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You know, it’s

a pretty good line!

“We are devaluing American money so rapidly that in America today, you can’t even bribe Democrat Senators with cash alone! You need to bring gold bars to get the job done, just so that the bribes hold value!” Gaetz declared.

That was an obvious reference to the indictment of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ). The indictment alleged he took money from people for protection and favors, including for acting on behalf of Egypt. A search warrant allegedly turned up gold bars and jackets stuffed with cash in his home, a picture of which they included in the indictment. 

Evil Illegal Immigration

Well, this is important

for those of us who want change, who want a safe and orderly and wise immigration policy.

The Biden border crisis is out of control. A two-month-old baby was found abandoned at the border in the Rio Grande Valley. This is the face of the Biden border crisis. This should be used in every Republican campaign ad this election cycle. The open border is a political decision from Biden and should be treated as such. [emphasis added]

What kind of mom just… ditches her infant child and then moves on? It’s crazy!

On June 9 the Los Angeles City Council approved a motion to formally declare the city as a sanctuary city. This is what they want, right? The illegal aliens ask to go to these cities. Texas taxpayers pay for Operation Lone Star and migrant buses, providing transportation to sanctuary cities. The illegals sign forms in Texas before they board the buses that state they are willingly making their trips elsewhere. It is a fallacy that the illegals all cross the border and then want to stay in Texas. Many do not – they are on their way to other places in order to find work or reunite with family and sponsors.

Age-related decline

Well, the best

laid plans of mice and men…

On Tuesday, however, Old Joe thwarted his own wonks. The Post notes that he slipped and nearly tumbled down a 14-step staircase while exiting Air Force One, and the close call was lovingly captured on video.

Current Events

It really IS

a problem for Biden!

Of course, that is assuming free and fair elections, which is not necessarily a safe assumption. BUT:

Things get worse when specific areas are explored. On the economy, Americans disapprove of Biden by 59 percent to 37 percent. When asked if they are satisfied with the economy, 72 percent say “no.” According to the NBC poll, Vice President Kamala Harris cannot help Biden, because she is at 31 percent approval and 51percent disapproval.

Civil Rights Despotism


Lefties have said over and over that they are not coming for hunting and target shooting and archery–it’s just bank robbers and gang-bangers and such that they are after. Well, they lied. Again.

The House voted late Tuesday evening in favor of legislation striking down the Biden administration’s decision to block federal funding for school shooting sports courses.

… In the guidance, obtained first by Fox News Digital, senior agency official Sarah Martinez wrote that archery, hunter education and wilderness safety courses use weapons that are “technically dangerous weapons” and therefore “may not be funded under” the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), which is the primary source of federal aid for elementary and secondary education across the country.

Hold on to your Civil Rights, because “Biden” will strip you of them if at all possible!

Bad Faith Banana Republic of Brandon Captain Obvious

Now why would

they do that? Seems a bit odd, doesn’t it? It almost seems as though they are covering things up…

Yeah, almost…

Current Events Free Speech

It really does make

me laugh! Bitterly.

I have uploaded photos to X (Twitter) many times. NO problems. But when I tried to upload THIS one:

it wouldn’t let me. It just said that something went wrong. No further explanation. It just wouldn’t do it. And there was NO problem with other sites such as Gab and MeWe. Fishy…

Maybe Elon Musk is a “free speech absolutist,” but SOMEBODY there sure isn’t! I very much doubt it went all the way to Musk, but still…

Now I can just hear the Lefty defenders pompously claim that there’s just a bug and it really isn’t suppression at all–just a “glitch” and that I am just paranoid. Or that it’s actually all my fault and I’m just not doing it right. Or something like that.

Yeah, maybe. But it sure is mighty convenient for the Left!

Current Events


manifesto? Really? Makes you wonder what they’re hiding. Must be something big to have all the stops pulled out like this!

But we know one thing:

If it had been good for the Left you would have seen it an hour after police got it. And the fact that we still don’t can ONLY mean one thing–that it is bad for the Left. Honestly, you don’t have to be a genius to know what has happened, here…

Current Events

Sure, but COULD

Michelle Obama parachute in? How would she manage on the debate stage? What do you suppose would happen when other Democrats start going after her? And just wait until Republicans join the fray… Plus, wouldn’t Kamala be a HUGE issue?

In regard to Cruz,

I’m a big fan of Cruz’s, but I’m not having any of this and I never have. Ben briefly alludes to one of the biggest stumbling blocks, and Athena covers it in detail in a recent VIP post: the Obamas are killing it financially in private life.

Why would she even want to run? Michelle O. has ZERO experience as a political leader–would she even hold up in a campaign? She’s getting almost nothing but positive strokes by the media now. But that would certainly change drastically if she threw her hat into the ring.

And she has tons of money, with no end in sight. I just can’t see why she would expose herself to a campaign. Maybe her ambition is strong enough…

Captain Obvious DUH!

Yes, I bet

it is!