Basic Economics

The big problem is

that SO many on the Left willfully don’t understand basic economics. And they truly don’t understand. Not because they are low-IQ or anything like that, but because they are so beholden to Leftism that they can’t see the simple facts.

In this case it isn’t that you’ll believe it when you see it, it’s that you see it BECAUSE you believe it! And when you, in a fit of political hackism, epistemically close off one area of knowing, you end up totally ignorant in that area.

But watch this, and perhaps learn a bit.

Basic Economics

Some of you Lefties

need a little lesson in human nature…

Basic Economics Biden-induced misery

Well, no surprise!

THAT is what happens when you elect a Leftist and he or she quickly makes the economy sucky. DUH!

Last night Danish shipping giant Maersk announced a steep dive in profits for their third quarter compared to last year’s numbers. The heady days of astronomical pandemic shipping quotes seem to be at an end, with plenty of container space available now for transporting cargo. But there’s no freight orders to fill up the boats – volume isn’t stabilizing. It’s declining.

Hey Lefties, let me give you a clue: Make something more expensive and you will get less of it!

Basic Economics Captain Obvious

The idea that Iran

wasn’t freed to fund the attack on Israel by “Biden” giving them $6 BILLION is just ludicrous in the extreme!

Guys, let’s not be willingly ignorant, here. ALL money is fungible! The fact that money was known by Iran to be coming in meant that other money was available to fund the Israel attack. DUH!

Basic Economics

It’s not really

much of a surprise. Here’s a lesson that Lefties never seem to learn: Money is like water–it always flows in the path of least resistance. water just doesn’t flow flow uphill. That is NOT how the physical world works.

Go woke, go broke. Ever since peak COVID-19, traditional powerhouses of economic value like leftist California and New York have been losing money and residents hand over fist, while red states — particularly in the South — have boomed.

… The six fastest-growing states — Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and North and South Carolina, according to Allen — are experiencing a “$100 billion wealth migration” based on Bureau of Economic Analysis data. Those states now contribute more to America’s national GDP than the Northeast, which used to be the economic powerhouse, Allen wrote, citing Bloomberg.

We can rigidly hold to some belief that water should flow uphill, and indeed there are ways I can temporarily force it to do so (like a siphon). But all my quibbling aside, water will flow downhill.

The Mendelian Spousal Unit (MSU) had a geology professor in college. He was frequently hired by construction companies to consult on geological issues they faced.

He had a saying–Nature will always re-establish the slope. Yes, you can build on that hill and buttress the house with retaining walls and such, but understand well that eventually nature WILL re-establish that slope. That house is inherently unstable, and sooner or later it will come down.

Basic Economics

It really is

a fantastic interview.

What struck me is VDH’s talk about farmers and political stance.

I think he is right–there’s nothing magical about farming per se. But anyone who works for themselves rather than being a mere “worker bee” who just works 9 to 5 and doesn’t care about anything else understands well.

And so does the Left. THAT is why they can’t afford to have independent Uber drivers–THAT is why they want them all to be employees.

When an Uber driver get $10, he or she knows that he or she needs to put aside $3 for Federal, state, and local taxes. $7 left. And then gas prices take a HUGE bite. And then repairs are much more expensive because of Bidenflation.

At the end, how much actual profit is left?

See, a “worker bee” employee doesn’t have to worry about such things. Through the dark magic of withholding, they hardly even notice that they are being gouged. They never see the knife, and they are anesthetized to the point that they don’t feel it going in.

They never even cognitively or affectively process Federal, Medicaid, Social Security (they themselves only pay half of Social Security, while the employer must pay the other half), and state tax bills at all! And then they have no overhead (at least that they can see). Just show up, do the job, and go home.

BUT, when you are an independent contractor, you keep track of every penny. And then you write a check for taxes. And that is why the Left hates the idea of independent Uber drives with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns.

Basic Economics

Law and order

matter. Think about it for half a second–YOU would not set up a business in, say, the middle of a busy highway. Why? Because your customers AND employees would be hit all the time. I mean, would it make a lick of sense to do so?

No wonder Walmart is leaving!

How about you outfit (and stock) a ski shop in the middle of a remote part of gang-controlled Mexico. Does that make any sense at all?

Or how about you set up a Walmart in downtown Chicago or San Fransisco? And much of your inventory is not sold, but stolen. Folks track in people poop from the sidewalks and streets on their shoes all the time–and YOU have to pay someone to clean it up. Drug pushers take over the bathrooms. Street whores are turning tricks in front of the registers. Shoplifting is both regular and rampant. Oh, and the land you are on and the building you have costs millions! And you pay for that location every single month. Just what would YOU do, huh?

How do any of these things make business sense?

Well, they don’t. So Walmart is leaving. Target is also gone. DUH!

Basic Economics


Eliminate it.

Basic Economics Change

Truly a

nightmare for Democrats!

Basic Economics

What is the

bottom line? Bottom line: There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

And, (ahem!) anyone who tells you differently is selling you something, princess!