Anti-Semitism Lefty Culture Racism

The plain truth

is that anti-Semitism is an almost exclusive Lefty phenomena.

Jewish people need to understand that the Leftism of even 20 years ago no longer exists in the Democrat party. This is NOT your father’s Democrat party!

To my friends on the Left: You’ve told me countless times over many years that antisemitism is almost exclusively a right-wing phenomenon, but events since October 7 indicate strongly that a far greater threat to the happiness, health, and safety of Jews comes from your left-wing allies.

After two months of depravity across the West, it’s obvious that the greater problem today lies on the left. 

… Right-wing antisemites hold little sway over conservative politicians, while left-wing antisemites have an electoral hammerlock over many left-of-center politicians.

The Democrat party is pretty open about being anti-Jew. Now, what are ethnic American Jews going to do about it?

The Left is not at all friendly toward Jewish people. Just know who your friends really are…

Sometimes change is needed.