Evil Human Misery

Shedding is associated

the mRNA COVID “vaccine.” What that means is that the damaging spike protein that the COVID shot makes the recipient produce is “shed” and may be excreted in all sorts of bodily fluids such as sweat, semen, breast milk, and even exhaled breath. And for breastmilk, the acidic stomach is NOT a foolproof barrier…

That means that even if YOU are not vaccinated, you can still get the spike protein from your buddy–or your massage therapist. It’s not for sure, and some people are more susceptible to such exposure than others. But the truth is that person A, who got vaccinated, can cause person B (who didn’t) to get gravely ill with the spike protein.


Human Misery Lefty Squalor

Eventually, the

Democrats in charge will have had enough of the freeloaders and dump them in the street.

NBC News reported that come Feb. 5 in the Mile-High City which more than 700,000 call home, officials “will limit the number of days migrants can stay in shelters and send those who exceed their stay out onto the streets.

How charming…

Basic Economics Human Misery Political philosophy


what makes wealth happen, SPOILER: It ain’t coercive government!

But this is a lesson Lefties have frantically avoided leaning. The very obvious lesson we get from looking at the world?: Decreased freedom leads to human misery. DUH!

In short, politics very much matter! Leftism leads to human misery. And we have seen this over and over and over. It’s SO obvious now, that it’s hard to morally justify being on the Left!

Human Misery Lefty Squalor

If you exclude

California, homelessness is down.

But you know, human misery is the final common pathway of ALL Leftism.

Human Misery

Yes, yes it

is. And THIS is why I’m a historical empiricist! Guys, we’ve seen this movie before, and it would be stupid to expect a different outcome!

Leftism is the doctrine of human misery.

Captain Obvious Current Events Human Misery

So are we officially

a 3rd world country now?

A Giant grocery store in Southeast Washington, DC, has removed name brands like Advil, Colgate, and Tide from its shelves to better prevent a spike in theft.

Beyond the removal of brands, shoppers at Giant will also be required to show their receipts to security guards before exiting the store.

THIS is the fruit of Leftism. Always and everywhere. And it is very fertile ground for vigilanteism–a really bad outcome.

Just know that whatever you sow, that also shall ye reap…

Lefties, you simply CAN’T avoid the consequences of your actions! Sooner or later, those pesky consequences will find you. So get out of your Lefty bubble! Just how long are you going to blow smoke and say that your policies lead to fairies and unicorns?

I’m not buying. I am a historical Empiricist. And I’m not stupid, you know…

Human Misery Lefty Squalor

Well, DUH!

This is the bitter fruit of Leftism! I guess the only thing really shocking is that you may have been too ignorant to know that at the outset! Sheesh! It’s pretty dang obvious to anyone with even a little good sense and education…

Native New Yorkers who’ve lived in Manhattan for decades say recent migrant arrivals are bringing lawlessness into their formerly peaceful Upper West Side neighborhood and disrupting a residential building that’s home to elderly people with special needs.


SPOILER: This is always where Leftism leads. Always. Vote. accordingly!

Current Events Economy Human Misery

“Pipe People:”

This is a sign.

In a capitalist economy, there would be some sort of middle ground between the empty ghost cities and people living in pipes near megalopolises. 

Human Misery Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Squalor

One would have

to be a HUGE fool to open a retail business in urban California.

Yeah, people hit a big retailer this time, but anyone might well be a target. Or Target.

Guys, THIS is the fruit of Leftism! It wasn’t Conservatives pushing for defunding the police or letting criminals off scot-free… Leftists have chronically endorsed policies that very predictably led to this kind of crap.

Folks, you need to wake up!

Political philosophy matters. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something. Leftism–the TRUE narcotic of the masses!

Change Human Misery

Let’s be clear:

Political philosophy is always inextricably tied to quality of life. And crappy political philosophy ALWAYS leads to human misery. Always.

OK, so NOW what do the residents do?

The only way to attract residents, especially wealthy residents, is to create a safe and clean city with good schools, low taxes, affordable housing, and a healthy business climate. Well, as we all know, everything on that list directly contradicts what today’s Democrat party stands for. Urban Democrats invite crime and criminals by defanging local police. Drug addicts are allowed to sleep and poop on the streets. Taxes are always going up. Housing never goes up. Instead of quality of life issues, Democrats focus on “equity,” which means high crime, and the environment, which means no new housing.

Like many things in life, I have to take the first step. I have to admit that life has nose-dived–that it is now uncontrollable and needs to change. I need to “hit bottom.”

Until that happens and the first step is taken, no change at all can happen. In other words, I need a little humility. And Democrats are usually totally opposed to that, for obvious reasons. Hence, an unwillingness to even discuss issues, let alone debate.

Because if I am wrong about THIS thing, what else might I be wrong about? Wow, really ego-dystonic for Lefties! It is a characterological issue.

But almost all Lefties refuse to take that first step and admit that there is a problem at all. And they get angry and defensive (and usually won’t again talk to you) if you tell them they do.