Buffoons Captain Obvious

You don’t

think there’s a coordinated effort here, do you?

You can just smell the Democrat flop-sweat in the air!

Current Events

Yeah, Russia

needs to be a bit careful.

I think there’s really no question that in a massed, set-piece war with Ukraine, Russia would rather easily win.

BUT, war is really not like that, now. A drone is pretty inexpensive (and often off-the shelf), yet it can be devastating. See, Russians within 100 miles of the Ukraine border are now very much at risk.

And THAT is a new “wrinkle” on warfare. Now the “motherland” is a chip that is put on the table. War has not really changed in many ecades, but it is changing now! A weaker enemy might well be able to strike at the heart of the aggressor. An aggressor “king” is no longer safe on his throne.

What if, say, a group of Ukrainian sympathizers flew a drone into the Kremlin itself? Into Putin’s residence? Yeah, it might not work. But what if they flew multiple “swarms” of drones into a target over 24 hours? THEN the defenders have to be absolutely perfect, while the “rebels” just need to get lucky one time in 100…

See, a long time ago, battlements and castles and city walls were awesome weapons of war (or defense). Defenders always had a HUGE advantage. So siege engines were devised to overcome that advantage.

But things are no longer like that. Things changed drastically with the advent of gunpowder. Then air power. Now drones. These are utterly seismic shifts in war, and THAT hasn’t happened in 100 years. Or more.

The Romans famously built a Roman city each night to defend themselves. But that just doesn’t happen anymore, and for good reason. And you no longer see (new) walls and battlements…

Evil Lefty Violence

I guess they

can’t abide an “uppity black man!”

AGAIN, did I mention that the Left is violent? Some day Conservatives may grow weary of the crap and pay Lefties back in kind. I really hope not, but one can’t poke a “nice” tiger for very long before that tiger rises up to put an end to the crap.

It won’t be nice, and I very much hope that Conservatives don’t give Lefties what they deserve–that they don’t respond in kind. But I am worried as to where this ends…

Captain Obvious

I think I

am sensing a pattern, her…

Just coincidences, I suppose.

Epic fail Evil

Yeah, it’s pretty

dang sad. Crushing. A mistake as a child or teen haunts you the rest of your life. The adults in their lives failed in their duty to protect them!

Abortion Immorality

Lefties really

feel the pain! A pain SO intense it’s like getting your head crushed and your limbs torn off as you are yanked from a soft, warm place…

Well, KINDA like that, I guess…

Ahhh, the tears of unfathomable (Lefty) sadness:

Political philosophy Psychopathology

Well, you know,

they could use persuasion! Of course, that is NOT the Lefty way. And that is why they are frantically searching for other options!

How about you make a freakin’ argument, Lefties! The problem is that Democrats have let their logical argument muscles atrophy to nearly nothing. Most of that is borne out of having a very weak argument that simply can’t bear the weight of logical dissent in the first place.

The other part is that it is an existential threat for most Lefties to be proven wrong. So to avoid the narcissistic insult of that, they just won’t argue.

And THAT approach has left their “persuasion muscles” mere vestigial appendages…

Biden-induced misery Impending Democrat Doom

Well, we are

naturally seeing a shift. And that makes sense. You can only do horrible things to the public for so long before they start saying, “Hey, now wait just a doggone minute, here!

People just weren’t happy to have a senile old fart unceremoniously (and unfairly) imposed on them. And an unfairly-instantiated senile old fart who caused untold misery. And THAT dissatisfaction led to a slew of other questions.Imagine that!

Oh, and the groups hit hardest by inflation right now are blacks, young people, and suburban mothers. 

And we ALL know how piss-poor Democrats are at giving logical and well thought out explanations! And in this case they can’t use their typical tactic of running away while tossing grenades behind them in a sort of modern incarnation of a Parthian shot.

Political philosophy

Kinda funny how

you reap what you sow, eh?

Illinois’s richest resident, hedge-fund CEO Ken Griffin, announced on Thursday that he—and his company, Citadel—are packing up shop and heading to Miami, citing a better corporate environment and rising crime rates in Chicago.

… Citadel is the third major corporation to announce plans to leave Illinois in the past two months.  Caterpillar said earlier this month that it would move its headquarters from Illinois. The announcement followed Boeing’s decision in May to move its headquarters to Arlington, Va., from downtown Chicago.

The Gods of the copybook headings just laugh!

Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew,
And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true
That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four—
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

… “In the poem, Kipling’s narrator counterposes the ‘Gods’ of the title, who embody ‘age-old, unfashionable wisdom’ against ‘the Gods of the Market-Place,’ who represent the ‘habits of wishful thinking” into which society had fallen in the early 20th century.'”


And now. What passes for political philosophy these days is often just wishful thinking–wish-fulfillment on a societal scale! Think about it: Voting for Biden was clearly mere wish-fulfillment. As is gun control and reckless spending. Reparations. Abortion–or sex without consequences. The list goes on and on and on…

But the gods of the copybook headings will have the last, bitter laugh.

Political philosophy

Here is the question

Lefties need to unflinchingly ask themselves”

I mean, do you think NAZI soldiers considered themselves to be “the baddies?” How about Division leaders? How about NAZI leadership? Do you suppose that a NAZI Admiral went home thinking, “NICE! I’m really an evil guy!” How about the far upper echelon NAZIs?

And if those soldiers were bad and didn’t really know it, is it possible that you are bad and don’t know it, also? Have you Lefties even considered that? No, I mean honestly considered it?

See, this takes a level of introspection that one usually doesn’t see in people. We ALL need to seriously ask, “Are WE the baddies?”