Change Fighting Back Vigilanteism

I’m telling you,

there is a feeling of shift in the air over this case. Let’s see what happens, and I certainly could be wrong, but it feels like something has changed.

In the very same vein, we are seeing things like this:

Regular people are fighting back, and refusing (often at great personal risk, I must say) to be passive victims. And I find it very interesting that so many of these “shop owners that are fighting back” videos are of Asian shopkeepers dealing out some rough justice! But still, it’s not just Asians. The shift is widespread across racial groups.

Remember, vigilanteism is always just under the surface with “civilized” human beings. Good law enforcement and Justice systems minimize it, but even so there is a LONG history of vigilanteism being glorified in literature and on screen. I mean, name a single popular movie in the last 50 years that has nothing to do with it. Maybe a few RomComs. Maybe.

Has there EVER been a halfway decent play (from Chaucer through Shakespeare to Oklahoma! to the present day) without that theme being very prominent?


Kind of makes

you wonder what kind of a sick, twisted world we live in, a world where lawless vigilantes are glorified! And then to tout it as some sort of Christmas movie! Christianity is just so violent and brutal

Hayden said the youth’s antics involved putting ice on the stairs, heating up doorknobs, and other tactics that put the men in peril. “What has society come to when a child can torture vagabonds just hungry for bread?,” wondered Hayden aloud. “I will not allow this county to fall victim to vigilantism.”


I’m telling you,

Lefty policies are engendering vigilanteism.

Remember, in the end the police aren’t there to protect the public from criminals, they’re there to protect criminals from the public. Communities dealt with crime long before police were invented, usually in rather harsh and low-due-process ways. The bargain was, let the police handle it instead. No police, no bargain.”

Personally, I don’t like vigilanteism. So Leftists, KNOCK IT OFF! What you are doing is creating vigilantes. Is that what you want?


Careful, Lefties!

The stench of lawlessness often turns into the stink of vigilanteism. And no one with any good sense wants that. Just KNOW what path you are going down!

As one commenter said: “Unexpectedly…”

Culture Vigilanteism

You want vigilanteism?

Because this is how you get vigilanteism. You are a HUGE fool to back the Lefty pro-crime agenda.

At the village with the most unsolved burglaries in the UK, shopkeepers are turning to vigilante-style tactics.

As a merchant (or even a regular person) what else is there to do? Honestly, if there is no official justice, who can blame them for protecting themselves?

BUT, this will progress. At the extreme, ALL crimes might well become death-penalty crimes! I mean, there is a very good reason to have a police force and a functioning justice system.


Uhm, it’s a

recipe for vigilanteism.

Look, I’ve warned you many times that when government no longer ensures fair and equal protection under the law and enforces its borders, people take things into their own hands. And feel totally justified in doing so.

Current Events Vigilanteism

Is this


I would bet that it is. And unless we get a fair Justice system, it won’t be the last time we see such a thing, unfortunately.

When the Lefty judge and the Soros prosecutor gave this teen an unbelievably light sentence, they actually sentenced him to death. Because in a vigilante environment, every crime (or assumed crime) carries the death penalty!

Can we just go back to a decent Justice system? I am a fan of rule of law.

Here’s a script for a drama: He got off on a technicality by an unfair, corrupt judge. I will fix that and enforce fairness…

Oh, and the actor is a young Clint Eastwood. The final scene is Clint Eastwood walking away and saying, A man’s gotta know his limitations.

Ring any bells?