Well, they really

should be freaking out.

Democrats are worried, and there are two recent, though seemingly unrelated stories, that show the Democrats aren’t just worried about Biden, but about the Democratic Party as a whole this November – particularly where the Senate is concerned.

Current Events

I think MOST

of us have a pretty good feeling about this. And thank Heaven Ronna is gone! This competence is really a breath of fresh air!

I dunno, I’m feeling pretty good about this new, improved RNC. Once Mitt Romney’s niece, who presided over a six-year losing streak for her party, finally left, the new co-chairs — Michael Whatley and Lara Trump — wasted no time displaying their competence. They quickly set solid priorities and set up the necessary infrastructure to implement them. 

TOTAL music to my ears!

Bartiromo asked Whatley where the GOP would allocate the funds from the massive haul. “We are going to spend every single dollar that we raise on two key critical core missions for the RNC, which are getting out the vote and protecting the ballot,” replied the chair. “And we’re going to make sure that we are focusing on the battleground states and districts where we need to be competitive and making sure that every dollar that we raise is going to be putting lead on target.”

And Lara Trump weighs in:

“[When] you talk about election integrity, it is vital. It is the number one thing that we are focused on, aside from getting out the vote, which of course Donald Trump himself will do for us. People are excited and if they could go vote for him today, they would go do it. We are ensuring that this election, we are leaving nothing to chance,” Lara assured red America. “We never before at the RNC have had an election integrity division. All of our resources we can put into this division as needed. And with a haul like we got last night, with a March like we had, we have the funding now to ensure we can train poll workers, not just have poll watchers; that we can have lawyers in every voting precinct necessary across this country. We are making sure that we leave nothing to chance because we have to understand the importance of this election.”

This should scare the crap out of dishonest Democrats.

Current Events DUH!

I’m voting for


Bad Faith Dark Money

Yes, yes. Democrats

ARE the party of “dark money.”

Look at the facts!

Lefty Political Philosophy

It’s important

to understand Leftism.

When we look at Leftism, there is this deeply weird combination of psychological fragility and coercive aggression. For example, “Use my preferred pronouns or I will cry.” Paired with, “And if you don’t I’ll cut your freakin’ head off!”

This is what we call “shy-sharp” in dogs. The dog is afraid and cowering, but when you put your hand out to comfort him, he bites you. A shy dog is a very dangerous dog!

And indeed, a “shy” Leftist is a dangerous Leftist. They seem reasonable and you think that you just need to “reach out” a little more with facts and logic. But no. They are fact-shy. And they WILL bite you.

Most Leftists are like an onion—the “paper” on top is all science and logic and happy talk about fairies and unicorns and “happy, happy, joy, joy.” But that layer is just the outside patina. As you move to the center things get different fast.

And any real debate about issues is a dive into the onion. IF they will debate you at all, that is. Most of the time they won’t, because they want to keep some “plausible deniability” about who they really are and what they really believe. They are hiding. And THAT is a tip-off!

The first couple layers of the Lefty onion are the “Sociopathy Zone.” This is exemplified by the famous Harry Reid justification when he responded to a question about his lie that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes said, “Well, it worked, didn’t it?

As you go deeper into the Lefty onion you eventually hit the frank Psychopathy core. This typified by the horrifically brutal Che Guevara and Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot. Most Leftists are not on that extreme end of the spectrum, but let’s not be fools—it IS a spectrum. And one thing leads to another… 


You know,

it’s a question that I have, too.

It’s grossly unfair! Somehow I don’t think your plumber would find it fair for him to get stuck with your student loans! Do YOU think that’s fair? Well, do ya?

Biden-Induced Human Misery

Careful, Democrats,

you need to understand that YOU won’t like these new rules when YOU are on the whipping end! But these are the rules you foolishly insisted on.

You enjoyed having the whip hand. But somehow I think you will find it less awesome when the tables turn (as they ALWAYS do). And then I don’t want to hear you whining about how things are hard or unfair!

HINT: treat others as YOU would like to be treated!

Current Events

Yes, they’ve had

to reluctantly make some changes.

… the Vatican announced that it had reluctantly sided with God on the subject of gender theory.

… Pope Francis has built a reputation for espousing far more progressive positions on other geopolitical and social topics like climate change and immigration but felt forced to adopt a biblical view. “He spent a lot of time trying to come up with a different solution,” the spokesman said. “In the end, he just shook his head and decided we would side with God. It’s not our favorite thing to do anymore, but sometimes we have to do it.”

Current Events

Yes, I think

there is a real threat to the Democrat Convention.

The debate within the Democratic Party over Israel could come to a head this summer at its convention as it faces a significant intraparty divide on how to approach the ongoing conflict. 


What a freakin’

moron! Honestly, how dumb is she??