Crime Despotism Disgusting!

This story just

blows me away.

This is a HUGE deal, so don’t let Lefties do their “old Jedi mind trick” and make you ignore a once-in-a-century corruption problem!

I know many Lefties won’t want to put the time and effort into actually understanding what happened, so let me sum it up for you:

Team Biden illegally colluded with Social Media to suppress information that would indeed have been deadly to Biden’s Presidential run. And while it wasn’t illegal or unconstitutional for the private companies to do that, it was both for “Joe Biden.”

In short, Biden was elected because of his criminal behavior. The election was rigged, and here is the proof. He may well have not been legitimately elected…

Current Events Morality

Yes, it’s a problem.

Apple is despicable, and I very much want to get rid of my iPhone and get a different brand. I have to get a new phone soon, anyway–after 5 years the one I have is a bit long in the tooth.

BUT, I am trapped in Apple’s ecosystem–which, of course, has been their strategy for years. I mean, some of the hassles are mere inconveniences, but there are a few more major issues. There is content I don’t want to lose that I will if I change over. Sure, there are complicated work-arounds that take me 90% there, but it simply is NOT an equal swap.

Plus the fact that I’m an old bugger, and having to start learning a new system is not all that enticing.

Still, I don’t want to support “woke” slavers. And in the end, THAT may well lead to me ditching my iPhone. Still, it’s not like other manufacturers are much better, so it may be just going from “terrible” to “really bad.” I feel like I am between a moral rock and a hard place.

I need to think about it…

Bad Faith Ignoramuses

See, we’d KNOW

what facebook and Google have if they were NOT raging partisan Leftists. But if you think that it was only Twitter you are a HUGE fool. I mean, a paste-eating moron!

No, no one is honestly THAT stupid. You’d have to be a willing ignoramus and mindless hack to think that. Unfortunately, such people DO exist…

Age-related decline Buffoons Captain Obvious


leader! Not mine, Heaven knows, but maybe yours.

Civil Rights Despotism

Let Oregon

be free!

No wonder the rational people in the state are trying desperately to leave Oregon and join Idaho…

Conspiracy Immorality Unconstitutional misbehavior

So, now we have

explicit and undeniable evidence that Twitter and the gov’t colluded to suppress the truth getting out.

It is neither illegal nor unconstitutional for Twitter to suppress free speech. But it is absolutely certain that it is both illegal and unconstitutional for the gov’t to do it.


Musk just bombed the Democrat despots into oblivion!

Read what happened.

If you are a Leftist AND consider yourself moral, just how do you justify THIS?

Guys, the crap is hitting the fan…


The master plan

was ALWAYS to chuck Joe Biden under the bus. And it’s happening.

I am not a Trump fan, nor am I a Never-Trumper. I’ve always been kind of ambivalent about the man. But every aspect of Trump’s life, warts and all, has been relentlessly scrutinized, and the calls for his dismissal from politics and the public square have never ceased. If the Left wants to put Trump under a microscope, fine. But they had better make sure that their closets are skeleton-free as well. Especially in this case, in which there are apparently other women who have similar claims against Biden. We are talking about sexual assault.

If Biden is guilty of these crimes, he needs to be removed from office and face charges. The Left spent plenty of time going after Trump and just about any other conservative it could get in its sights. Maybe because he who has the most to hide yells the loudest.

Biden-induced misery

Two words:

“Democrats” and “Biden.”

Anti-scientific stance

Look, be a LITTLE

scientific, people! MASKS DON’T WORK! DUH!

It’s NOT mere ignorance that galvanizes the Democrat mindless myrmidons pushing masks. It’s malice. The data are there. It’s just not what they want so the ignore it.

But a new peer-reviewed, randomized controlled trial (RCT) of N95s versus surgical masks, considered the midrange of protection, is undermining the late federal pivot to higher-quality masks and calls to reimpose mask mandates in schools, among other settings.

… The infection rate in the N95 group was 9.27%, and the surgical, 10.46%. The former suffered a slightly higher rate of adverse events — discomfort, headache and skin irritation — from wearing the coverings (13.6%) than did the latter (10.8%).

Current Events

Being a Leftist takes

some real … flexibility.