Morality Wisdom

2024 has become

a 1-issue election. there is just no more clowning around. OK. so you didn’t like this or that detail about Trump. Well, it no longer matters.

Democrats have been taken over by the violent left. These bad actors have brought you the rivers of humanity over the Southern Border, less security, higher taxes, a dollar that’s not worth a damn, no-limits abortion, ballots mailed out to nobody and everybody, fewer police, groomer teachers, and indulgences of vices never before seen in America. Christ is mocked. Jews are afraid. We pay terrorists to plot against us. 

… Silicon Valley venture capitalist David Sacks, who previously supported Ron DeSantis and is a fan of RFK, Jr., put it best in the reaction to Trump’s conviction: “There is now only one issue in this election: whether the American people will stand for the USA becoming a Banana Republic.”

The ONLY issue now is whether you are voting for freedom or despotism. It really IS that stark of a choice. And you declare who you actually are by how you vote.

Sure, there is an argument for a strategic vote for RFK, Jr. if I live in CA or IL or NYC. But strategic vote is not at all an actual endorsement of RFK, Jr. I mean, you know he’s a hard Lefty, right? I can indeed vote for him in CA–as a way to boost Trump! See, it’s strategic.

But for most of us, it is an insanely foolish thing to do. IF you value freedom and fairness, anyway.

Morality Treason

Are you shocked?

Why would you be?

Several other groups involved in pro-Palestinian protests are backed by a foundation funded by Susan and Nick Pritzker, heir to the Hyatt Hotel empire — and supporters of Biden and numerous Democratic campaigns, including $6,600 to the Biden Victory Fund a few months ago and more than $300,000 during the 2020 campaign.

Look, we KNOW where “Biden” stands on all this. And it is NOT with Israel! If I were an American of Jewish descent, I don’t know how I could justify voting for Biden–or virtually any Democrat! Any moral person of any descent would balk, too.

Current Events Morality

Don’t fall victim

to black-and-white thinking. People, ALL people, are a mixture of good and bad.


It would be

funny if it were not so true.

In a rare instance of its viewpoints aligning with divine truth, the Vatican announced that it had reluctantly sided with God on the subject of gender theory.

… “We don’t do this very often,” said one Vatican spokesman. “It’s always our policy to try to find a workaround to avoid siding with God on these types of things, but we couldn’t really stay away from it this time around. You got us on this one, Lord. As much as His Holiness may dislike it, we’re going to stand with God on this.”

Yeah, a lot of self-proclaimed “religious” people are loathe to side with God when it goes against their preferences. They want, as the Bible says, “smooth gods” (Isaiah 30: 10), not a God who challenges their pre-judged beliefs.


Well, THAT is

totally true!


You know,

sometimes there really IS a big difference between morality and obedience. I think the challenge is to know what is called for and when. And THAT is something you can’t really know without some kind of access to a Truth-Teller…

Change Morality

With the

dinosaur throw-back Mitch McConnell (eventually–unfortunately not today) leaving as well as the execrable Mitt Romney gone at the same time, it very much seems that the age of the RINO is over (or at least rapidly drawing to a close). I sure hope so!

Paul Ryan is long gone. Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel is pretty much gone, and as a result the GOP will finally be unleashed. Most of the new blood in the GOP does NOT lean to the swampy, RINO side of things.

But there is indeed some faint lightening light in the East, and we are all praying for the dawn. The long night of the Lefty/RINO Orc seems to be drawing to a close.

And yes, there is a battle between right and wrong, here. There is morality at stake. And evil never sleeps. The gap between parties has been ever-widening, and we are at a point where that gap can no longer be straddled.

But while the battle is raging and the gap between good and evil is ever widening, there is some reason for hope, and I personally believe that good will eventually overcome evil.

Current Events Illegal Immigration Morality

Here’s my concern:

I really don’t want this to happen, but let’s say Joe Biden cheats enough to stay in the White House. And he continues his traitorous opening of the US borders.

Already, there are vigilante groups trying to close gaps in the border. From there it seems very possible that some vigilantes start shooting and then running. And they feel TOTALLY moral and justified in what they do–this is war and they are simply protecting their homes and their country from foreign invaders…

It’s dangerous. This guy is, of necessity, already walking around with a carbine…

In a recent report by the Daily Mail, Chilton can be seen patrolling the remote desert ranch armed with a carbine he carries to protect himself and his family. The area where the Chilton ranch is located is known for the crossing of hundreds of migrants monthly, where Border Patrol agents have reduced routine patrols at times due to the increase in migrant crossings elsewhere.

Look, we DON’T want blood spilled, here. And I am afraid that “Biden” is putting us on that very path! Please, stop now…

The Boston massacre started with a pressure-cooker situation in which a kid was apparently accidentally shot by a panicky redcoat. This kind of stuff easily happens. Firearms and panic are often a deadly combination…


Nice! I’m really

glad to see it. Of course, the senate won’t remove him from office–there are too many partisan shills (like Mitt Romney). Still, you gotta do the right thing regardless of how others will act.



It’s about time

Republican state Rep. Katy Hall’s HB 261, among the six bills Gov. Spencer Cox (R) ratified Tuesday, prohibits universities, the public education system, and the state government from engaging in discriminatory DEI practices.