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This really makes me scratch my head.

You’d have to be a total moron to vote for this guy!

Epic fail

Yes, and it

sucks. But Leftist enviro-wacko governments make their own people suffer.

And American voters should take heed…

Current Events

Look, it’s not

at all going well for Putin and the Russians.

The mobilized reservists will join units with abhorrent leadership. These units are literally used as cannon fodder without any regard for the survival chances of their troops. In that, the modern Russian military resembles its Soviet World War Two predecessor.

I just don’t think Putin can survive a loss. So eventually he WILL resort to the use of tactical nukes. And then, internationally, all Hell will break loose!

I think there is no way now for Moscow to “win.” Their best and only hope now is to “not lose.”

Current Events

Do you EVEN

wonder why?

I am a former active duty Naval Officer, but while that was an earth-shakingly wonderful experience for me back then, I would never in a million years do it now. And I honestly hope my sons don’t do it.

Unless things change pretty drastically, I will continue to NOT encourage my sons to do it.

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Yeah, it’s

a problem.

… Followed by a bumbling explanation by the White House press secretary on why the president forgot about Walorski’s death, the incident fueled concerns about Biden’s mental state.

John Zogby is an obvious Biden apologist and shill. If he wants to retain a shred of credibility, he needs to hew closer to reality. Cute (and irrelevant) stories about his past simply won’t cut it. Because at this juncture it is very unclear what color the sky is in Biden’s world…

BUT, I will give Zogby credit: Unlike most Democrats he has bucked Lefty culture so far and is willing to stand in the breech and make a case! I may disagree with him, but at least he is not an intellectual midget and coward. He is a Leftist who stands up for what he believes.

And THAT is a dying breed…

Current Events

Does this graph

terrify Democrats?

It should!

But here’s the issue: Democrats have been cheaters since JFK! And if you think it will somehow not happen again in 2022 you are fool and a naïf. So get out and volunteer at your polling place. At least you can be an observer.



brutal. Savage.

Captain Obvious Corruption

Same ol’ 

story, eh?

EXPOSED: New Orleans Mayor spent obscene amount of taxpayer dollars to fly 1st class

But I admire her chutzpah:

“My travel accommodations are a matter of safety, not of luxury,” The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate reported. “As all women know, our health and safety are often disregarded and we are left to navigate alone. As the mother of a young child whom I live for, I am going to protect myself by any reasonable means in order to ensure I am there to see her grow into the strong woman I am raising her to be. Anyone who wants to question how I protect myself just doesn’t understand the world Black women walk in.”

Racism/sexism, an appeal to motherhood, claiming victim status, done “for an innocent child,” it’s got it all!

<golf clap>

Captain Obvious Corruption Hypocrisy

Yeah, the Democrat

leadership wants to preserve their insider trading!

You think they are working for YOU? Don’t make me laugh! Don’t be a bloomin’ fool!

Nancy Pelosi is famously a HUGE insider trader, so yeah, Democrat leadership really wants to preserve that. And so, of course, does Steny Hoyer–not just because he is the chief toady of SanFranNan, but because you can bet that HE is waist-deep in insider trading, as well…

But yeah, this is a disgusting self-serving failure of House Democrats. They are ALL as corrupt as the day is long!

BUT, as it becomes increasingly clear that Democrats will be the minority after the November elections, new members are jumping ship! (Note: this didn’t happen when the Democrat loss of the House was not looming. Rats. Sinking ship. Yeah.)

Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.), [recently] incensed by the decision [though this is FAR from a new thing], said in a Sept. 30 statement that it was “a failure of House leadership” and called for a new generation of Democrats to take control of the party.

… “Our job as elected officials is to serve the people—not ourselves,” Spanberger wrote. “That’s why I’ve been proud to lead the charge on legislation to ban Members of Congress and their immediate families from trading individual stocks—not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because the Virginians I represent overwhelmingly support it and want us to get it done.

It’s nice to see some pushback, even if it IS overly convenient and is baldly instrumental…

Epic fail Evil Clown

Yes, welcome to

the Biden Pleasure Dome. Hey fool, that’s your 401K that is in the toilet!

And if you voted for Biden, you freakin’ deserve it! Unfortunately, MANY of us don’t…