Those of us

who have lived in 3rd-world recognize this very well! Because this is nothing but thugocracy!

Captain Obvious


voters are not all that impressed.

Neither are thinking people.

Bad Faith

Wow! How



Yes, there

is a stigma that attaches to a woman who has an abortion…

Current Events

Tucker Carson

Is a gem.

I had never listened to or saw his Fox show (or at least I don’t recall ever having done so–just clips), but I have watched his first two monologues on Twitter. Very impressive.

Review: Five stars–highly recommend.

Evil Malignant Narcissism


was the driving force behind the Lefty-inspired eugenic “Quiet Bluegrass Genocide.”

And to this day, Lefties still use “medicine” to destroy those they see as “unworthy” (see: COVID-19 response). To their everlasting shame, many “modern” Leftists just did the very same thing!

It’s time for them to ‘fess up. But they won’t. They are characterologically incapable of admitting fault.


She is

a gem!

Media Flying Monkeys


Yeah, ya think maybe?

Despotism Media Flying Monkeys


That’s what they do!

What distinguishes fascism and communism is not specifically ideology so much as method: both are fundamentally socialist in nature, but fascism is defined by the merging of the corporate and political classes into an uber-class, with nominal control of the means of production remaining in the private sector; communism explicitly nationalizes the means of production.

… YouTube is a subsidiary of Alphabet (Google), and the Alphabet people (in both senses of the word here) are doing the Establishment’s bidding (or rather, their own class’ bidding since they are also Establishment).


Let’s just say

that I am pretty dang skeptical. This “smells” like a delusion. Look, two people can keep a secret–IF one of them is dead.

If some secretive office in the Pentagon has actual alien spacecraft or parts of one, someone would most likely have leaked it by now.

Between 100 and 700 people know about this? And yet not a single shred of hard evidence? Oh honey, I don’t think so!

And remember, virtually everyone has a camera and video recorder in his or her pocket! Hundreds of people have seen the evidence? And here’s a clue: In general, not even first-person accounts! ALWAYS, “My sister’s best friend once dated a guy who…”

Color me skeptical…

Hayward is right:

I have an Iron Law of Conspiracies, which holds that as n (number of people necessarily involved) grows, the likelihood of the conspiracy staying secret diminishes at a geometric rate. That’s why successful long-running conspiracies tend to be organized on the close-knit Mafia family model. And while our government is certainly thuggish, they ain’t the Mafia.

Show me the money!