Immorality Injustice Weasels

Gee, how about

some justice? Turns out, if you are Democrat “nobility” you can violate the laws re: classified material with impunity! If you are Trump or a Conservative? Ehhh, not so much…

This is pretty dang disgusting! How about even an approximation of equal application of the law? Sheesh!


“Biden” is a

total weasel! BUT, of course it is planned for 2025–AFTER the election, natch. It would look HORRIBLE in the run-up to the election. Great reason to vote for Trump!



You knew it was coming.

Willis claimed that John Floyd and Anna Green Cross, who are also prosecutors assigned to the case, were not targeted, because they are white. “Isn’t it them playing the race card when they constantly think I need someone from some other jurisdiction in some other state to tell me how to do a job I’ve been doing almost 30 years.”

It’s not even a little convincing anymore. It’s just a tired old saw that she can use to try and weasel out of her predicament.

Sheesh, shut up and take a little personal responsibility, here! What a loser!

Despotism Weasels

Oh, so NOW

Fauci is saying that people should choose whether or not to get the “vaccine.” I guess he started feeling the heat so now at least he pretends to see the light!

The fact that Fauci is no longer presuming he should get to decide for people what they must put into their bodies is a good thing. It’s just a shame it took him so long.

Don’t you wonder what changed?

Immorality Weasels

Don’t whine, BLM.

We ALL know who you really are!

Current Events Weasels

At least Romney

holds to a more traditional dress standard.


Mitt (Weasel-UT)

should just GO AWAY! And lots of voters in Utah feel the same way…

The survey found just 41 percent expressing approval of Romney’s job performance, and of those, 15 percent “strongly” approve. Forty-nine percent disapprove, and of those, 30 percent disapprove “strongly.” Another ten percent “don’t know.” 

Staggs criticized Romney’s “milquetoast response,” adding that the senator is “showing us once more, he has no backbone.”

“For him, the Senate is about settling his petty beefs, not upholding the Constitution,” he added.




But for two years, so-called experts told us that natural immunity didn’t offer as much protection as the COVID vaccines. And, even now, Facebook’s COVID policy prohibits posts claiming that “building immunity by getting COVID-19 is safer than getting the vaccine.”

Now that the facts have leaked out, Lefties are doing a full court press saying that they are not culpable.

But of course they are.

They are frantically trying to re-write history. Don’t you let them!