Can you say

Tiananmen Square?”

We’ll see what happens…

Disgusting! Pedos

“Sniff-proof Glass”

THAT is both brutal and creepy!

It’s really disturbing!

You can almost hear him mumble, I’ll get you, my pretties!


As well

the should be!

Evil Clown Hypocrisy

Are you surprised?

‘Cuz I’m sure not!

The good news is that the Biden administration is finally doing something about the Biden energy crisis, encouraging more oil drilling. The bad news is that the drilling will be taking place in Venezuela, not the United States.

… The hypocrisy on display here is stunning. America’s oil and gas industry continues to stagnate because we’re supposed to be fighting climate change and saving the planet or whatever. But at the same time, both Saudi Arabia and Venezuela are being encouraged by the Biden administration to pump more oil.

But hey, Venezuelan oil is totally “green.” Not like that dirty stuff from Texas…

Dishonesty Evil

Yes, Fauci is

a liar. DUH!

It’s not like that is news to those of us with half a brain!

Buffoons Ignorance and Arrogance


What a freakin’ idiot!

She very clearly doesn’t know the history of Volkswagen!

Oh my heavens! Self-owns like this just don’t happen every day!

Current Events Leftugees

Look, I don’t blame

them one little bit for wanting to leave. Almost ANY non-moron would. Just who would want to be associated with Portland?

But would Idaho take these Leftugees? I mean, already much of the state residents want to get rid of the Left-leaning idiots in downtown Boise! So a BIG part of the deal is that Idaho doesn’t want to clasp a Lefty viper to its bosom.

OTOH, the CA and NY Leftugees moving to Texas and Florida have actually made those states MORE conservative. Turns out that moving is a HUGE pain, and for the most part only the most committed Conservatives are willing to do it!

Yes, there are some Lefties who have lost their jobs or who can’t make ends meet because of stupid Lefty policies and so they leave, but those “dead-ender” Lefties are actually a small minority of those who move. Googly-eyed Lefties usually want to move to places very much like the one they left (yes, stupidity seems to know no bounds as they stubbornly and unthinkingly recapitulate their folly).

“We think it makes sense to move the border to where the cultural divide [exists]. Oregon is a very polarized state—two very different cultures.”

But a merger arrangement faces SO many obstacles that the chance of it happening is low. But it’s NOT zero.

The truth is that eastern Oregon fits in very well with Idaho. Not the kooky Portland violent Lefty thugs, but eastern Oregon.

Current Events

Well, they should

just know what is coming


Yeah, no

rank hypocrisy or ANYTHING!

Current Events

The main reason

to NOT go to Hell!