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There’s already a song about it.

This really is a bad look for the despotic Democrats.

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Probably just

another poll that is incorrect, right, Democrats?

Uhm, word to the wise: Democrats, don’t whistle passed this particular graveyard!

But of course you will. Right, Democrats?

And I’m totally OK with that…

The biggest political story of 2022, perhaps as big as the overturning of Roe v. Wade, is the sudden shift of the Hispanic vote away from Democrats toward the Republican Party. And yet another poll, this time the CBS/YouGov poll from last week, confirms the movement.

… Perhaps this isn’t just about Biden. Perhaps a Hispanic evolution toward the Republican Party was always inevitable. And more likely than not, it is Democrats’ twisted gender ideology and abortion fanaticism that is facilitating this transformation. But Biden, given his historic incompetence and unpopularity, is surely making it happen faster than it could have otherwise.

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Indeed, it IS


“I have the right to remain silent,” he continues over some upbeat background music. “I just don’t have the ability. I’m just being me: John Kennedy.”

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The data should

be leading to a run on TUMS among Democrat hacks.

The truth is, Republican party has always been a far more natural home for Hispanics. It is just a much better fit. So we shouldn’t be shocked to see this happen. They just aren’t a natural part of the drag-queen licentious Left!

“What you are looking at here, this is the average of every poll we have got out there that’s been taken over the last three months that looks at the Hispanic vote,” Kornacki continued. “And you put them all together, Hispanics are now voting Democratic by just 13 points, so from 38 to 21, now down in the 2022 midterm polling to a Democratic advantage of just 13 points.”

… “Hispanic voters embrace commonsense Republican policies and values that keep the American dream alive,” Morales said. “Biden and Democrats are out-of-touch and out of time.”

I think Democrats believe that can generate enough voter fraud to at least stay even, if not prevail outright. I dearly hope they are wrong…


Yes, the winds

are indeed shifting.

It is why wise Democrats are crapping bricks right now. Stupid ones are are just whistling past this graveyard…


Look, there are

reasons for the ammo shortage.

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Yup! Absolutely


Will the public schools ever recover? I don’t think so, not totally. And not for years, in any case. COVID is the best thing that ever happened to the homeschooling industry! And to parents and kids.

And this means a larger percentage of people who are both well-educated, skeptical, and not a product of 12 years of indoctrination.

Democrats should be crapping their britches over what is likely to eventually come about. Democrats have lost the “long game.”

At least the pandemic had a silver lining. It taught parents that there are better alternatives to government schools.

… Others tried home schooling. Many had been skeptical but now discovered that their kids learned more, and their family life was enriched by teaching at home. The education establishment sneers at home schooling, but home-schooled students, even though they are more likely to be poor, score 30% higher on SAT tests. They also do better in college, and they are less likely to drink or do drugs.

… Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed what his office called “the most expansive school choice legislation in the nation.” It gives money to families that they can spend on private school, home schooling, micro schools, tutoring or any other educational service that meets the needs of kids. Any kid can qualify. The state simply gives families what they would have spent in the public school (up to $7,000 per child). That’s much more generous and simpler than other states’ choice plans.

… One poll showed that 74% of African Americans and 71% of Latinos support school choice. … Choice opponents are mostly unions, establishment Democrats and frightened suburban Republicans.

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As a former active

duty Naval officer, I am dismayed. Crushed, really.

The military has been very good to me. I loved living overseas (youngest son was born in Japan) and I did a ton of really awesome things that a boy from Podunk, Nowhere never could have imagined.

I am proud to have been a Naval Officer.

So it is with real pain that I advise my sons to avoid the military. So while both would make great JAG officers, I just think it is no longer a culturally good for them to serve. The culture of the military has very much putrified. The leadership has revealed itself to be culturally cowardly lions.

It is no longer what it was.

I have great hope that it will rebound. Eventually. But, unfortunately, today is not that day… <sigh>

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Yes, traditional

education is indeed crumbling. That is NOT to say that there is no benefit there, but I think colleges and universities are going to start having to verbalize just what those benefits are, and then people are going to make (gasp!) informed decisions.

High skill professions will always need training. But…


Sometimes, you

gotta stand up for what is right. Unfortunately, too many people these days have chosen pleasant and comfortable fairy tales over harsh reality. They have inherited the weak spine and selfishness of their parents and grandparents.

The Movie “High Noon” is a great example of this wussified approach:

“What a piece of you-know-what that was,” [John] Wayne said. “Here’s a town full of people who have ridden in covered wagons all the way across the plains, fightin’ off Indians and drought and wild animals in order to settle down and make themselves a homestead. And then when three no-good bad guys walk into town and the marshal asks for a little help, everybody in town gets shy. If I’d been the marshal, I would have been so goddamned disgusted with those chicken-livered yellow sons of bitches that I would have just taken my wife and saddled up and rode out of there.”