Illegal Immigration Morality

Yes, I think MOST

people with any sense of morality or fairness recognize that immigration is a real problem.

It’s NOT an issue of whether I love this celebrity or that one and what they say. THAT is of little importance. It is an issue of whether I love truth and fairness, regardless of whether or not I like the source! It IS important for me to tolerate hearing a truth I’d rather not face, even if it comes from a person I don’t like.

So if one person calls you a horse, just ignore it. If a second person calls you a horse, just ignore it. But if a third person calls you a horse, go buy hay…

And I think that we ALL should take a hard look at our own morality, at who we really ARE, and not just dismiss and avoid contrary opinions. And we simply can’t take those alternate views seriously very well without directly engaging those who espouse those alternate views, those who believe differently than we do. We need them to hold a mirror up for us to see our selves. There simply IS no salvation in running away!

Word to the wise: DO NOT RUN AWAY FROM CONTRARY VIEWS! The Lefty fever swamps may feel good, but they just hold up to you a picture you want to see–not a mirror. These fever swamps are actually an anesthetic; They are ultimately stifling and antithetical to logic and truth and good sense.

Find someone who will hold up a mirror to you. See, sometimes you need to be willing to go buy hay in order to make progress as a person…

Election Fraud Evil Clown Morality

Oh yeah,

ya think? DUH!

Look, we always knew what this evil clown was doing. Only HUGE fools didn’t understand. They may have liked it, but they understood what was happening.

Now, that leads us directly to questions of personal morality… And Leftists almost always don’t want to confront these very real issues.

Fighting Back Morality

Well, they certainly

deserve no mercy!

Let’s roll!


So, do we actually have a

moral obligation to teach Leftists not to harass others? It is an interesting question.

There is NO question in my mind that morality is context-driven. What is moral in one situation is decidedly immoral in another (shooting someone in battle vs. shooting someone in downtown NYC to take their wallet, for example).

So, here is my Devil’s Advocate argument: I would contend that we actually have a moral obligation to respond to things that are destructive of the social order (as the whole Mad Maxine “Get in their Face” mentality of public protest is), and even more, we have an obligation to respond to those things effectively and educationally: teaching those engaging in destructive behavior why that behavior is wrong. And what better way to do it than to essentially treat people as they are treating others, so that they can come to understand why it is bad?

Abortion Morality

Yes, let’s give

credit where credit is due.

Not only does Donald Trump deserve credit, and, of course, the courage of the six conservative justices who will no doubt be hunted for the rest of their lives, but the individual activists who persisted, and will continue to persist, for 50 years to get this terrible ruling undone. The people who pray outside abortion clinics deserve credit. The activists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s heinous actions like selling baby parts deserve credit. The women and men who donate and work at pregnancy assistance centers deserve credit. The marchers deserve credit. Patiently, these people have chipped away at a legal ruling that kills babies and souls.

Thank you, Donald Trump. ALL moral people thank you…

For those who would have preferred that to an imperfect politician doing the most righteous thing since Lincoln ended slavery? Recheck your priorities.

And check your morality!

As always, the Lefty lament:

The moral suckitude of the Left is just mind-boggling.

And another thought: Is it November yet?

Culture Morality

For the Right,

it is time to push back.

We pushed back with Trump. 
We pushed back with state legislators. 
We pushed back with school boards. 

… There’s a saying about the danger of making people who want to be left alone get involved. 

At some point you gotta make a command decision–take a position and stand up for what you believe. You can’t be luke-warm Melvin Milquetoast forever!

Abortion Morality

Oh my!

I never thought I would see it. I hoped, but never thought I’d see it.

Babies everywhere rejoice…


Yes, now Elon

is just screwing with the soi-disant leaders…

Morality Political philosophy

Why am I a


It’s a great question. But a complicated one.

See, ALL theories of human nature are an amalgam of both good and evil. The issue is the ratio of good to evil.

And virtually ALL of what is good in Leftism is also found in Conservatism. I don’t have to go Leftist to care about the poor or the environment.

The Left promotes gun-barrel generosity. And I think that is immoral. And it’s really not something I can philosophically tolerate. It’s a deal-breaker for me. I think coercion should NOT be the first choice.

Now I understand that in this fallen world there are times when force is necessary–confining people in jail, for example. But it should only be done reluctantly, as the last and best possible option. Better to use persuasion and true concern.


It is just


And do YOU want to be part of this, be tied to people who do such horrible things?

At some point you’re gonna have to cowboy up and take a stand about what YOU think is right or wrong! Don’t be a sniveling panty-waist. STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!

No more “Vichy” dissembling. Make a freakin’ command decision!