Lefty Political Philosophy Stooooopid!

Ya think?

Stupid is as stupid does, Jenn-nay!

Liberal cities, including sanctuary cities that limit federal immigration enforcement, are dealing with massive costs from the flood of migrants hitting their cities from the southern border, and they are hoping the federal government will shoulder the burden.

Yeah, they’re hoping that Daddy Fedbucks will save them. And to be honest, “Biden” is stupid enough to do it!

Anti-Semitism Lefty Political Philosophy

Just look at what

the Left has done!

Nearly 3 out of 4 college Jewish students report having seen or been the victim of anti-Semitic incidents since the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack on Israel.

… Before the attack, 64% reported feeling that their universities were “welcoming and supportive” of them. That number has dropped to 44%.

Jewish people need to take account of who their friends really are.

HINT: It’s not the Left.

Evil Lefty Political Philosophy

It’s true:

This will not end well for the Left. And the rank immorality and flat-out evil is nothing short of stomach-turning.

My sense, however, is that a changed world has made changes in the nature of the radical assaults we see cropping up everywhere in the Western world. An uptick in anti-Semitism is always a sort of canary in the political mine, a reliable indication of brewing mischief. It is a curious fact, not without irony, that anti-Semitism is generally a feature of radical Left-wing activism. The sobering contingency this time is that anti-Semitism is not just a component, a leitmotif, of the protests but almost its main theme. It’s happened before, of course, but it did not end at all well. [emphasis added]

History Lefty Political Philosophy

Know your history!

Disgusting! Evil Lefty Political Philosophy Perfidy

They knew.

And they are loathsome creatures for doing his evil thing! They knew. Let THAT sink in for a bit.

Tell me again how you are moral and yet share is this disgusting infestation!

On October 7, four photojournalists who provide reporting and photos for the likes of the Associated Press (AP), CNN, the New York Times, Reuters, and other outlets were allegedly at the Israeli border with Hamas terrorists who committed acts of atrocities against innocent Israeli civilians that shocked the world. Since an Israel-supporting news watchdog website reported the claim, everyone wants to know if these Gaza-based reporters knew in advance about the attack and, more importantly, if they could have saved lives by alerting the world about it. The question arises: Did the AP, CNN, the New York Times, and Reuters know about the Hamas terror attack in advance? 

Do you even wonder why regular people hate and mistrust the MSM? This is just breathtaking in its depth of evil!

Lefty Political Philosophy

Ivy League


Lefty Political Philosophy

I’m afraid that

the day of free Internet content is coming to a close. And I hate it–I don’t want it to happen!

And I think that it just leads to even more polarization. Think about it–you will ONLY be exposed to those sites you already like. NO ONE is going to pay for content they don’t agree with!

So googly-eyed Leftists will subscribe to the NY Times and thus are not even exposed to contrary viewpoints. They are ever in their Lefty fever swamps—“The Bubble,” if you will. And once they pay for it, they become total converts to it.

And given Google’s penchant for de-monetizing anyone to the right of Joseph Stalin, there’s little to do for many conservative websites but to go subscription-based. But it’s unfortunate–the Left is already 90% hermetically sealed off from a diversity of opinions, and this would make it 99.9%! It makes it so there is little change for change.

It is a danger for the right, and already-raging infection for the Left!

And to be sure, when you PAY for content, you are already primed to accept it as true. And it’s far worse for the Left–the Right already lives in a world where radio, TV, colleges, and popular artists are flagrantly and very publicly steeped inLeftism. For those on the Right that is FAR from being the–case; They are confronted with Leftism all day, every day.

And then to make things even worse, the Left has taken to not even arguing their point, leading to a totally unchallenged position and a pervasive intellectual flabbiness.

Lefty Political Philosophy

The “new” face

of Leftism. Haven’t we seen this before somewhere?

Jewish people: Flee these folks!

Evil Immorality Lefty Political Philosophy

Yes. Yes they

have. And you have to pretty much be willingly blind not to see it!

At one point there were decent people who were also Democrats. But now, Democrats, how do you live with yourselves?

Captain Obvious DUH! Lefty Political Philosophy

Scott Johnson is

NOT a fan of Trump. At all. But he realizes and is willing to report that Trump is head and shoulders the best GOP option. EVERYONE sees that!

That is why the scoundrel Left is trying so hard to bring him down via lawfare. Because they have virtually no chance of beating him in a reasonably fair election, and even in another crooked one their chances are slim.

Yep, the Left has strayed FAR from where they were 50 years ago. Very far, indeed!