Bad Faith Barbaric!

Look, Democrats

are the party of Mengele-style surgical mutilation and infanticide. So OF COURSE they are opposed to letting parents be in on crucial decisions!

Bad Faith Current Events

Lots of pseudo-

intellectuals LOVE to mock. It feeds their ego. They think that we regular people are so stupid that we believe things that are obvious nonsense.

“It’s a cool finding. There’s just one problem: It’s not true.” … The whole phenomenon, he told the Miami audience, could just be a statistical artifact.

Bad Faith Evil

Catholic surgeons,

be VERY careful!

There are things some people do that are against God’s will…

U.S. Catholic bishops urged medical professionals to not perform gender transition surgeries, warning that they are not a “not morally justified” practice, according to a Monday statement.

Is it really a shocker that an ecclesiastical leader would say that the permanent, grotesque mutilation of otherwise healthy bodies is morally wrong?

Bad Faith

Bragg needs to

explain himself.

Bad Faith Current Events Incompetence

As a child

psychologist with a developmental specialty, this does not surprise me one little bit!

Many people in this area couldn’t diagnose or differentiate their butt from a hole in the ground.

UPDATE: The Left has a history of exploiting Autism Spectrum kids…

Bad Faith Fighting Back

Yes, it


And part of me wonders if that is not the intent of this spending.

It’s high time that We The People get serious about spending!

Bad Faith Barbaric! Civil Rights

Sounds like

there might well be grounds for an appeal.

Well tonight Chansley’s attorney was on Tucker, and he denied that the video was ever turned over to the defense.


Bad Faith Evil


Holy crap!

Just in case you needed even more proof (maybe you’re kinda slow), the facts show that the Democrat J6 committee was merely a hunt for enemies. It had nothing to do with finding truth or getting to justice!

Bad Faith Evil Clown


Mitch McConnell hates you! Unfortunately, we won’t be getting this bum out of office any time soon…

Predictably, McConnell was joined by other members of the GOP Squish Chorus, most notably Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham.

The United States is being led down the path to destruction by the Democrats. The McConnell/Romney wing of the GOP is accelerating the arrival of our ruin by abetting them. At this point in American history, it’s unfathomable that any high-ranking Republicans would want to lend a hand to the corrupt media complex that does nothing but seek to destroy them.

It certainly wasn’t his intention, but McConnell just made the case for Trump to be reelected and then burn everything down.

Mitt Romney is SUCH a horrible disappointment! What a tool. Man, did he snooker the good people of Utah!

Mitt Romney’s selling point: “I’ll technically caucus with Republicans.”

Bad Faith

Yes, a


As this failure becomes undeniable, we are witnessing the collapse of much of the censorship campaign that helped shield authorities from criticism.

Yeah, there are lots of frantic Lefty efforts to keep the charade and the despotism going, but at some point the music will stop. And we’re about there.

Look at Fauci. I mean, of course he has made himself rich, but he is also a scientific laughingstock, and object of derision to anyone who is at all beholden to scientific method! Sure, he may have gained the whole world, but at the price of any scientific credibility. Now he just has PR. So what good is it?