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You know,

it’s funny. National events show that in many ways, the country is getting more conservative. From the attempt of eastern Oregon to join Idaho to the repeal of RvW to the need for Democrats to cheat in order to gain and maintain power to court and cultural losses to the anti-gun nutters.

I’m NOT saying that the struggle against evil is over (it’s certainly not), but there are “sparks” of good sense and morality that are oozing out of many places.

Like the fact that there is no longer a complete philosophical monopoly that crushes any non-Leftist thought in social media. There are starting to be more philosophically neutral alternatives to things like PayPal, even! The non-partisan news organizations are thriving–still a beleaguered and persecuted minority that the Left superciliously writes off, but they are certainly there and in little danger now of being squashed out entirely (regardless of what despotic Leftists want).

I believe that the right will ultimately prevail, though it will take real and ongoing effort–evil never sleeps! And time. But be of good cheer. Still, WE need to all get on that train, for our own moral health, if for nothing else.

Culture Morality

I think that for me,

like most people, I just want to see justice and fairness. And those two things seem to be very much in short supply with Biden and his minions.

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding answers to his “disparate treatment” of President Biden’s classified document trove compared to his predecessor’s and pressuring him to appoint a special counsel.

You can’t shame them into good behavior, because the have no shame. The ONLY thing they understand is electoral victory or defeat. And that is the language we need to use to communicate with them.

So are they evil and hypocritical? Yeah, DUH! But that is not at all my point. It is that they don’t speak the language of justice and fairness–at least it is a second language for them and they speak it with a very heavy accent.

Culture Morality

Yes, karma is…

not fun.

But understand well, didacticism in art, which is the very purpose of Lefty “art,” is anathema to ALL creative expression. What remains is bald propaganda.

So first it was the squelching of comedians–“There’s nothing funny about Leftism, comrade!” Then it was movies that could be seen as sympathetic to traditional morality or somehow are twisted into being offensive. NOW we are at the, “Leftism-eats-its-own” stage, where a truly Lefty creator has to prove himself or herself to be beyond the reproach of the Lefty harpies, and even a toe out of line immediately brings gnashing, screaming flying monkeys.

It just is not sustainable. Soon you will see “Wendy’s” commercials mocking Lefties. Again. But this time it will mock Lefty karens.

Now I gotta tell you, I don’t like (and have never liked) the vulgar humor of Lenny Bruce or Richard Pryor. As a teen, I was somewhat into the Punk Rock scene, but there was NO question in my mind that there was some pretty nasty stuff, from a morality perspective.

BUT, an overweening and sickeningly oppressive Leftism prevents artistic expression. So to get good stuff, you have to allow some bad stuff to be created.

But Leftism just can’t do that. It can’t allow anyone to put a toe out of (the party) line. And THAT is artistically and intellectually stifling. It’s how you get what was mocked in that Wendy’s ad…

AKA Johnny Rotten
Current Events Morality

Yes, it’s a problem.

Apple is despicable, and I very much want to get rid of my iPhone and get a different brand. I have to get a new phone soon, anyway–after 5 years the one I have is a bit long in the tooth.

BUT, I am trapped in Apple’s ecosystem–which, of course, has been their strategy for years. I mean, some of the hassles are mere inconveniences, but there are a few more major issues. There is content I don’t want to lose that I will if I change over. Sure, there are complicated work-arounds that take me 90% there, but it simply is NOT an equal swap.

Plus the fact that I’m an old bugger, and having to start learning a new system is not all that enticing.

Still, I don’t want to support “woke” slavers. And in the end, THAT may well lead to me ditching my iPhone. Still, it’s not like other manufacturers are much better, so it may be just going from “terrible” to “really bad.” I feel like I am between a moral rock and a hard place.

I need to think about it…

Illegal Immigration Morality

Hold on to

your hats. This moron isn’t done screwing things up!

Illegal migrants will flood the southern border when a signature Trump-era policy ends in late December, adding to the chaos federal authorities already experienced in fiscal year 2022, according to former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott and an agent on the southern border who spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

States, you’re going to have to step up, since “Biden” wants more illegal immigration and will do all he can to increase it.

And Border states should continue to provide free rides to interior Lefty states. Let them feel the consequences of their behavior!

Here’s my fear: That this will inspire vigilantes to take up arms and defend against the border invasion. And can you blame them? If YOUR kids and grandkids couldn’t go outside because of invaders, would YOU arm yourself and protect them? Would YOU generally lock your doors? And if you would, just why?

What “Biden” is doing here is just stupid and dangerous! It will almost for sure provoke some very unfortunate actions.

When gov’t leaders are evil, the people suffer. And NOT just citizens!

IF you care about immigrants and morality in general, you want the southern border sealed off!

Corruption Justice Morality

Well, justice demands

that there be a real investigation.

But of course, some people are NOT on the side of justice. Are YOU?

Current Events Morality Truth


That is just BRUTAL! Watch the video.

Trump was a mere symptom of the amazing irritation and aggravation that the entire world is facing! Yeah, he may or may not be President again, but he put his finger right on the festering pustule that is “Global Elitism.”

And some leaders around the world are informed now by this same spirit.

The TRUTH is that it’s not about Trump the person. Giorgia Meloni (among many others outside of the U.S.) shows that. The MSM has tried really hard to ignore people rising up around the world, but I don’t think they can forever.

Folks, it was never about Trump the person.

The Trump flag is a phenomenon I have written about for years. I have noted that this wasn’t really about Trump himself — it was mostly about the conservative populist movement, using the name of its only standard-bearer to let people know they were not going anywhere. At that point, no one else had stepped up to fill the void. And so the flag bore the Trump name.

And that is what is so existentially threatening to the soi-disant global “elites.” THAT is why they ginned up all the Trump hatred they could. That is why they have cheated so hard in elections. They wanted us to think it is all just Trump.

They hoped that maybe if they could stop him they could forestall the flood–it was their only hope. And they knew they could fool spleen-thinking US voter hordes into following them, to share in their irrational hate.

But the sea-wall is starting to fracture and they are standing there with their fingers in the dike frantically trying to prevent a deluge. Can they do it? Well, they will certainly try…


Something most

Lefties need to grapple seriously with:


Yep, it is


So what side are YOU on? Where is YOUR sense of morality? Decide who you really are.

Change Morality

Yeah, we’re

not doing some kind of lovey-dovey “amnesty” for the stupid Karens and Chads who harmed our kids, destroyed the economy, and made our lives a living Hell for the last couple of years!

No. They didn’t even ask for forgiveness! Most of them have stubbornly refused to even admit that they were wrong! There is NO change without that first step!

Just no. There times JUSTICE is appropriate, especially for the unrepentant. IF they were repentant, almost all of us would quickly forgive. But they are not, so I want justice!

If we don’t make them feel real pain as a result of their actions, they will just do it again. The scientific data were quite clear, even early on. And yet Leftists used it to hammer Conservatives. So now we need a reckoning…