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It’s very

reassuring news.

The tripling of people with concealed gun permits combined with the majority of states that no longer license owners who want to carry means that someone near you right now is likely packing heat.

… “What does this mean in practice? It means that in most places where people are allowed to carry a concealed handgun, there will be someone carrying a concealed handgun. If the probability that any one person has a concealed handgun permit is 5.4%, in a room with 10 people, the probability that at least one person will have a permitted concealed handgun is 43%. In a room with 20 people, that probability goes up to 67%. With 40, that probability rises to 89%,” the report said.

Plus, the majority of states now no longer require gov’t permission a permit to exercise your civil rights.


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pretty much…

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It’s the reason

I utterly hate this movie. I don’t like exploitation of the vulnerable–I don’t find that “nice” at all.

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Yes, it’s REALLY

a paradox.

After the October 7 terrorist attack, many American Jews have stomached two shocks: the shock of Hamas’s brutality, and the shock of their putative political allies’ support for the brutes. Liberal Jews are not only horrified by campus chants of “there is only one solution: Intifada, revolution.” They are also surprised.

I understand that Jewish people as a whole STRONGLY lean toward Leftism, but I don’t understand why. This author asu=sumes things, but without evidence!

Most Jews, in fact, express their Jewish identity through liberal values. Asked by Pew which aspects of Judaism were “essential” to what it means to be Jewish, Orthodox Jews said leading an ethical and moral life, observing Jewish law, and continuing family traditions—all of which are, if not the same, then highly related for observant Jews. For the non-Orthodox, though, the top slots went to remembering the Holocaust, leading an ethical and moral life, working for justice and equality, and being intellectually curious.

These “essential” things are pretty much antithetical to Leftist identity.

No, I think there are OTHER things going on. What we are seeing is likely a strong attachment to tradition–also a defining Jewish characteristic. I think they (understandably) got attached to things of old liberalism–human rights and such.

But things have changed. And Jewish people are now faced with “going against the grain” a bit.


Do you really need a

Central Authority directing things?

Many times I have argued with a Leftist and noted the lefty lock-step. At which point the Lefty says something like, “There is no central authority directing all this! You are crazy/paranoid!” 

But let’s take an example from nature: Geese fly in a “V” formation. Yet there is no discernible ongoing direction or organization from an authority. There is no “Head Goose” that manages the formation to keep the lines in shape and straight. Yet they are. How?

Is it the same with Lefties and the Lefty media? Yep! 

There’s no “Head Lefty” who arranges things from some smoky boardroom. Yet virtually ALL Lefties fall in line, spouting the same party doctrine. They “keep the lines straight” the same way geese do…

Change Culture

Yes, and

they should be!

At times you need to shrug off your cultural bonds and do what is right.

But Jewish people, it’s pretty dang obvious that the Left HATES you! And now it is just undeniable. It’s time for you to move on rather than just stand there and whine, But if you just knew Democrats like I know them!

Yeah, whatever…

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I think people

are starting to have had enough. Well, they should have thought of this 25 years ago… Many of us tried to tell them, for the which we were called “racists” and all sorts of vile names.

I mean, there’s almost no traditional France left, except in isolated rural places. What a shocker…

France is mobilizing 7,000 soldiers and increasing its alert status to “emergency attack” level after the death of a teacher in the northeast town of Arras, stabbed to death Friday by a former student with a record of Islamic radicalization.

… As Reuters noted, France has been targeted by a series of Islamist attacks over the years, the worst being a simultaneous assault by gunmen and suicide bombers on entertainment venues and cafes in Paris in November 2015.

I’m not far Right. Just right so far…

Culture Morality

Just so you


This may indeed be a test for Israel. But is also a moral test for YOU!

But a lot of people just can’t stomach the immorality.

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Yes, it’s


And I have long told you that THIS is how it will end. I’ve seen it all before with the “Recovered Memory” crap.

A “tidal wave” of detransitioners have sued their doctors over the transitions they received as minors, with many more to come, lawyers told the Daily Caller.

And I’m quite sure that the hospitals themselves are also being sued. THIS is how it ends, though it is indeed tragic to see so many young lives turned into rubble.

“It’s just such flagrant violations of every possible standard of care, from a legal perspective of liability,” Campbell said. “So their stories are powerful because they’re the truth about what’s actually happening.”


Well, MOST

people see this coming!