Civil Rights History


I’m glad to see this.

When, 100 years from now, people look back and identify the most goofy and backward things of this era, two things will immediately come to their minds:

  1. Gun control
  2. Surgically mutilating kids in the “Transgender”
Fighting Back History

Huh. It will be

very interesting to see how this works out.

Cole, who describes herself as a “former trans kid,” was put on puberty blockers and testosterone at age 13, had a double mastectomy at 15, and then detransitioned at 16. She is now suing those who “performed, supervised, and/or advised transgender hormone therapy and surgical intervention,” in an attempt to ensure that no other young people are harmed by doctors the way she was.

CAN a 15-year-old consent to such a thing? What about the people who encouraged her? Could a school teacher also share in the liability? Did parents give consent and therefore be involved in liability?

This was a kid! And one who now is forever damaged. So does liability attach? The ONLY defense seems to be Informed Consent. But it is not clear (at all) to me that such an approach will stave off legal liability, especially in a minor.

Plus, even if the person gains the age of majority, are they mentally unstable/ill and thus in a “vulnerable population” and the surgeon (and maybe others) knew or should have known the problem and thus violated their fiduciary duty by consenting to/performing the surgery or prescribing hormone blockers?

Like I say, this could get very interesting!

I remember about 25-30 years ago when there was the “repressed memory” fad. Total nonsense, and quite damaging. It very quickly died out when victims and their parents started suing psychotherapists.

See, in this current case such suits probably can NOT be short-circuited with an appeal to informed consent. And THIS deals with kids and/or vulnerable people! CAN these kids consent to forever body-altering drugs and surgery?

My guess? This is a recapitulation of that repressed memory sort of nonsense, on steroids…

As the famous saying goes, history doesn’t always repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

Bad Faith History

Lobotomy was a

VERY big deal. But at heart, what was old in new again. And “transgender” surgery is the new lobotomy.

Unfortunately, the science of treating mental illness is not especially good, and the treatments themselves have at times been cruel, destructive, and sometimes downright evil.

Guys, this mutilation is a fad! But unfortunately, there are kids who are now permanently damaged because of this. And others will be before this fad runs its course. Surgeons who are willing to mutilate others in this way for money are despicable.

And it’s incredibly destructive. People who are suffering are getting quack treatments. Sometimes they’re suffering something serious and real, in which case the treatment should be intense and appropriate to the condition; other times it is the result of a teenage phase and should be seen as a teen experimenting with Goth culture. Instead, we are medicalizing the problem and literally sterilizing children and surgically altering their bodies. For profit.

It’s heartbreaking.

History Incompetence

When we look

back at things, Joe Biden falling down the polling poop chute started with his Afghanistan bungle.

That was when it became incontrovertible that he is, in fact, a dangerous moron. Opposing him from that point forward was NOT just political preference, it was good sense–a means of survival. Look at the data; August 2021 was the turning point.

Joe Biden’s poll numbers are terrible and keep getting worse. While his approval is certainly being affected by inflation, high gas prices, and other issues, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was the pivotal moment.

… The American people are very patient, but leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan was unforgivable. When service members were then killed by a suicide bomber, Biden’s political fate was sealed.

It has kind of been a delayed burn. But it was with that that it became no longer possible to fully trust Joe Biden–his amazingly poor judgment became undeniable. So when a bunch of bad crap later came along, the reservoir of good will was just empty–it had ALL (and more) been spent on the Afghanistan bungle. So now Biden’s approval rating is in the high 30s–and still falling.

The failures have been cumulative. And the Biden checking account of trust and good will is now grossly overdrawn…

History Truth

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