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I’ve noticed. And more’s the pity…

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pretty much!


The Democrat

time bomb (6 minutes). Electoral Armageddon…


Democrats, if you are wise, you will head for the exits. Now.

Economics Ignoramuses


do you honestly not understand how inflation works?

Holy crap!

First we were told inflation was imaginary. Then we were told it was “transitory,” the result of COVID-inflicted supply-chain problems. Then we were told it was Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fault. 

Biden-induced misery Evil Clown

Yeah, ANY

sentient being KNOWS that high gas prices are “Biden’s” fault.


By more than a 3-to-1 margin, a majority of likely voters said higher prices are Biden’s fault, the result of failed energy policies.

I mean, I know that Biden and his posse of dishonest cheerleaders don’t want to admit it, but it is really quite obvious to anyone with greater than room-temperature IQ. Well, I guess sheer ignorance can be a defense, also, but if you know the facts…

BY PARTY (saying it’s “Biden’s” fault):
All – 51%
Rep – 76%
Dem – 24%
Ind – 54%

The survey was the latest evidence of the growing problem Democrats are facing from voters getting whacked by inflation even as the administration attempts to shift blame to anyone but the president.

Lefty Political Philosophy

You know,

it’s not just women. We ALL need to make a call as to which team we bat for. The days of straddling that divide are rapidly coming to a close. But still, the Left is amazingly anti-woman.

So when DOES “woke” work for women? When it helps the left’s Marxist movement. Remember, wokeness is just a weapon used by the left to bring Marxism to the United States.

… The dirty little secret of wokeness is this: more and more women are the victims of insane, woke policies. Whether it’s a swimming trophy or the shocking level of sexual assaults committed by illegal immigrants (and Democrat politicians like Biden and Bill Clinton), women are paying the price of wokeism, and silent feminists are just fine with it. [emphasis added]

The truth is, the only time the wokesters support women is when they fight for their right to abort children, half of whom are likely female. Again, those girls don’t matter.



pretty much…

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Portrait of

crazy paranoid…

You KNOW this moron voted for Joe “Senility” Biden!


Look, the LAST

thing we conservatives need to do is get overconfident. Still, there are reasons to hope.

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Well, I sure

hope so.

But Biden since 2020, where Biden also won the black vote by 75%, he has now fallen to only 62%.