Well, it’s good

to see. How sad that we need this in the despotic age of senileJoe Biden.

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Oh wow!

that is HUGE!

The Georgia Court of Appeals has issued a temporary halt on proceedings related to the 2020 election case involving former President Donald Trump. The court is reviewing the ruling of a trial judge, which allowed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to continue prosecuting the case.

Pretty much, the case is gone until after the election!

It’s over!


Well, thank

Heaven! It was always a despotic bull-crap move! It’s an affront to what we value as Americans!

What is sad is that there are those who are more attached to their tribal allegiance than to morality or freedom! Shame on them!

Current Events Justice

This is gonna be

totally LIT. Just FIRE to watch!

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The millstone of

Justice is often very slow. But it grinds exceedingly fine

Federal prosecutors on Hunter Biden’s illegal gun purchase case will now be using a wealth of information taken from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop in the First Son’s upcoming trial – and over the objections of Hunter’s attorneys, Special Prosecutor David Weiss told Judge Maryellen Norieka that the laptop is authentic and he can prove it. Hunter Biden’s past may be — finally — about to catch up with him. [emphasis added]

… If the prosecutors can establish the veracity of the information on the laptop, the information presented is pretty damning. Using the defendant’s own words against him would be a strong case against the First Son and his alleged illegal purchase; not only that, but any information on the laptop, if similarly verified, will be valuable in a host of other investigations, such as the Biden family’s business dealings in China and Ukraine.

It looks like this will really blow up. And if it does, I don’t see how the mewling sycophant MSM covers it up any longer. And this, along with Ashley’s diary, is why the DNC is so desperate to get rid of Joe Biden. He is just totally toxic.

But they really have no other choices that are not electorally even worse. So Senile Joe it is. You can just feel the excitement, eh?…


Jack Smith is

in some serious crap!

If Smith goes down in flames, you might as well call the election for Trump right now.

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon may have just indefinitely postponed Donald Trump’s espionage and obstruction trial but that doesn’t mean her federal courtroom in Fort Pierce, Florida will lie dormant over the next few months.

… Cannon, however, did schedule a number of proceedings that could be considered a way to put the Department of Justice on trial. In a stunning turn of events, Cannon, appointed by Donald Trump in 2020, is poised to make Smith a defendant of sorts.

… In other words, the government officials prosecuting Trump with mishandling top-secret files–mishandled top-secret files.




Basically, game, set, and match!

Wow! That is HUGE. The turning of the Trump tide? The NY case is a total fiasco, and now this one is gone. I don’t know that there is anything now that can keep Trump from winning.

John Roberts said, “There seems to be no argument, Jonathan, that this was only to make Trump look like a bad guy. ”

Wow! That is HUGE. The turning of the Trump tide? The NY case is a total fiasco, and now this one is gone. I don’t know that there is anything now that can keep Trump from winning. I very much suspect that that is game, set, and match!

Current Events Justice

Well, I doubt it

will happen. But Heaven knows, I would love it!


This Trump kangaroo

court judge has been put on notice. It’s probably behind a paywall, and I apologize for linking it, but it is important.

Only last week, Weinstein’s 2020 conviction on rape charges was overturned by a New York appeals court because the prosecution had piled on unaffiliated “evidence,” resulting in an unfair trial. It was a reversible error. And, the vote may have been 4-3, but oh, boy, did they reverse it. 

Basically, Trump’s judge did the very same thing that Weinstein’s was just overturned for doing. So while this show trial pretty much has a pre-determined verdict, it is clear that it simply won’t stand review.

Judge Juan Merchan has allowed extraneous information and prior bad acts into the testimony to “Get Trump” on something before the election. Merchant previously ruled that the notorious “Access Hollywood” video could not come into the trial — and why would it since it’s not germane to this case? — but he allowed the transcript and a photo from the video to be introduced to the jury. 

… As Matt reported, Jarrett said the first two weeks of the Trump trial had echoes of what the judge did in the Weinstein case. “Nothing in the courtroom last week dealt with the actual charges. None of the witnesses actually testified about any relevant crime recognized by law,” he said on “Fox and Friends.” 

DUH! Justice

What happens when

you let your frothy anti-Trump freak flag fly…

I gotta admit, it’s nice to see justice prevail once in a while!