Corruption Cover-up! Evil


of course. I mean, you gotta make it look like you are actually doing something. But make it too severe and he might squeal like a pig.

So one year probation it is!

Bad Faith Cover-up!

Look, it’s

starting to unravel. It’s a miracle it lasted this long!

“I spoke to my lawyer and I told him what my plans are as it relates to releasing information on X about the J6 set-up and the cover-up that ensued after,” he wrote on X/Twitter last week. “I wanted to see what if any legal ramifications I’d be facing when I do. He stated he didn’t see any and if something arose we would deal with it together. So it’s a go!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

… Johnson was concerned enough about his safety that he assured his followers that the data he was about to release was also in the hands of his attorney and Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.

Corruption Cover-up!

So just why

do you think Biden used a pseudonym in all these emails that have been recently discovered?

Honest people don’t use pseudonyms much. Rarely. But not 80,000+ times! People use pseudonyms because they are hiding something.

So just what was old Joe hiding?

Cover-up! Injustice


Oh yes.

Shortly after the announcement, Tapper previewed his upcoming edition of CNN’s The Lead by raising questions about the appointment, telling fellow CNN host Alex Marquardt “It’s all very suspicious!”

But that is putting it WAY too mildly. And actually it is not “suspicious” at all–it is a brazen and obvious move. Biden is not even trying to hide the cover-up!

This is not a search for justice, it is very clearly a butt-covering move. And if a fair investigator wants to interview a witness? Well, “This is already the subject of a Special Counsel investigation so we can’t talk…”

The entire point of this is to obstruct justice.

Corruption Cover-up! Injustice

Gee, I wonder


Actually, no I don’t. And neither do you…

Fox News reports that the House Committee that was supposed to inherit the files from the January 6th Committee was handed a jumbled mess of unorganized files and computer records, and as they have been sorting through them they discovered that about 1/2 the records are missing.

This is illegal for a number of reasons, both due to laws demanding the preservation of records, and by the rules by which the committee was established. Many January 6th defendants have been requesting some of these records for their defense, claiming that they contain exculpatory evidence, and the House simply cannot provide them due to their absence.

Corruption Cover-up!

THAT is not

fishy at all!

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is attempting to arrest Archer on unrelated charges mere hours before his scheduled testimony. On Saturday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York issued a request to trial judge Ronnie Abrams to compel Archer to surrender to authorities.

“I have in my hand a letter from the Department of Justice that was sent to the Southern District of New York on Saturday,” host Maria Bartiromo began. “By the way, Devon Archer is testifying on Monday — do you ever see … the DOJ send letters like this out on a Saturday?”

“Never, never,” Comer replied. “This is the first time I’ve ever heard of the Department of Justice doing anything on a Saturday.”

Please, you’re not too stupid to understand what is going on here, are you?

Corruption Cover-up!

Yeah, OF

COURSE they did!

If you don’t understand that, you might as well write “naïf” across your forehead with a Sharpie. Intellectually, you would top out at kicking road apples!

Cover-up! Crime

It is beyond

ridiculous to think that the Secret Service doesn’t know hoe the cocaine got in the White House.

OF COURSE they know! And the fact they they are playing stupid means one thing–Hunter is at the bottom of this.

“But can we just, like, talk in common sense terms? I worked there 12 years. We never found coke in the White House in a decade plus two years I worked here in the Secret Service. And no friend has contacted me since. So, we haven’t found any coke in the White House. Yet, you get a guy who is on tape on his computer, smoking the crack, you know, doing his thing with hookers — looks like a UFC match — we don’t know what the hell he’s doing in there. Right? The guy’s got a history of drug use. The guy’s got a history of lying. He moves into the White House, he was there on Friday, the crack’s found on Sunday, and we’re all sitting around like, ‘Man, who the hell you think could have brought that coke?’ ‘Oh gee, I don’t know, who could have possibly done it?’ Now, do I know it’s Hunter Biden’s crack? I don’t know that. However, having been a former criminal investigator, I’m not stupid either.”

Yeah, I’m not stupid…

Cover-up! Dishonesty

The Sgt. Shultz

defense: “I know nnnothink!”

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed that he doesn’t know how many assets his agency had on the ground on January 6—or whether there were any at all.

Wray’s a liar.

When this many pieces of the puzzle refuse to fit together for this long, “it smells like a cover-up.”

And yes, yes it does

Cover-up! Dishonesty

Oh yeah,

the White House knows very well who the cocaine belonged to. So do YOU! That is the most likely scenario.

If this could be convincingly pinned on someone else, that would already have happened. The fact that they are still saying, “We don’t know whose it is!” means one thing and one thing only–It is virtually for sure Hunter’s.