It’s been what,

nearly eight years? So I guess it might finally be time to come clean

And remember, Biden demagogued this to death and, in an obvious lie, sad that this was the reason he decided to run. 🙄

Then again, Democrats have yet to come clean on the “51 experts say Hunter’s laptop is Russian disinformation” gambit, yet…

Democrats, just don’t lie! I really don’t mind disagreement–and, in fact, I welcome it. But don’t freakin’ lie. Sheesh! And that was a bald-faced lie.

Evil Immorality Liars

Yes, it should

absolutely happen. Should. But it won’t. And that is a pity.

The walls came tumbling down Thursday on some of the mendacious narratives the American public has been force-fed during and after the COVID pandemic about gain of function research and the origins of the virus. Although Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) repeatedly questioned former chief advisor to the president and former NIAID head Dr. Anthony Fauci about the research in heated numerous congressional hearings over the last few years, the good doctor went on record over and over again angrily denying that any such thing had occurred.

But on Thursday, NIH Principal Deputy Director Dr. Lawrence Tabak admitted that NIH did fund GOF research at Wuhan Institute of Virology through EcoHealth Alliance. Oops.

Fauci lied to Congress. Under oath. He should faces criminal charges.


Well, we ALL

know where CNN’s loyalties lie. DUH!

But that wasn’t Biden’s worst mangle. He claimed to CNN that “no president’s had the run we have had, in terms of creating jobs and bringing down inflation. It was nine percent when I came to office, nine percent.” 

That’s ridiculous! It’s a bald-faced lie. Inflation was 1.4 percent, again, due to the pandemic. Burnett didn’t check his facts, during or after the interview. She pushed him to acknowledge inflation was bad, but she didn’t suggest he was lying.

…That would be Daniel Dale, who’s almost entirely deployed on TV to “fact check” Trump. Since Trump’s Manhattan trial began in mid-April, Dale has appeared nine times  to “check” him. He has not appeared to check anyone else. On April 18, Jake Tapper said “he’s handy to have around at times like this.”

Dementia Joe Liars

Excuses, excuses!

You know, the real reason for Joe’s lame, made-up stories is that he has long been a chronic liar but now he is riddled with dementia to boot!

The White House is still struggling to explain Joe Biden’s bizarre lie about his “Uncle Bosie” being eaten by cannibals during World War II.

The claim was first made on an airport tarmac, with the president telling the press that his uncle was shot down in Papua New Guinea in an area where “there were a lot of cannibals.” Astonishingly, he then repeated the tale during his speech while adding several more falsehoods.

I understand that Biden being senile and a habitual liar makes explaining away the crazy things he says difficult, but perhaps it’s time to just admit he made the whole thing up. What the White House is attempting to do by stacking lies on top of lies is only making matters worse. This is now a three-day-long story when it didn’t have to be. A simple statement that he made a mistake telling a story about a family member would have sufficed. 

Bad Faith Captain Obvious Liars

You spouting nonsense

won’t work, you know!

A good question for the “Biden” cabal:

If a bully takes 350 odd swings at you and you duck, how is that a win?

Dishonesty Liars

Can’t this guy

just tell the truth? Sure, he’s probably too demented to know the difference between truth and lies. But he has always been a liar!


I don’t care

WHAT Biden says. I have eyes, and he is a total liar. He’s just flopping like a fish in a frantic effort to keep power.

Dementia Joe Liars Psychopathology

Yeah, he’s just

a confused old man! LEAVE HIM ALONE!

Right on cue, Biden did his faux Forrest Gump routine where he inserts himself into every aspect of every culture. It’s fitting that just two days before this speech, the president repeated a tall tale about being raised by the Puerto Rican community. Biden has also made similar claims regarding the Jewish and Black communities. There’s almost no ethnicity he won’t appropriate in some manner.

Guys, there’s something WRONG with this guy!


Oh! You don’t say!

You mean they lied? Why on earth would a respectable married man and an elected official have an affair and then lie about it?

Dupe Gun Control Liars

Can we now just

admit that it was a lie?

To be clear, Glenn Kessler’s The Fact Checker couldn’t bring itself to award any Pinocchios – not one – to the false claim, but its thorough breakdown and analysis of the claim left nothing misunderstood. Saying that “Gun violence is the leading cause of death for children” is patently “Not True.”

Still, having The Washington Post take up the claim and acknowledge it is false should be deserving of at least a little praise.

Remember, when a 17-year-old gang-banger gets shot in a gang turf war, it is counted by Lefties as “a child killed by guns.” But that is more than a little misleading, isn’t it?

It’s just not the same as a child sneaking his dad’s gun out of the closet or a 5-year-old hit by a drive-by shooter while he’s watching Sesame Street!