It’s NOT the weapon. DUH!

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pretty much

Now, don’t get cocky, Conservatives! We ALL know that Democrats will cheat their butts off come November!

And don’t be confused–there are stories that WILL come out about how Democrats are (or A Democrat is) a sure winner. THAT is meant to dishearten you and discourage you from voting. So just be prepared, because you can take it to the bank that THAT will happen.

But don’t let the bastards win.



no relationship.

Eat it, Lefties!

Civil Rights

Hardly a surprise,

is it? This happens every time there is a mass shooting. People aren’t stupid, you know!