Bad Faith Dishonesty

Yes, they should

indeed be shocked. They just got abused, violated, worked. They thought Manchin was their friend. They thought he was a tame werewolf Democrat. They were wrong.

And they got rooked.

“This legislation is so egregious, it leaves those of us that call Senator Manchin a friend, shocked and disheartened,” the letter declares. “The current Schumer-Manchin draft agreement on climate and energy frankly leaves us questioning the motivation and sincerity of Manchin’s previous stance and his repeated chant: we must ‘Innovate not eliminate’. The current Schumer-Manchin draft agreement will quickly diminish our coal producing operations and all but obviate any need to innovate coal assets.”

… “Why support anything Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or John Kerry want for coal? It is incomprehensible why any miner would support the Manchin-Schumer legislation which will not only put an immediate stop to the investment and financing behind our states’ coal and electric generating assets but forever foreclose on America’s coal industry!” the letter declares.

I think this is a sure sign that Manchin has decided not to run in 2024. He would not win, anyway.

It’s over, Joe. Your betrayal of the good people of WV (and the nation) is your swan song. You suck.

Dishonesty Evil

Yeah, let’s roll!

No more Mr. Nice Guy!


Yeah, pretty much…

Captain Obvious Dishonesty

Look, it’s REALLY

quite clear that Fauci is a damned liar!

Dishonesty Media Flying Monkeys

So, will the MSM

and the other usual suspects cover for “Biden” one we are officially in a recession? Oh, probably. You are to find out very soon!


So it’s really

no wonder that there is such skepticism about COVID vaccines. Because those we trusted lied.

So when exactly did Fauci and Birx know that the vaccines wouldn’t prevent infection? Why did the Biden administration suggest that the vaccines were the silver bullet against COVID?

It’s pretty nasty, mass-murder-for-personal-gain kind of stuff.

Me? I’m still a pureblood. Now, I understand that the Novavax vaccine coming out is NOT an mRNA formula, it is a traditional vaccine.

Novavax is a COVID-19 vaccine that uses a more traditional protein-based technology, unlike the other vaccines currently available in the US: Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna use mRNA technology…

Well, I trust that MUCH more than I trust an mRNA vaccine. Still, the symptoms are usually so mild and there is actual treatment now, so I fail to see any good medical reason to get vaxxed.

Now there are NON-medical reasons to do so (such as being required to by employer), but no medical ones–at least not for the under 70 crowd.

Bad Faith Dishonesty

Ya gotta admit,

it’s pretty dang funny!

What a fraud she is!

Buffoons Current Events Dishonesty



Lefties, you know you want to!

Aye, and THERE’s the rub…



they knew. And then bald-faced lied to us! And they did it for electoral gain, money, and pride.


Bad Faith Change Dishonesty

I think it’s

pretty important that we don’t just get rid of the nasty Democrats. There are a TONS of feckless Republicans, most especially RINO dinosaurs like Romney and Graham, that should be unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

To be honest, they have shown themselves to be enemies of the good and right. And they need to be electorally crushed and sent to go kick road apples.

They wreak amazing damage on Conservatism. They side with Biden over and over–most recently and egregiously with the recent Biden gun control stupidity.

And THAT discourages Conservative voters.

It is evil. It is based on lies, on fundamental dishonesty. If you are a Democrat, then run as what you are, jerk! Stop lying about what you are… But no, it is a Lefty “trojan horse” strategy. It relies on deception in order to work.

We need change, not RINO dishonesty!