Dishonesty Faker! Hypocrisy

Kinda funny how

the “Never Trump” are all prancing and preening, supposedly looking for the nearest fainting couch because of Trump, when in actuality they are irredeemable moral dirtbags!

Spare me…

Dishonesty Epic fail Injustice

Yeah, it’s pretty

stinkin’ bad news for Fani Willis and all the irrational, foam-flecked Trump haters.

If they lied under oath (if this is true), it’s all over.

Deception Dishonesty


Yeah, it’s all pretending. Don’t be fooled! It’s just a ploy to get even more power.

Dishonesty Justice


what do you make of this?

(Random internet commenter): I think the fact that just about every prominent Democrat has dirt on Biden, and that they’re in a panic because they think he’ll lose in 2024, means some of them will spill the beans on his various schemes to try and knock him off the ballot before it’s too late.

I think this particular commenter is entirely correct. As it becomes obvious what will happen, there will be a mad dash for them to head for the exits! To one extent or another, they will all distance themselves as much as they can from Biden in a grim (and rather duplicitous) effort to save their own carcasses.

Barbaric! Dishonesty

Yes, THIS is what

is known as a “Limited, modified hangout.”

A new paper, authored by several Moderna scientists, acknowledges that there are risks of toxicity in mRNA drugs and “vaccines,” due to “lipid nanoparticle structural components, production methods, route of administration and [spike] proteins produced from complexed mRNAs.”

Yeah, they have been FORCED to let the truth out. At least a little bit.

“mRNA formulated with lipid nanoparticles is a transformative technology,” but “avoiding unacceptable toxicity with mRNA drugs and vaccines presents challenges.” wrote Moderna employees Eric Jacquinet and Dimitrios Bitounis and Maximillian Rogers, along with Professor Mansoor M. Amiji.

I get a flu shot every year. But if the flu shot goes mRNA, I will never get another one.

Dishonesty Murder

Oh, ya think?


But a recent development could potentially provide evidence that his death may have been a homicide. Epstein’s brother, Mark Epstein, remarked during an interview on Feb. 9 that photographs taken of Epstein following his death could contradict the official narrative of suicide by hanging.

Dishonesty Treason

“Biden” doesn’t

need more power and authority to fix the humanitarian mess HE created. He could do it right now.

But SPOILER, he won’t. And that puts the lie to his efforts to get even more power. Even if this pig passed, it wouldn’t help the border–far from it. It would only give $60 million more of your money to Ukraine. “Biden” won’t do a dang thing about our southern border.

IF he were sincere, he would have acted already. It’s a ruse. The fact that he hasn’t shows that he really won’t. Ever.

Bad Faith Dishonesty Illegal Immigration


I hope they do. As with most things “Biden,” this is just a scam. Well, I, for one, am not fooled.

Look, “Biden” has all the power and authority to shut the border down right NOW! The fact that he won’t do it speaks volumes. Again, people lie, but actions rarely do.

“I’ve seen enough,” House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) wrote on X of the legislation. “This bill is even worse than we expected, and won’t come close to ending the border catastrophe the President has created. As the lead Democrat negotiator proclaimed: Under this legislation, ‘the border never closes.’”

Disgusting! Dishonesty

A stunt?

Oh yeah, but that description grossly minimizes the damage this group did. And they did it on purpose, maliciously.

Key members of the since-disbanded Select Committee on January 6th admit in a new PBS documentary that the entire operation was an election-year publicity stunt.

And will you once again fall for their next ruse? Now will you have to wonder if they are just lying again?

Dishonesty Epic fail Treason

Yeah, whatever,

Joe. Freakin’ liar…

Joe Biden Announces Border Is Broken After He Broke It – Says He Can Fix It When He Hasn’t – Asks for Authority Which He Already Has – Wants You to Believe He Will Take Action When We All Know He Won’t

That’s the headline. Oh, and how he spent your tax dollars:

Joe Biden later sold these border wall parts for scrap to some lucky soul for pennies on the dollar.

What a turd he is!

Over ten million illegals have now walked across the open border into the United States since Joe Biden took office.

…In December a record 302,034 walked across the border into the United States. More migrants crossed into the US in one month than the total population of several prominent US cities like Buffalo, St. Louis, and Greensboro, North Carolina – IN ONE MONTH!

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent, are you paying attention to this?