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Look, Trump just

won the primaries.

Yes, I know that there are BS suits out there against him. But they are total BS. They are a frantic scrambling from Democrats about to get curb-stomped–and nothing else.

Carroll was awarded $5 million for sexual abuse and defamation. The nine-person jury cleared Trump of the rape claim. [emphasis added]

In this latest case, the statute of limitations was changed expressly to get Trump. I’m not impressed. At all. Sure, some mono-maniacally Leftist jury in NYC will (of course) find him guilty of anything.

But on appeal more sane and less wacky heads will prevail.

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Look, pal,

I’ve told you. Over and over. The more you trust the MSM, the less informed you actually are.

Don’t be a slack-jawed rube!

This is science. You are not some hayseed science denier, are you?

The most accurate group was conservatives, with very conservative being the best, and very liberal being the worst. It’s not even close. Liberals have no idea what the truth is, and they believe the very worst to be the case.

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Over and over

and over!

This ISN’T seeking truth. It is blind adherence to a political/religious dogma.

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Yeah, I hear from

Lefties all the time that what Hunter Biden did was, “No big deal.” But it’s just an excuse for paste-eatingly dumb Leftism.

Yeah, if it is “No big deal” then you certainly won’t mind it being investigated!

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I think most all

of us with even a smidge of common sense are very glad that the wicked witch is dead.

Of course, in ALL horror movies, just when you think the monster is dead and gone…

(H/T: ASK)

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John Zogby

is a freakin’ loon!

I think what we are seeing here is the pathetic but all too common Lefty avoidance of reality.

Is Zogby a shill? Well, yeah. But even HE is rather forced by reality into giving Biden an overly generous C-!

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Yeah, that’s

pretty much the long and short of it!