Uhm, it’s a

recipe for vigilanteism.

Look, I’ve warned you many times that when government no longer ensures fair and equal protection under the law and enforces its borders, people take things into their own hands. And feel totally justified in doing so.

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Is this


I would bet that it is. And unless we get a fair Justice system, it won’t be the last time we see such a thing, unfortunately.

When the Lefty judge and the Soros prosecutor gave this teen an unbelievably light sentence, they actually sentenced him to death. Because in a vigilante environment, every crime (or assumed crime) carries the death penalty!

Can we just go back to a decent Justice system? I am a fan of rule of law.

Here’s a script for a drama: He got off on a technicality by an unfair, corrupt judge. I will fix that and enforce fairness…

Oh, and the actor is a young Clint Eastwood. The final scene is Clint Eastwood walking away and saying, A man’s gotta know his limitations.

Ring any bells?