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And THIS is

what Democrat flop-sweat looks like! If Joe Biden were competent and viable, these conversations would not even be thought of, let alone be taking place. All the pretty words in the world can’t conceal that fact!

New York Times columnist Ezra Klein suggested an open Democratic National Convention to replace Biden. New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait floated a counterproposal whereby Biden picks his successor with the help of various Democratic grandees if things don’t improve by summertime. 

Longtime Democratic operative James Carville got the ball rolling on this latest round of Biden doubt when he questioned the decision to forgo a Super Bowl interview.

The Democrat horses smell the fire, and are getting nervous and ready to bolt.

Trump has a 2-point lead over Biden in the RealClearPolitics polling average. This advantage grows when third-party candidates are factored in and gets bigger still in most of the battleground states that will actually decide the Electoral College majority.

Yes, it’s early. Yes, things can change. No, this is not the final word. But for Democrats it is very concerning. The likelihood of Biden making a big shift is, while very much possible, not as likely as Trump gaining even more steam…

“Keeping Biden makes sense if you think he’s running just a hair behind Trump,” Chait writes. “My read is that he’s in a dire spot, though not quite a hopeless one. It’s not quite a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency scenario, but if he sees no improvement within a few months, it will be.”

And even hardcore Democrats are starting to howl!

Democrats have a strategy: Make Trump look SO unpalatable that people hold their noses and vote “Biden.” And that strategy might indeed work. But it’s a dangerous one for Democrats, though they really don’t have much choice.