Bad Faith Global Warming

Go green, they said.

It will be great, they said…

Look, you KNOW that when someone talks about “going green” you are being sold a bill of goods–they are attempting to bilk you out of your hard-earned money!

Guys, it’s a scam, you know. I mean, how much did that wind turbine cost? And who sold it? I’ve got $10,000 bucks that says someone made a profit off that sale!

Global Warming Hypocrisy

Look, if you

really care about the “Global Warming” issue…

What’s a little mild discomfort if it will save the planet?

And if you won’t do this one simple thing, then shut the heck up!

Global Warming

Wait, wait!

Are you a dang MORON?

I think we ALL know the answer to that question…

Global Warming

Hey, peon!

Global Warming

Using the

government’s OWN model, if the US went to net zero carbon emissions, killing millions with heat, cold, medical, and economic catastrophe, and making it so you can’t travel by car, bus, train, or plane, it would indeed change the temperature by 2300.

By .33 degrees!

Now, we can argue as to whether that model is correct, but even if it were and every fantasy of John Kerry and Al Gore came true, we would likely see the temperature fall by a third of a degree!


So if we do this, when you are dead and your kids are dead and your grandkids are old, we might see a drop in temperature by a third of a degree Fahrenheit. That is, IF we go back to the stone age right now

Think that is a good idea?