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Do tell

Baier:”Inflation is not slowing.”
Manchin: “I said a year and a half ago…I said inflation was real.” Baier: “Isn’t it disingenuous to call this the Inflation Reduction Act?”
Manchin: “It’s the only thing we have ever done that has a chance to really fight inflation!

Hey maybe, just maybe, if Democrats and their RINO lackey henchmen stopped spending like drunken sailors inflation would abate a bit!

Manchin is screwed. He sold out.

Basic Economics Corruption Evil

Yeah, that’s the POINT

of Leftism, isn’t it?

While some are praising President Biden’s announcement of up to $20,000 in student loan debt cancellation per recipient, for the overwhelming majority of Americans, the message is clear- do the right thing, work hard, play by the rules and get punished for it.

This program is an insult to every parent who worked multiple jobs, sacrificed, and forwent vacations, just so their child could graduate from college debt free; to students who worked full-time so that they could pay for their college; to those who never went to college and learned a trade; to those who paid back their student loans. 

It is jus an abysmally bad idea. It is a transparent and pathetic and foolish attempt to buy votes.

… Sure, you may have received a couple of thousand dollars in COVID-19 stimulus money, and it may have felt good to have extra cash at the time, but that triggered inflation. We have paid back a hell of a lot more than the stimulus we received. The average American received $3,000 in COVID stimulus and it is estimated that the average American will spend more than $8,000 this year due to the inflation caused by the reckless government spending-so it certainly wasn’t worth it. The same thing will happen with student loans if the policy goes through. 

Now the stumper (for me at least): Is “Biden” really that stupid, or is this malice aforethought?

Basic Economics Stooooopid!

Oh yeah,

THAT is going to help!

Look, I don’t know, but I’m relatively sure that Manchin got some sort of “offer he couldn’t refuse.” Sinema was probably an easier “pull.”

Basic Economics Biden Recession

Well, it’s

true. And I think that almost everyone understands that. Even Democrats get that.

Almost half (47%) of Democratic voters also said they believe the economy is in a recession. 

Yeah, DUH!

Basic Economics

Always remember:

Going “green” = death.

Last week, major German cities, such as Berlin, Munich, and Nuremberg, decided to cut off hot water and turn off lights after Russia slashed the gas supply. Public offices, kindergartens, schools, and gyms in cities across Germany will have to go without warm water. Outdoor lighting of monuments, including the landmark Brandenburg Gate, has been turned off.

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It’s easy to let

Sinema take all the flak, but it’s beginning to show perhaps she is not the only one.

But this is far from over, even IF Sinema and all the other Dems are, however reluctantly, on board.

Basic Economics Psychopathological Denial

As a psychologist, I

really understand how powerful denial of reality is.

Basic Economics

Until we get

decent battery technology, electric cars are pretty much a non-starter, a bauble of the rich and smug.

Basically, if you get one now, you are just betting that technology will change before you need a new battery. Well, maybe it will pay off for you.

I personally would LOVE for electric cars to be feasible for most people. The torque is incredible!

Basic Economics


pretty much…

You pretty much have to be a total economic ignoramus to buy Democrat economic theories. Unfortunately, ignoramuses are all too thick on the ground…

Basic Economics Stooooopid!

Honestly, I want

to scream to the Biden administration, saying:

What, are you STUPID?