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When cornered,

rats turn and rend each other.

A Lefty foundation is inherently unstable–they are NOT empirically rooted in what has been shown to work but are blown about by whatever wind of trendy Lefty doctrine happens to come along. More on that soon…

So when the crap finally hits the fan, they can only turn their anger onto each other. They have LONG belittled anyone on the Right, so the only thing left is to make “villains” out of former allies.

And we have also long seen that historically in Lefty governments. suddenly a former ally is no longer “woke” enough. It is so common as to be a meme, something of a cliché.

THIS is Leftism, comrade!

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Wow, I sure

hope so. Leftist famously are rigid and humorless, and while that is a stereotype, I have found it to be pretty much true in real life. There IS no humor in Leftism, comrade!

Still, I wonder if culturally the sand is shifting. And I certainly hope so. I think most of us have had enough of the bleak, eat-your-peas-or-you-get-the-bullet Leftism. Leftism is pretty dang dark (see Biden’s “Gates of Hell” speech).

Lefty Political Philosophy

Well, yeah.

It’s pretty dang obviously true. ANYONE with half a brain realizes that Leftism is rooted in violence! Oh sure, lots of Lefties want to pretend, Pollyanna-like, that that is not true, but of course it is. DUH!

The Democrats’ ongoing fairy tale about the nonexistent right-wing domestic threat is on my last nerve now, especially since we all know that the real dark evil in this country is lurking on the left. It’s not even on the fringes. A couple of weeks ago we saw the president of the United States deliver an unhinged screed and declare ideological war on half the voters in the country.

And the FBI arrested Mike Lundell. Wow! Dissidents getting arrested because they are critics of the regime. Think about that for a moment, folks!

But wait, it gets worse — for Biden. Fifty-six percent of respondents said they opposed Biden’s speech, and 44% supported it. Those aren’t the numbers an underwater-polling president needs so close to a major election.

I’m not dumb, you know. And now Lefties won’t even defend their policies in public when they are running for office! The shift to the hermetically sealed Lefty bubble is almost complete…

And understand well, THAT avoidance is total strategy. It used to be just interpersonal avoidance, but now it has infected the public sphere, as well.

PLEASE understand what is happening, here. It is no accident. It is Lefty strategy.

Lefties: Just shut up and buy this cat in a bag! Or you gets the bullet…

Current Events Lefty Political Philosophy

Yes, but there SHOULD

be alarm bells going off for you! This happening a TON, from Kari Lake to John Fetterman. And it’s very hard for me to think it’s just a coincidence.

Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is enemy action! –Auric Goldfinger (well, the Moscow rules)

For the last 15 years or so, Leftists of all stripes have finally gotten their cultural marching orders to avoid arguing a point at all in a conversation with a “heathen” or “heretic” who is not sufficiently converted to the gospel of Leftism.

And NOW that has morphed into this unwillingness to argue a point even when one is a candidate! So, they expect voters just to buy a cat in a bag, or just to go one looks or… something (other than facts or reason). Maybe it’s just if they have a “D” after their name.

So what we are seeing is NO accident!

I think that is evil. It is demagoguery at its most base level. And it is deliberate. And it is getting more and more prevalent…

Ahh, Crossfire, we hardly knew ye!

UPDATE: So here’s one! You still think this is just a coincidence? Yeah, it’s no coincidence, it is the new Lefty catechism! DO NOT LEAVE THE LEFTY CIRCLE OF SAFTEY!

Bad Faith Lefty Political Philosophy

It is both scientifically

and politically a HUGE loser!

Lefty Political Philosophy

Oh, but Democrats

tell us all is fine! In a Pollyanna-ish avoidance (or a Candide one) they happily tell us that we live in the best of all possible worlds!

Vote for Professor Pangloss (D)!

Lefty Political Philosophy

The wages of

Leftist iconoclasm:

Despotism Disgusting! Lefty Political Philosophy


the wages of “green.”

It has always been inordinately stupid. It was always a Lefty heroin pipe dream.

And now real people will suffer due to kooky Lefty delusions. Lefties pretended that we could spin gold out of straw–well, we can’t. There are real-world consequences for this pie-in-the-sky nuttiness!

Real people will die. Real people will suffer. But you can be sure that the heads of state won’t suffer one bit. Their palaces will be nicely heated, you can bet. AND, you peasants will pay for it!

Way to go, Lefties! Is this what you always intended?

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It’s true, it

doesn’t make a dang bit of difference WHO the GOP runs, the Left will say that that person is “worse than Hitler.” And wise Conservatives and moderates need to understand that basic fact.

Run a RINO squish like Romney or McCain? Worse than Hitler! Run a real Conservative? Worse than Hitler. IF the GOP became so stupid as to run Liz Cheney, she would quickly become worse than Hitler!

It just doesn’t make any difference! Please understand–this is a total scam by the Left: They pretend that they are “moderate” and would vote for the GOP candidate IF he or she were a RINO, but that is a damned lie.

It is just a ruse, a game of 3-card Monty. No matter WHAT you choose, it is the “wrong” thing. It always comes up Hitler!

Lefty Political Philosophy

Yeah, such are

the wages of Leftism. Yes, they deserve it. But yes, I feel bad for them…