This is

very interesting. Not surprising, though.

A poll analyzing voters who supported former President Donald Trump in 2016 before casting a ballot for Biden in 2020 has found just 3 in 10 would back the incumbent again. 

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Nancy Pelosi

is ecstatic about this!

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Why am I a


It’s a great question. But a complicated one.

See, ALL theories of human nature are an amalgam of both good and evil. The issue is the ratio of good to evil.

And virtually ALL of what is good in Leftism is also found in Conservatism. I don’t have to go Leftist to care about the poor or the environment.

The Left promotes gun-barrel generosity. And I think that is immoral. And it’s really not something I can philosophically tolerate. It’s a deal-breaker for me. I think coercion should NOT be the first choice.

Now I understand that in this fallen world there are times when force is necessary–confining people in jail, for example. But it should only be done reluctantly, as the last and best possible option. Better to use persuasion and true concern.

Epic fail


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we can hope… It would be too good to actually be true, though.

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Yeah, it’s the predictable

response by celebrities. They look down on YOU.

They have no bread? Then let them eat cake, instead!

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Yeah, I was never

“disillusioned” with McCain. Because I was never “illusioned” with him in the first place.

And no, I didn’t sully myself by voting for him–I wrote in because I knew what he was. Others didn’t, and I don’t blame them for voting for him.

Look, anyone with eyes to see knew that he was a total turd. Yes, he did some good things in Viet Nam, but since? No, not really. The John McCain of the Presidential race was NOT the John McCain of Viet Nam…

In my lifetime he was a despicable, skirt-chasing RINO turd, and nothing more. And his Mini-me Mitt was cut from the same flimsy cloth. Mitt was McCain without the infidelity.

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Yes, but is it

beyond the measure of fraud? And THAT is a question we just don’t know.

Oh, we know that there will be Democrat voter fraud, we just don’t know how much.


NBC News has a new survey out, and not only is Joe Biden in full-scale collapse, but the issue polling is a flashing red light for Democrats.

… This isn’t complicated. It’s the economy, stupid. People are watching their retirements go up in flames in the stock market, while their savings accounts are devalued via inflation. There’s no good news on the horizon, and Democrats believing that promoting abortion until birth will somehow save them is fool’s gold.

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Yeah, they

are not even trying to hide the fact that they are lying!