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I really am not

sure that there are the votes to pass this thing! I mean, probably, but perhaps not. I’m not at all certain that either the committed Right or the Loony Left will go along. And there is getting less and less “common ground” where the two sides can meet.

In other words, “Neither can live while the other survives,” and one side is about to become an endangered species…

But I think that as time goes by, there is more and more opposition to it. If I were a betting man, I might bet that this compromise doesn’t pass. McCarthy has certainly tried, but it appears that Democrats don’t want responsible spending.

The Democrat caucus reacts to wise spending limits……

Lefty Political Philosophy Moral Agency

Have you not

understood that for the Left, it is always and only about power?

That’s why VIOLENCE and FORCE are logically necessary parts of Leftism!

It is ALL about force and lack of moral agency! The battle has always been about moral agency. Leftism is just the latest variation on that theme. As always, it is wrapped in a patina of fairies and unicorns and good intentions so as to fool people and Judo-like,”flip” good intentions into evil actions.

Understand well that even the very smart are fooled. YOU are not too smart to be taken in, here!

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The memorable

Robert Downey, Jr. in blackface!

You knew he did blackface, right? As did Hugh Laurie.

I searched the web for Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster in blackface, and could find… nothing. Well, a single one. Gee, I wonder why that is? Why would someone totally “scrub” the Internet to remove such images?

Actually, I don’t wonder. I think we ALL know very well why. But I have the DVD with him in blackface!

Here is a photo: It is the ONLY one I could find:

I find it both hilarious and disturbing that Hugh Laurie “scrubbed” his past. Obviously, things change quickly, and what used to be OK now no longer isn’t. Classic Leftism!

Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Violence

Well, yeah.

The Left is, by nature, violent. It is the common thread that underlies ALL Leftism.

It is the foundational, defining characteristic of Leftism. Look at history and logic, for Pete’s sake!

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So I wonder

what was said?

The good news is that this was to the HOUSE Ways and Means committee. So the majority were Republicans.

Of course, the Democrat-controlled Senate just self-servingly whistled past this particular graveyard…

And please remember, this shows in spades that Democrats don’t give a rat’s patootie about justice or truth. They just want to have power, above all else. THAT is why you never vote Democrat!

Oh sure, there might be a Republican “bad apple” here and there, but it is a definitional aspect of Democrats. This is the bedrock of Democrat political philosophy.

Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Violence

Yes, Poland

is rising.

Poland has in many ways led the way. As one former Eastern Bloc resident once told me, Poland has drunk from the bitter cup of Leftism/Soviet domination and they are NOT eager to again stain their lips.

Through tough experience, Poland and its people have learned what some Americans in their cushy, cloistered existence haven’t: That Leftism ALWAYS leads to human suffering and force and the Gulag.

Poland has endured it–it’s not theoretical for them. It’s not some jejeune college Sophomore taking a hit from a bong on a late Friday night and saying, “Dude! What if we…” No, the Polish people can “Imagine” all too well what it is like.

Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Squalor

Know the

history! It keeps you from doing the same stupid things…

Sixty-six of Jamestown’s initial 104 colonists died within six months, most from famine. Only 60 out of 500 arrivals two years later survived that long. The consequences of this “starving time” included cannibalism. The problem was that all accumulated wealth was to be held “for the common good.” The fruits of people’s efforts forcibly went to others, with disastrous results.

Eventually Jamestown and Plymouth moved to systems where people could produce for their own benefit. Each man was given three acres of land, in exchange for a lump-sum tax of two and a half barrels of corn, and communal work was limited to one month (not during planting or harvest). In addition to creating private property, this made the marginal tax rate on most of colonists’ efforts zero, turning indolence into industry. Rather than starving, they became exporters of corn to the Indians. And the seeds to create the most prosperous nation the world has ever seen was sown.

Leftism always leads to human suffering and misery. PLEASE understand that!

Lefty Political Philosophy

Yes, these

people are hopping mad.

Sure, but remember, for a long time they have elected Lefty turds. And as long as they keep doing that they are going to continue to get sucky results. We need to learn that Leftism always brings misery! Every. Single. Time.

Leftism promises all sparkles and cake, but it actually delivers a rotting pile of poop. Please, don’t be fooled.

Lefty Political Philosophy Moral Agency

Don’t be fooled.

The Left is dangerous. If you become a thorn in their side, they will actively seek to destroy you. Violence and force is indeed the dark side of Leftism, and the reason there have been so many violent and oppressive Lefty regimes is that such violence is intrinsic to Leftism itself!

There simply IS no Leftism without force and violence.

It is the embodiment of “We will force you to do what (we think) is right–and you WILL be grateful.”

But moral agency is the key to moral progress. As Tolkien clearly saw and wrote about:

And now at last it comes. You will give me the Ring freely! In place of the Dark Lord you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Stronger than the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair!’

She lifted up her hand and from the ring that she wore there issued a great light that illuminated her alone and left all else dark. She stood before Frodo seeming now tall beyond measurement, and beautiful beyond enduring, terrible and worshipful. Then she let her hand fall, and the light faded, and suddenly she laughed again, and lo! she was shrunken: a slender elf-woman, clad in simple white, whose gentle voice was soft and sad.

‘I pass the test,’ she said. ‘I will diminish, and go into the West and remain Galadriel.’

Now Lefties, will YOU pass the test?

Lefty Political Philosophy

Like pretty much

ALL good Leftists, they are both totally ignorant and full of self-righteous indignation. They know only what their “religion” tells them, but they hold their views with religious fervor.

Well, I don’t pray that way…