Tale as old as time…

It’s a story I have heard several times.

Jake Retzlaff, the presumed starting QB at BYU next year, recently talked about how warm and inviting a Christian college has been to his Jewish faith.

Lefties to Jewish people:

Retzlaff said there was a TON of support for his Jewishness there at BYU. Unlike, say, at Columbia in NYC… 

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There is no way

in Hell Trump could take NY State. Right?

Indeed, I think it is quite unlikely. But the DNC may feel a need to spend there. And that in itself would be a HUGE victory for the RNC!

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Yes, there has long been

some “creep” in GOP voters among the Black population, but this indeed would be utterly devastating for Democrats.

It’s not particularly surprising to see Trump’s support from black voters increasing. They have every cycle. In 2016, exit polls found that Trump received 8% of the black vote. In 2020, he received 12%. Now, he’s getting 22% according to the polls. He might not get that much on Election Day, but the trend is devastating for Biden and the Democrats.

But let’s not get too excited yet. We need to see what actually happens. Still, this good news!

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Too few students manage such a feat.

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I think all the hubub

about Kristi Noem putting down a vicious dog is stupid in the extreme! Make no mistake, this has been a Lefty push to make her somehow unacceptable.

And it might work. But it is still paste-eatingly stupid and weirdly hypocritical.

I think the worst you could say is that it was unwise, not to do it, but to publicly talk about it. But those of us who were reared in even slightly rural places shake our heads and say, “Well, DUH!”

It is so obvious that I doubt she even thought about it! Gee, a hunting dog that a) won’t hunt b) wantonly kills the neighbors livestock, and c) is aggressive when interfered with the killing of said livestock gets a 12-gauge surprise! Again, DUH!

Honestly, how stupid is this Lefty tactic? and don’t be fooled, it IS a Lefty tactic. BUT, a lot of people who have only known urban areas will sheepishly go along with this crap!

And it is really quite disappointing to see so many Conservatives fall for this obvious ruse!


Look, we are

seeing some real changes in culture.

Anti-Semitism Culture

The problem is that

there are so many JIGOs (Jews In Genetics Only)!

These folks are indeed genetically Jewish, but they really are not Jewish in any other sense. They may even be anti-Semitic. And it wouldn’t be the first time–see NAZI Germany…

At best they are the occasional cultural Jew.


It’s perhaps my

favorite movie clip of all time..


Catholics are

breaking for Trump, leaving the “devout Catholic” Biden. It’s just not a surprise at all!

Catholics in the U.S. have swung dramatically against President Biden in recent years, now boasting a significant statistical break towards his GOP challenger.

Just spitballing here, but I would predict that the more devout, the more they are against Biden. And that is very likely to be the same with ALL religious people.


Typically, the more devoutly and traditionally Christian you are, the less you like “Biden.”

Atheists, agnostics, and the religiously unaffiliated broke in favor of Biden by a large margin — approximately 69% said they would back the Democratic incumbent while only 28% voiced support for Trump.

… Cardinal Wilton Gregory of Washington, D.C., previously called Biden a “cafeteria Catholic” — saying he “picks and chooses dimensions of the faith to highlight while ignoring or even contradicting other parts.”

Unfortunately, MANY people have shed their bedrock morality and become Joe Biden “cafeteria Christians.”


Well, it’s high

time that Republicans put in some outreach. Yes, these (like ALL youth) are low-propensity voters. But even so, the cultural outreach is extremely important.

Their first event will be held sometime in June, and the group will hold more concert-style events with A-list entertainers, soon to be announced. The Gateway Pundit has knowledge of some of the entertainers New Gen 47 is currently in talks with, and it’s something to look forward to!

Aren’t you glad that that stumbling dolt Ronna Romney McDaniel is gone? I know I sure am!

Co-founder Alex Fahmy had similar comments, telling The Gateway Pundit, “Over 60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck thanks to Joe Biden’s ‘Bidenomics.’ This election is between putting America First with President Trump or continuing to put America Last with Joe Biden.”

… We are currently seeing a shift in pop culture, with former and current Hollywood stars waking up to the reality of the Democrat party. While Biden tries to bribe porn creators on Only Fans to push his propaganda, more and more well-known actors, comedians, and musicians are realizing Trump is the answer to this country’s problems.