“We need people

to do menial tasks!” THIS is a big reason Limousine Leftists™ want more and more illegal immigration. Otherwise, who will cut their lawns and clean their mansions and harvest their food?

Discrimination Racism

I hope Jewish

students sue Harvard’s butt off!

A group of Jewish students are suing Harvard University over “severe and pervasive” antisemitism on campus, claiming that Harvard has not done nearly enough to protect Jewish students since Hamas’ terrorist attacks in Israel.

… The students are claiming that Harvard has violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They’re calling for Harvard to hand down discipline against students and professors “responsible for antisemitic discrimination and abuse, whether because they engage in it or permit it.”

Next on the docket? MIT.

Current Events Racism

So have Democrats

suddenly become racist?

While speaking to New York ABC affiliate WABC on Monday, Edison, New Jersey Mayor Sam Joshi (D) stated that he turned a bus full of migrants sent to the city back because local police “did not know if any of those 40 individuals were carrying weapons, they couldn’t be identified.” And this is “a major security risk. It’s a health risk. And we’re just not going to tolerate that.” Joshi, who plans to send migrants back to the border, also stated that he doesn’t want to pawn problems off on other mayors.

Translation from the Democrat official: You never know if those dang dirty Mexicans have guns or are gang-bangers or what!

PWNED! Racism

The hits just

keep coming. SIX new plagiarism charges for Gay…

Why is she even there? Oh yeah, because she is a hard Left African-American… THIS is what you get when you make Affirmative Action hires!

The second complaint filed to the university was addressed to three school leaders, making nearly 50 allegation charges against the Harvard president, according to the Washington Free Beacon. An anonymous source filed the second complaint claiming that Gay had allegedly plagiarized in both her publications and dissertation, demanding that the university open a “new research misconduct inquiry,” according to the complaint.

“Now I am forced to submit an additional complaint with nearly 50 allegations, including over half a dozen examples never seen before. Some of them occur in a publication by Gay that was until now believed to be free from allegations of plagiarism. Others occur in the dissertation,” the complaint stated. 

See, if Harvard’s focus had been on merit rather than on skin melanin levels and heritage, they would have avoided this mess!

UPDATE: Gay is gone!

Courage Racism

Yeah, it’s a good

thing Christian schools are stepping up to the plate!

“But with too many universities preaching tolerance but practicing prejudice, we feel compelled to do more,” Franciscan president Father Dave Pivonka said in a press release. “We are witnessing a very troubling spike in antisemitism and serious threats against Jewish students. We want to offer them the chance to transfer immediately to Franciscan.”

It is a good, moral move. Other Christian schools should do the same!

Anti-Semitism Lefty Culture Racism

The plain truth

is that anti-Semitism is an almost exclusive Lefty phenomena.

Jewish people need to understand that the Leftism of even 20 years ago no longer exists in the Democrat party. This is NOT your father’s Democrat party!

To my friends on the Left: You’ve told me countless times over many years that antisemitism is almost exclusively a right-wing phenomenon, but events since October 7 indicate strongly that a far greater threat to the happiness, health, and safety of Jews comes from your left-wing allies.

After two months of depravity across the West, it’s obvious that the greater problem today lies on the left. 

… Right-wing antisemites hold little sway over conservative politicians, while left-wing antisemites have an electoral hammerlock over many left-of-center politicians.

The Democrat party is pretty open about being anti-Jew. Now, what are ethnic American Jews going to do about it?

The Left is not at all friendly toward Jewish people. Just know who your friends really are…

Sometimes change is needed.

Hypocrisy Poetic Justice Racism

Oh, so their

anti-semitism is coming back to bite them. Gee, what a shame!

People, stand up for what you actually believe in–don’t be a cowardly lion!

That has been a HUGE problem for Leftists. They actually believe some disturbing crap, but they cloak it in virtue–keep it away from the prying eyes of the public. So they can never say who they actually are and work to remember what they have said. They can never be themselves–and their sense of self becomes bound up with their hidden Lefty identity.

Just don’t lie about who you actually are and what you actually believe (looking at you, Mitt Romney). But Leftists almost always don’t want voters to make an informed choice, so they hide their beliefs.

Evil Racism

Oh gee, THAT’d

be a shame!

If the evil democracy-hating MAGA House Republicans don’t agree to Democats’ budget demands and avert a government shutdown, then the IRS will have to furlough an estimated 60,000 of its 90,000 employees just three days from now.

Bummer? Yeah, not so much…

Before I was kinda of two minds about the shutdown, but now I actively want it to happen!

To give you an idea of how the IRS currently spends its time and the money it extracts from you like Steve Martin’s dentist character from “Little Shop of Horrors,” Kiplinger told readers on Thursday that “the IRS has come under fire for recent significant missteps, like allegedly violating taxpayer rights in some instances, back-dating documents in a conservation easement tax case, and auditing Black taxpayers at higher rates.” [emphasis added]

But the honest truth is, most of the workers who are affected are “non-essential.” It might indeed be painful for some individuals, but most important government functions would be unaffected.

Tell me again why we even have non-essential people on the government payroll? I think ALL government employees need to justify their positions!

Bad Faith Hypocrisy Racism

Honestly, just

WHO is racist?

By now, pretty much everyone has heard the Democrats’ incessant claim that they are the (only!) party of true tolerance and inclusion. But have you noticed lately how their well-crafted facade is slipping faster than Joe Biden’s anemic poll numbers? While it’s not really new to any of us who follow politics, the Democrats showing their racism so blatantly is new.

Look, one thing you can bet on, one thing we have seen over and over and over is that when Democrats accuse Republicans of something, you can bet that they themselves are guilty of it.

This pattern has become so prominent as to almost be a law of nature.

If they had no double standards, they’d have no standards at all!


Joe Biden is

a racist, straight up!

Honestly, I don’t know why any self-respecting Black person would vote for him.