Captain Obvious Election Fraud

“Well, now that

you mention it…”

Amid delivery delays by the United States Postal Service and mail-in ballot fraud, Democrats and the media are finally acknowledging there are some issues with mail-in voting ahead of the 2024 presidential election. 

… However, as USPS has experienced delivery issues and ballot harvesting has led to at least one “redo” election, some Democrats and media are noting the issues with the voting method. 

… Meanwhile, in Connecticut, after alleged ballot harvesting occurred during the September primary election last year and resulted in a court-ordered “redo” election, the Democratic Secretary of the State Stephanie Thomas advised voters to cast their ballots in person ahead of the Bridgeport mayoral redo primary election in January. 

And the problems are FAR from new. ANYONE who was even halfway well-informed in this area knew 20 years ago that there were MAJOR problems!

In 2005, the bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform – which included ex-President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State under President George H. W. Bush, James Baker – highlighted the issues that concerned them about absentee ballots.  

Dishonesty Election Fraud

Understand well,

there is a group of Democrats at the top who think that cheating in order to win is A-OK.

But more than a third of the elite 1% he surveyed would condone cheating. And among those who are “politically obsessed” – meaning that they talk about politics every day – that number shot up to 69%.

… Yet most of these same elites would be happy to see Biden and the Democratic Party rob and cheat to steal an election rather than let Trump win a second term in office.

And THAT is why YOU have to be very much on the lookout for fraud this November!

Bad Faith Democrat Flop-Sweat Election Fraud

The Democrats put

ALL their eggs into the, “hate Trump” basket, and now it isn’t working out all that well for them. NO ONE really buys it.

But there are enough lawyers in the Democratic Party to know that the cases against Trump are largely high-cholesterol pig slop.

And even IF, while very unlikely, they get Donald Trump put in jail and off the ballot, do you think that someone else (like Ron DeSantis) won’t be elected?


But they [Democrats] never counted on a few problems arising.  One of them is the backlash against these utterly hateful, totally unjust attacks on Trump.  THAT appears to be building support for Trump in locations the Democrats never dreamed of. Not all Americans are Democrats, thus not all Americans are robots.  And plenty of our countrymen can see the repulsive, smearing politics the Democrats are playing, and are finding it a bit off-putting.  Even Donald Trump doesn’t deserve THIS.

Folks, no one likes a bully. And Democrats have clearly shown themselves to be hateful bullies.

See, people quite naturally take the side of the victim. Being hateful bullies is NOT a good look for Democrats. And Trump is most clearly the victim while Democrats are the spittle-lipped abusers.

But my point here is, the Democrats have some problems.  They are turning a lot of people away with their single-minded hatred and vituperative attacks on Trump. They are out-Trumping Trump, making him look like the nice guy.  They have a serious Biden problem.  If they can’t get rid of him, they are stuck with him, will have to defend him somehow, and will be offering an obviously unpopular, senile president to America for four more years.  If they succeed in ditching Biden, who can they present as a positive alternative?

Voter fraud is the answer. Trust me, Democrats WILL rely heavily on voter fraud in order to win. And it worked last time, didn’t it? They know their ideas and policies are FAR too unpopular to win, so voter fraud it is!

Real people need to be highly watchful in order to stop the steal this time.

Election Fraud

Hey those are

some pretty big election irregularities in Ohio!

  • 58,209 resided in an apartment or in a mobile home lot but had no unit number as required on their voter registration application to ensure proper delivery of mail, including mail-in ballot material.
  • 4,143 were older than the oldest person in the U.S. at the time or were too young to legally register.
  • 6,348 had a date of birth that was different in 2022 than it was in 2020.
  • 253,486 voters supposedly registered on January 1st, 84,221 voters registered on another Federal holiday and 201,693 voters registered on Sunday — all times when Ohio boards of elections and state offices are closed.
  • 120,094 had registration dates in the 2022 state voter file that were earlier than their registration date in the 2020 file. 59,025 people were listed as registering to vote before they were born.
  • 243,583 had state identification numbers that had changed since 2020, even though federal laws require each voter be issued “a unique state identifier.” 34,233 had 2 to 5 registration records with different state identification numbers, making it possible for them to vote more than once.

You actually think there is no significant voter fraud? You drooling fool!

Election Fraud

And THAT, my friend,

is why you can bet you booty that they WILL cheat!

Joe Biden, or whoever the Democrat nominee may be, cannot win the 2024 election fairly. While all mainstream networks focus on Trump’s alleged negatives, these pale in comparison to those of Biden and his party. The neocon faction of the Republican Party has claimed this election will be a referendum on Trump. However, the real referendum will be on Joe Biden and the Democrat party as a whole.

And THAT is what Democrats fear most–a referendum on the Democrat party as a whole. So they WILL cheat. Because this is an existential election for them!

If they lose, they will simply cease to exist as we now know them.

Election Fraud

It’s not MAGA

winning: It’s truth winning.

The New York Times recently published an article that Donald Trump and his MAGA movement are “winning the war over disinformation,” admitting that the majority of Americans still believe the 2020 presidential election was “stolen.”

The newspaper says conservatives have “unquestionably prevailed” in exposing leftist censorship as undeniable evidence of voter fraud is quickly becoming the elephant in the room for the mainstream media. [emphasis added]

Because there was indeed rampant, significant voter fraud. And we all know it.

“We have videotape of [Democrat] Jacquie Amos going into boxes, bringing in thumb drives, bringing in ballots to be inserted into machines,” Archie said.

Only a truly willfully ignorant person denies that now. Lefties, it’s over, OK?

DUH! Election Fraud

But don’t worry,

there WAS no election fraud in Georgia!

Election Fraud Elections

Yeah, but run

through the tape, not to the tape!

Always remember: Democrats cheat in elections. They have a long history of it, and they will try again this time. Bank on it.

But it’s [the economy] not the only factor. The southern border has become a very big topic of discussion among Americans, to the point that, for the first time, a majority of Americans support building a border wall. The recent murder of University of Georgia student Laken Riley has also generated a lot of public outrage, leading some to believe that it may cost Biden that swing state’s electoral votes.

Election Fraud


it was. DUH!

Election Fraud

I know how

Biden is re-elected: More voter fraud!

“I don’t see how [Biden] can beat Donald Trump,” Peebles said. “If all that’s been thrown at the former president has been thrown at him, and he’s still ahead in the polls — it’s telling us all something that Americans don’t want this president (Biden) and this administration anymore, and it’s time for him to move on for the good of the country.”

And trust me, the fraud WILL happen. I hope you will get active to help prevent that!