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Oh, those

wacky yet peaceful Leftists!

THINK about what side you are on, and what is moral.

The U.S. government is bracing for a potential surge in political violence once the Supreme Court hands down the ruling that’s expected to overturn Roe v. Wade, according to a Department of Homeland Security memo obtained by Axios.

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Yeah, it’s

not good news for Democrats.

The poll, conducted after the leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion showing a majority of justices favoring rolling back Roe v. Wade, suggests that the overwrought responses from Democrats may not move the needle on Election Day as they’d hoped it would.

No wonder it is standing room only at the Democrat Prilosec-and-Xanax bar!

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Yeah, even

a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!

Though she was wrong (of course) about which side was which.

Lefties, doesn’t it give you pause that you are on the same side as Hillary Clinton? Well, it certainly should!

Will they get away with it? In the final analysis, only by chicanery and force, after the manner of all authoritarian regimes. That is, if they get the chance to resort to such means.

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Yes, abortion

IS a modern Dred Scott.

Either we are a Union of otherwise independent states or we are not. It seems that Lefties want to dissolve Federalism and indeed the union.

I personally don’t want to see a dissolution. Federalism is indeed the answer, here.

Lefties gotta stop trying to rely on force, here! The problem here is that they really don’t have much else. They abandoned persuasion almost two decades ago.

But people need to decide what side of the moral agency battle they are on.

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How could Orwell

see the future so clearly?

Lefty Political Philosophy

Well, yes.

Yes they are.

I think they are so caught up in this narcissistic mobius loop that they are always angry when someone disagrees with them. It very quickly becomes an existential threat to their overweening sense of superiority.

…the pro-abortion demonstrators attempt to surround and drown out dissent because they can’t stand for a voice of reason to invade their foot-stomping tantrum.They see the possibility of losing their precious sacrament of abortion in some states, but not all, as a reason to stomp their feet, pitch a fit, and scream as loud as they can like petulant toddlers.

Grow up, Lefties!

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Well, it’s

only ONE of the problems. But it’s a biggie.

AND, in terms of Roe and the mid-terms:

I went from thinking it would be a boon for the Democrats’ midterms prospects to convincing myself that they’d cry this tantrum out long before then.

I think that is true. The level of Lefty freakout just can’t be maintained. ALL bleeding stops, eventually.

Already, we are seeing a waning of Lefty intensity on this. And I predicted the meltdown to last a week. I may have over-estimated…

But abortion is NOT the issue:

We’re back to looking at the real problems that the Democrats have facing them. Joe Biden is an albatross that none of them will be able to shake, of course. The economic woes he’s visited upon the country won’t be better in a matter of months. They’re busy convincing themselves that none of what’s wrong is their fault anyway.

But lest we get sidetracked, here, there is this much bigger issue going on: Democrats have abandoned rural voters.

The authors of the piece minced no words, saying that the Democrats’ message to rural voters over the past decade or so has been clear: “You don’t matter.”

… The good news for Republicans is that Democrats lack the capacity for self-awareness, so they won’t be figuring any of this out anytime soon.

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The Lefty

stranglehold is crumbing. And Leftists are rightfully freaking out. Remember, the ONLY reason Lefties can get away with their characteristic avoidance of rational argument is because the Left controls virtually ALL mainstream sources of information.

But if that changes…

Like the guy who hasn’t walked for 10 years and had his leg muscles atrophy, the Left’s logical argument “muscles” have severely atrophied. Such are the wages of Lefty avoidance…

Latest Lefty shuck-N-jive? “Biden’s” new Ministry of truth!

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Yes indeed,

this is a hill to die on.

Will THIS be the thing that gets all the “squishy” liberals to finally come to their senses? I certainly hope so.

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Oh, and rich.

Don’t forget rich.

It’s been many years since they were the party of the working man…

But there is no such thing as a happy Democrat. They need a constant flow of misery and distress in order for them to magnanimously step in and be a savior.

And the fact that they feed off human misery should tell you a lot about the morality of their positions! No misery=no Democrats. So they need a never-ending supply of human misery. And since life is naturally hard in the first place, they just prod a little and never run out of dragons to bravely slay.

Sure, it’s Satanic. But it’s Satanic with a smiley face!

As Elon Musk said recently, the “far Left hates everybody–themselves included.”