Dementia Joe Liars

Excuses, excuses!

You know, the real reason for Joe’s lame, made-up stories is that he has long been a chronic liar but now he is riddled with dementia to boot!

The White House is still struggling to explain Joe Biden’s bizarre lie about his “Uncle Bosie” being eaten by cannibals during World War II.

The claim was first made on an airport tarmac, with the president telling the press that his uncle was shot down in Papua New Guinea in an area where “there were a lot of cannibals.” Astonishingly, he then repeated the tale during his speech while adding several more falsehoods.

I understand that Biden being senile and a habitual liar makes explaining away the crazy things he says difficult, but perhaps it’s time to just admit he made the whole thing up. What the White House is attempting to do by stacking lies on top of lies is only making matters worse. This is now a three-day-long story when it didn’t have to be. A simple statement that he made a mistake telling a story about a family member would have sufficed.