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Oh yes,

PLEASE! I’m glad I’m not the only one who is sick to death of this chump.

Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID), the establishment career politician who represents the eastern part of the state, has already lost the support of the Republican Party of Idaho and now there are growing calls for a credible challenger to step up and run against him.

I can’t stand that corrupt jerk. Get that slimy bastard out of here!

Beyond Simpson being one of the 25 intransigents, he has long been one of the worst establishment Republicans in the swamp in Washington. His record of doing the bidding of special interests in Washington rather than representing eastern Idaho in Congress is perhaps best exemplified by the recent “A” grade he got on a report card from a group of globalists promoting more U.S. tax dollars flowing to Ukraine.

Bad Faith Evil


You don’t say!

The genetically contaminated vials in question are those made with messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) technology, which includes products from both Moderna and BioNTech/Pfizer. Multiple undeclared genetic sequences were found in both Moderna and Pfizer vials, yet one particular sequence was found only in the Pfizer vials.

… The WCH hearing suggests that there may be more lurking in the mRNA vaccines than the public or regulators were led to believe.

As time passes, I am more and more relieved that I am a “pureblood.” But then again, I am very blessed to have been able to maintain that. Others were not so lucky…

“Continued production of any non-self protein will provoke long-term inflammation and organ damage throughout the body. Vessel walls will be damaged. Bleeding and blood clot formation are inevitable consequences,” Mr. Bhakdi said during the hearing. “Who has not heard of the sudden mysterious cardiac deaths that are occurring around the world? They are only the tip of an iceberg.”

Bad Faith Current Events

Good, good.

The good guys should win this race. Yes, it’s a pretty serious blow to Democrats to have Manchin leave the Senate. It means they virtually for sure lose that seat.

Still, Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel certainly sabotages conservative efforts if she possibly can. We probably won’t lose WV, but Ronna will try very hard to make sure we lose, overall. I mean, she’s managed to lose every single time for years, even when expected to win! And yet inexplicably still keeps her job… So Democrats have THAT going for them!

BUT, it gets even worse for them! (and what is bad for Democrats is good for the American people): Manchin could run a 3rd-party Presidential campaign…

Polls show Biden is still struggling with very low approval ratings. The last thing he needs is a center-left spoiler candidate who could peel off a few percentage points from his totals. If it were anyone else, I’d assume party loyalty would come into play and keep him out of the race, but Manchin has been bucking his party for a long time. He may just succumb to the allure of a presidential race.

This author thinks Manchin might actually do it, that he “bucks the party.” The author is a naïve hayseed who is buffaloed by Manchin’s PR that he is some kind of a “maverick.” But I really don’t believe it. At all.

Manchin may talk a big talk, but he is unlikely to ever do anything that actually challenges the Democrats. He is just a “stealth” Lefty.

He is all hat and no cattle. Just you watch.

Bad Faith

Ah, so even

Lefties finally admit that Biden is corrupt!

But it’s all just a strategic move. They are just tools.

As if these undisputed facts, barely acknowledged by the MSM in their frenzy to cover up Biden’s corruption, were just dug up by the investigative work of Politico. No conservative–or any person who actually paid attention–learned a single new fact in this story. The only thing new about it was that Politico was finally willing to publish anything that suggests Joe Biden has been lying for years about his ties to Hunter’s business.

… Geez. The laptop has been known to be real since 2019. It didn’t take an Einstein to know that it was real when it burst onto the scene–all those naked photos of Hunter and the fact that his business partner verified some emails was proof enough outside of court. And the always-leaking FBI had verified the laptop a year before it became public.

Bad Faith Current Events

Yes, Hamas is

a major problem for the Left. They both prefer and are somewhat forced into a morally indefensible position. And while they may not lose a ton of Jewish votes to the GOP (that is perhaps a bridge too far) they may indeed lose a ton of votes because Jewish people just stay home…

Bad Faith Banana Republic of Brandon

Well, we’re


Gee, do you even wonder why they have suppressed the TN shooter’s manifesto?

There is ONLY one reason: It is damaging to the Left. DUH!

Bad Faith Captain Obvious

Hey now, THAT’s

not fishy or nothing!

Bad Faith Media Flying Monkeys

Powell pleading

guilty is really not a big deal for Trump.

In fact, the only crime she pled guilty to has nothing to do with Trump except very tangentially.

So I was curious to see what Powell actually pled guilty to. Sure enough, the only charge to which she pled guilty was illegally accessing the Coffee County voting equipment. Prosecutors have recommended a sentence of six years’ probation and $9,000 in fines and restitution.

Shocker, the MSM is yet again acting in bad faith, and today is a day whose name ends in a “Y”… <yawn>

Bad Faith History

Shocker. You

are not being told the whole truth. What a surprise, Folks,you gotta know history!

Bad Faith

THAT is undoubtedly

true. Have you ever had a discussion with a hardcore Democrat/Leftist? (I know, they won’t do that anymore, but think 15 years ago).

It really doesn’t matter what the facts are, or what reason demands. Like any delusion, it is impervious to data. The positions are held with religious intensity because… IT IS A RELIGION!

“But the reality is most people are walking around all day going la la la. I don’t want to hear anything,” said Saad.

In other words, they are acting in bad faith. There IS no real intent of seeking truth. At best it’s a ruse–they act like they are persuadable, and you might think they are. But, in fact, they are not.