Morality Political philosophy

Why am I a


It’s a great question. But a complicated one.

See, ALL theories of human nature are an amalgam of both good and evil. The issue is the ratio of good to evil.

And virtually ALL of what is good in Leftism is also found in Conservatism. I don’t have to go Leftist to care about the poor or the environment.

The Left promotes gun-barrel generosity. And I think that is immoral. And it’s really not something I can philosophically tolerate. It’s a deal-breaker for me. I think coercion should NOT be the first choice.

Now I understand that in this fallen world there are times when force is necessary–confining people in jail, for example. But it should only be done reluctantly, as the last and best possible option. Better to use persuasion and true concern.


It is just


And do YOU want to be part of this, be tied to people who do such horrible things?

At some point you’re gonna have to cowboy up and take a stand about what YOU think is right or wrong! Don’t be a sniveling panty-waist. STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!

No more “Vichy” dissembling. Make a freakin’ command decision!


Yes, Vance is

running against a Kamala Harris stooge.

Abortion Morality

Even the foam-flecked

Left is starting to tell the obvious truth, here.

So YOU, are YOU in favor of killing babies, or no. Quit your infernal waffling and come clean!

The left’s confession that babies in the womb are in fact children and not a “clump of cells” is something that conservatives and pro-lifers have said for decades.

… The difference between the pro-life community and the left is no longer about whether babies in the womb are indeed children. It’s that, even though Biden, Goldberg, and the ACLU seem to understand that abortion ends a baby’s life in utero, they and the rest of the abortion lobby are still advocating for the destruction of preborn lives.


Par for the

course. How charming.

Decent people need to leave the violent Left. From ANTIFA to the Lefty riots in Portland, Oregon, to this.

Take a hard look at yourself, Lefties! Where is your morality?

Are you really on “Team Evil?”

Current Events Morality

Will there be

a shift? I dunno. But I DO know that a shift is getting more and more likely, though far from inevitable in the short-term.

In the long term? Well, we know how this movie ends…

Culture Morality

Look, there are a TON

of people out there who have good sense.

It’s easy to get discouraged, to think the whole country has gone to Hell in a hand-basket with their “black-is-white” and “up-is-down” assertions. And that is what the Left wants you to think!

Like ALL abusers, they want separate you from like-minded people, make you feel totally isolated, alone, and “crazy”for believing what you do. They are “gaslighting” you…

But always remember; There are many good people out there. You are NOT alone.