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Yeah, it looks

like this is backfiring…

People are just getting SICK of the constant Trump nonsense by wacky, spittle-lipped Trump haters. And this seems to be just the latest iteration of that foam-flecked and irrational hatred.

The sheer crapola never seems to end. Sheesh! Vote these bastards out!

Anti-scientific stance Bad Faith Current Events

Look, the science is

settled: Masks are useless.

But really, we’ve known that for some time. It’s just that most Lefties are coercive drama queens and are far more interested in virtue-signaling and controlling others than they are in actually following the science.

Masks are 100% theater (of the absurd), meant only to demonstrate just who is master and who is servant.

A letter from top-level doctors and researchers arguing against the effectiveness of indoor mask mandates, along with pushback from health departments, cities and business groups, possibly played a role in a surprise decision not to re-institute the mandate in Los Angeles County last month.

…Klausner, along with colleagues who co-authored the op-ed piece in the Orange County Register, mentioned masking studies in North Dakota, the United Kingdom and Finland that found “the same lack of any clear benefit.”

But this was all NEVER about the virus…

Bad Faith Corruption

Oh, is that


Kinda puts things in a different light, eh?

The FBI badly overextended, here.

The president’s defense is rooted in the legal principal that the president and vice president are the ultimate declassifying authority of the U.S. government and through executive orders most recently issued in 2003 by George W. Bush and Barack Obama in 2009 that specifically exempt the president and vice president from having to follow the stringent declassification procedures every other federal agency and official must follow.

Hillary Clinton had no comment…

Anti-scientific stance Bad Faith

Oh yeah,

there is starting to be some sanity on this issue.

Yesterday, we learned that the CDC is basically pulling the plug on the pandemic and telling everyone to just get on with their lives. When NPR covered the story, they gave the impression that there wasn’t going to be as much of a push to get people vaccinated, either. But that’s just here in the United States. 

… There will be exceptions for children who are at the greatest risk due to having severely compromised immune systems if the exception is approved by a doctor. But other than that? No vaccines for kids.

… But this decision by the government of Denmark still gives me pause. When you combine that with the CDC’s decision to basically declare that the pandemic is over, the timing seems curious at a minimum. 

Bad Faith

This is how EVERY

thinking person feels about the FBI saying that Trump engaged in espionage:

Lies No GIF

Because IF it had been true, they would not have violated the most basic of chain-of-custody procedures. But it is not, which is why they violated basic chain-of-custody rules!

And then we have the problem of motive. For money? Yeah, no. Because he hates the USA? Oh puh-leeze!

The FBI is FAR from trustworthy, which is why Hillary Clinton AND Hunter Biden are both free as birds and as guilty as Hell…

Look, Trump was the final word on what was classified and what was not. It’s not like Sandy “Pants” Burglar Berger.

“The Biden administration is in obvious damage control after their botched raid where they seized the President’s picture books, a ‘hand-written note,’ and declassified documents,” Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich told Fox News as the warrant was unsealed Friday. “This raid of President Trump’s home was not just unprecedented, but unnecessary—and they are leaking lies and innuendos to try to explain away the weaponization of government against their dominant political opponent. This is outrageous.”

Sorry, I just don’t believe them. No thinking person should.

Bad Faith Buffoons


ya think?

Bad Faith Evil Clown

Ms. James has

made it a campaign promise to file suits against Trump.

Yes, shallow brooks are noisy

Bad Faith Civil Rights Corruption Crime

Good thing

they got him, eh?

Descriptions of items that were improperly taken to Mar-a-Lago include a cocktail napkin, a phone list, charts, letters, memos, maps, talking points, a birthday dinner menu, schedules, and more…

There were rumors many months ago that this is all that the National Archives was after. Not really important things related to national security or some such, which even still wouldn’t justify the raid, but scribblings on napkins and letters from heads of state. If this report is correct, that’s what the FBI carried out an unprecedented raid on a president for. 33,000 stolen emails put on an illegal server weren’t enough to raid Hillary Clinton, but the National Archives wanting a letter from Kim Jung Un was. The abuse of power is off the charts.

Whew! We sure dodged a bullet if we recovered THAT stuff!

But is that all the FBI was actually after? Color me skeptical given how corrupt that agency and politically weaponized the bureau is. Sure, the collection of those records may have been the convenient pretext they needed, and the only one they could legally acquire, in order to search Trump’s home. But you can bet that while they were there riffling through the entire premises for nearly half a day, they were searching for other things that could bolster the other pursuits against Trump. The FBI just needed to get into the door and they could do whatever they want.

Weep for your country! What they did was a crime, no doubt about it. And it was a crime against you and me!

If they can do that to a billionaire former President, do you think they could do that against YOU? I bet they could!

UPDATE: And the corruption has just begun

Bad Faith

Yeah, well,

of course they did! I mean, you have to be pretty dang naïve to have bought that. I mean, you have seen this dozens of times, so why are you shocked now? DUH!

And … where will the power originate to charge all of those vehicles? Right now, vehicles produce their own power independent of the grid, and the grid is still overextended. If EVs proliferate as a result of these subsidies and we fail to produce the power necessary for them, a lot of those car owners will be stuck in their homes — or paying high prices for charging them, at the very least.

Bad Faith Swamp Creature

So yeah,

it’s a really good question.

I mean, Manchin had gone on record multiple times opposing many of the things in this bill.

So what happened?

Who knows? But Manchin’s “deal” is a farce, and it is obvious that he must know that. Ignore his claims of centrism, realism, and a championing of the interests of ordinary working people. This “deal” demonstrates that he is part of the Beltway swamp.