Bad Faith Basic Economics

Funny how things

changen eh?

Basic Economics

The truth is

that China is in a world of hurt in terms of real estate. People are getting hurt. And many more WILL.

Basic Economics

Well DUH!

That’s what happens when you raise the Minimum Wage!

Are YOU so economically ignorant that you haven’t grasped this? SHORT ANWER: If I buy widgets for $10 each, I can’t resell them for $5 each and stay in business for long!

And THIS is why you never vote for anyone who has not lived off their own business. Not if you can help it, anyway.

Basic Economics Biden-Induced Human Misery


for sure!

Basic Economics

What a total

idiot! Is he so dang ignorant of the real world that he doesn’t know how things work? Apparently so. I guess if you spent your life sucking off the government teat you might be ignorant of the way the world actually works!

President Joe Biden took aim at grocery stores, blaming them for “ripping people off” with high pricing amid the continued inflation blame game.

What a moron!

Basic Economics Human Misery Political philosophy


what makes wealth happen, SPOILER: It ain’t coercive government!

But this is a lesson Lefties have frantically avoided leaning. The very obvious lesson we get from looking at the world?: Decreased freedom leads to human misery. DUH!

In short, politics very much matter! Leftism leads to human misery. And we have seen this over and over and over. It’s SO obvious now, that it’s hard to morally justify being on the Left!

Basic Economics

The big problem is

that SO many on the Left willfully don’t understand basic economics. And they truly don’t understand. Not because they are low-IQ or anything like that, but because they are so beholden to Leftism that they can’t see the simple facts.

In this case it isn’t that you’ll believe it when you see it, it’s that you see it BECAUSE you believe it! And when you, in a fit of political hackism, epistemically close off one area of knowing, you end up totally ignorant in that area.

But watch this, and perhaps learn a bit.

Basic Economics

Some of you Lefties

need a little lesson in human nature…

Basic Economics Biden-induced misery

Well, no surprise!

THAT is what happens when you elect a Leftist and he or she quickly makes the economy sucky. DUH!

Last night Danish shipping giant Maersk announced a steep dive in profits for their third quarter compared to last year’s numbers. The heady days of astronomical pandemic shipping quotes seem to be at an end, with plenty of container space available now for transporting cargo. But there’s no freight orders to fill up the boats – volume isn’t stabilizing. It’s declining.

Hey Lefties, let me give you a clue: Make something more expensive and you will get less of it!

Basic Economics Captain Obvious

The idea that Iran

wasn’t freed to fund the attack on Israel by “Biden” giving them $6 BILLION is just ludicrous in the extreme!

Guys, let’s not be willingly ignorant, here. ALL money is fungible! The fact that money was known by Iran to be coming in meant that other money was available to fund the Israel attack. DUH!