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What really delights me is

that I think Democrats have painted themselves into a corner, electorally.

EVERYTHING policy-wise about Joe Biden totally sucks. He has brought misery and despair to the country. Yes, there are still rigid and pathologically narcissistic ideologues who would vote for him, but there just are not enough psychopathologically disordered people out there for him to win. Of course, Democrats ALWAYS resort to voter fraud, as we saw last time. Still, I suspect that won’t be enough to seal the deal this time.

So who else? Kamala is a sure loser–there has not been such a distasteful candidate since… Hillary Clinton. She has shown that she is not just personally distasteful, but is professionally incompetent as well!

Gavin Newsom is unpalatable. He is the insufferable loudmouthed rich kid who finds himself out back behind the bleachers with a bunch of blue-collar toughs.

DO Democrats have a realistic option? And if they find one, will Kamala just meekly step aside? Because if she is forced out, there will be Hell to pay with the identity politics crowd!

Heck, will BIDEN (or rather, his posse, and assuming Joe is still “alive”) just meekly step aside?

And I think it is relatively safe to assume that at least the House will flip, if not both the House and the Senate. And there will be constant and well-founded investigations. THAT, given the alternative media, will have to be covered, however grudgingly, by the MSM.

So they of necessity will have to lean GREATLY on voter fraud. Bank on it!

Democrats are in a tight spot…

Epic fail

You know,

it’s good stuff.

I think what happened is that Lefty wackos decided to kick Donald Trump down the stairs when they thought they had him down, and they ended up kicking him up the stairs instead!

Epic fail.

The reason, by the way, my friend’s words about Merrick Garland were “delighted” was because of the huge, if inadvertent, boost the attorney general has just given to Donald Trump’s political prospects. 

… I could go on. But I don’t want to stand in the way of David Brooks’ main point, which is to lament that Trump’s narrative, such as it is, has suddenly been goosed by the FBI, which, acting on a wide-ranging warrant that Merrick Garland personally approved, raided Mar-a-Lago, rummaged through Melania’s personal wardrobe, and carted off some 11 boxes of documents that have been variously described as classified presidential documents (just think of Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails, some of Barack Obama’s papers, etc.) and “nuclear secrets.” (One wag wondered whether there was a video of Trump peeing on nuclear codes with Russian prostitutes, but that probably came from Christopher Steele.)

And, a preview of coming attractions

Current Events Democrat Death-Rattle Evil Clown

Is there really

a “smoking gun?” Or are Democrats just smoking wacky weed again?

It was ALL based on pretense and foam-flecked vindictiveness combined with panic about what is entirely likely to happen in November! Really, guys?

This in not a legal reaction from the Democrats, it is a death-rattle.

It’s a frame-up. They will plant “evidence” to harm Trump, and they have ALREADY destroyed the chain-of-custody so they can do just that. Just you watch…

Because if they don’t, it is a TOTAL nothing-burger, and it ends with them shooting themselves in the foot as they try to work the unholstered gun out of their pants pocket!

Current Events

Did foam-flecked

Lefties just ensure that Donald Trump ensure that he gets the Republican nomination and the Presidency? Did they just get played? Was this the biggest PSYCH! in history?

I think Democrat partisans over-played their hand, big-time. And now there is a rather palpable fear on the Left that they just drove off a thousand-foot cliff, “Thelma and Louise” style…

As the roadrunner said to Wile E, Coyote, BEEP BEEP!

Current Events Kooks

The problem here is

the Left is facing a crisis of legitimacy (written by a Lefty, of course)

But it is the case that due to the kooky behavior of the spittle-lipped Left, we are in uncharted waters….

Buffoons Humor

Well, there are

SOME people who are benefitting…

Captain Obvious Illegal Immigration

“Biden” has been

amazingly stupid in this. Anyone with half a brain knows that a wall is the solution.

BUT, once Hispanics start voting Republican, you can be certain that Democrats will be falling all over themselves to build the wall!

Losers. They don’t actually care about the misery they are foisting on regular people. No, they only care about power. Just know the kind of people you are dealing with!

Current Events Political philosophy

Yes, that is

undoubtedly true. And Democrats should be crappin’ bricks over this.

But that’s just the starting point for the transformation that is occurring. The numbers below the fold evince a lot of upside that hasn’t been realized yet in terms of party politics.

…. (Texas Hispanic) Respondents gave the Republican Party a 15-point lead over Democrats as the party more associated with “hard work,” an 8-point lead as the party more supportive of small businesses, and a 7-point lead as the party better for fixing the immigration system.

Bad Faith Corruption

Oh, is that


Kinda puts things in a different light, eh?

The FBI badly overextended, here.

The president’s defense is rooted in the legal principal that the president and vice president are the ultimate declassifying authority of the U.S. government and through executive orders most recently issued in 2003 by George W. Bush and Barack Obama in 2009 that specifically exempt the president and vice president from having to follow the stringent declassification procedures every other federal agency and official must follow.

Hillary Clinton had no comment…



It’s corruption all the way down.