Dishonesty Liars

It’s true, and

to be honest, I don’t understand why anyone would again just go bleatingly along with the Left! Pro tip: If someone lies and tricks you once, they will do it again if at all possible!

They knew, and they bald-faced LIED to you until it was no longer possible to cover it up! What, do you think there are not OTHER things they are lying about?

I mean, if they lied to you about this, what else are they lying to you about?


This is what

a real moderate Democrat looks like.

You have met and known faux moderate Democrats–people who say they are moderate or middle-of-the-road but who only have a thin patina of centrism about them. And that moderate stance is about a millimeter deep. Scratch them and they bleed “blue.”

But they continually hide and lie about who they really are–because they are ultimately embarrassed about it (as they should be!). Lefties, just stop lying! I don’t mind disagreement one bit. But I am disgusted by lies and obfuscation.

Current Events Dementia Joe Dishonesty MSM Toadies

How is Biden still

fit to serve as President? I mean, if he is not fit to run, how is he fit to serve out his term? It just makes NO sense at all!

Nut what about Obama and scads of other Democrats who assured us that Biden was “sharp as a tack?” Morning Joe told us that this was “the best Biden ever.”

So they lied. Plain and simple–they lied. Lefties, isn’t that clear to you now? So why believe them with whatever they will say next? Yeah, they will boost Kamala now, but why on earth would you believe them when they are demonstrated liars?

Dishonesty Media Flying Monkeys

The REAL problem

is not just Biden, but the now-obvious dishonesty of the MSM! And it may bring the whole house of cards a-tumblin down!

What the regime media is going to find is its already limited credibility even more hamstrung, and that’s great because the regime media has been a potent weapon in the Democrat arsenal. …The leftist messaging was hidden behind a haze of objectivity and delivered by nice ladies and men who pretended not to have an agenda when they totally had an agenda.

Dishonesty MSM Toadies

Oh yeah, THAT’s

gonna leave a mark! And the accusation was made repeatedly…

Maddow, along with MSNBC colleagues Nicolle Wallace and Chris Hayes, are in hot water after a federal judge ruled they made “verifiably false” statements about a Georgia doctor, Dr. Mahendra Amin, whom they called the “Uterus Collector.”

The lawsuit revolves around the anchor’s accusations about Dr. Amin’s alleged involvement in performing unnecessary hysterectomies on women detained at an immigration facility at the time Donald Trump was president.

… “Multiple statements are verifiably false. The undisputed evidence has established that: (1) there were no mass hysterectomies or high numbers of hysterectomies at the facility,” the court document stated.

They are asking for $30 million…

Bad Faith Dishonesty

“It worked,

didn’t it?”

That is totally what this reminds me of. They were knowingly and deliberately dishonest.

It was all an unconscionable lie. In the latest development, it turns out that several of the signers were active CIA contractors at the time they signed the letter. The lie was brought to us by the CIA. Steven Nelson reports in an excellent illustrated story for the Post in “‘Spies Who Lie’ leader, cosigners were CIA contractors when they falsely implied Hunter Biden laptop was Russian fake.” [emphasis added]

They lied. They are liars.


WH: “It’s

just a mirage!”

I mean, who are you gonna believe, them or your lying wallet?

Dishonesty Duplicity


What is deathbed repentance?

Chumps Dishonesty

“Hair” Newsom’s

lies notwithstanding, CA is losing businesses and population, big-time.

Despicable Dishonesty Evil

Pretty bad news

for Liz Cheney and her lies.

It is beyond question that they lied. Now, what ELSE did they lie about?