Change Morality

With the

dinosaur throw-back Mitch McConnell (eventually–unfortunately not today) leaving as well as the execrable Mitt Romney gone at the same time, it very much seems that the age of the RINO is over (or at least rapidly drawing to a close). I sure hope so!

Paul Ryan is long gone. Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel is pretty much gone, and as a result the GOP will finally be unleashed. Most of the new blood in the GOP does NOT lean to the swampy, RINO side of things.

But there is indeed some faint lightening light in the East, and we are all praying for the dawn. The long night of the Lefty/RINO Orc seems to be drawing to a close.

And yes, there is a battle between right and wrong, here. There is morality at stake. And evil never sleeps. The gap between parties has been ever-widening, and we are at a point where that gap can no longer be straddled.

But while the battle is raging and the gap between good and evil is ever widening, there is some reason for hope, and I personally believe that good will eventually overcome evil.