Is that even

a surprise?

Current Events

Please realize, the

Democrats (and Lefties in general) have always attacked the family. It is the #1 threat to Leftism itself.

Think about it: Sexual libertinism is a core aspect of Leftists/Democrats. And obviously, that destroys family. Why have drag queen story hours for kids? One reason only–it’s trying to normalize aberrant behavior–behavior that will prevent families.

Same with the “trans” fad. These people are almost all now forever prevented from joining the basic flow of human activities such as marrying and starting a family.

They were virtually always a bit autistic and realized they don’t fit in very well, so they got their wankees or boobs cut off thinking that might help–aided and abetted by greedy, stupid, and unscrupulous adults adults. And now there’s no way to correct that–and there is almost no way now that they will ever join the normal population. A few will make that herculean effort, but not many.

Obamacare made it very hard to employ people for more than 29 hours a week. Just try and raise a family on that! Maybe mom has a basement you can use…

High taxes, a ubiquitous Democrat feature, destroys family by making it impossible to afford it. Especially since many companies are not hiring employees at all, but just have 1099 contractors (who have higher taxes).

Biden’s crappy economy also stifles maturation. Who can afford to date, let alone marry and have a house and kids? No, this generation most often has roommates, not family.

The entire Leftist edifice is built to ensure a “failure to launch” for people under about 30. So if YOU are a Leftist, you realize that you are aiding and abetting the destruction of the family, right?

Bad Faith

Well, Democrats

do it quite defensively. Quite.

Remember, they always accuse Conservatives of what they themselves are guilty of. Yes, always. You can set your watch by it.


Look, Hillary

KNOWS how to get things handled! So it’s no wonder that she is surprised.

“Being a grandmother myself, I know how busy things can get with family and work life, the temptation to just pay money to make things go away can creep up,” Clinton continued. “But the only way to completely ensure those loose lips won’t sink your ship is to sink their paddle board if you get my drift…”

Election Fraud

Look, my own

father voted for Joe Biden. He never would have done that had he been alive…

Current Events

Can Biden

win? Without gross cheating, I mean.

How can Biden win when, apart from his other defects, 57% think he is simply too old for the job? And that perception is not going to weaken between now and November. Biden has signaled that he does not intend to debate Donald Trump. I don’t think he can. He isn’t up to it. The Democrats will try to sell the absurd idea that Biden isn’t afraid to debate, he just doesn’t want to “legitimize” Trump by sharing a stage with him. Right. When Biden refuses to debate Trump, it will seal the conclusion in just about every voter’s mind that he simply isn’t up to the job.

Biden will never debate Trump. Biden would look absolutely horrible!

But you really should read the whole article. Because, “But wait, there’s more!”

Now, it’s clear that “Biden” will engage in cheating on a cosmic scale. That’s why I encourage Conservatives to vote early. Bank your vote. Cuz I guarantee you that there will be predominantly Conservative places that will, “unexpectedly” have “glitches!”

I agree: One-day purple-finger, secure voting is best. It is what I want. But that is NOT what we have right now…

Current Events Evil

Joe Biden is

very experienced at betraying people! Benghazi, border towns, people killed in Jordan, and of course Afghanistan! Hey, the dude knows how to leave people in a fatal lurch!

This matters because approximately 1,100 Americans have been stranded in the country (a number Biden had previously lied about, saying there were about 700), unable to receive new supplies or personnel because of a cessation in diplomatic clearance overflights. According to Gaetz, personnel are expected to run out of medicine soon, and obtaining reliable, drinkable water has been difficult.

Hey, if YOU voted for Biden, this is what you voted for! You can’t change the past, of course, but do better now…

Current Events

And team Biden

does some impressive synchronized pants-crapping!

Joe Biden squeaked by in Michigan in 2020. He can’t afford to lose a big chunk of voters in 2024. Trump narrowly won Michigan in 2016. Michigan is a crucial battleground state.

Some Republican voters worry that Kennedy pulls voters from Trump but most polls show that he pulls more from Biden. 

Yeah, Kennedy is no threat to Trump. Now Biden, OTOH…

Ruh-Roh senile Joe!

I’m not a Kennedy voter but I’m enjoying the show so far. 

Yeah, me, too!

Banana Republic of Brandon Injustice

Yeah, that’s not

rigged or NOTHIN’!

Don’t you just get sick of the obvious injustice? Even if you are a Lefty, doesn’t this kind of stuff give you pause?

Epic fail

Honestly I don’t

know who is stupider, the CA elected officials or the morons who keep voting for them. It’s like a race to the bottom…

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you go from a $100 billion surplus to a $73 billion deficit in little more than a year. California’s $173 billion turnaround from red to black is unprecedented in the histories of all 50 states. 

But it’s also just one more example of Californians getting what they voted for, good and hard — and I don’t expect them to mend their ways anytime before the entire state has gone Full Detroit.