Conspiracy Disgusting! Injustice

Yeah, there ain’t

NOTHIN weird or scummy about this case! No-sir-ee Bob!

REPORT: Soros-Linked Dems Pay Over $500K to Judge Merchan’s Daughter’s Firm.

… “It’s obvious to everyone that there is coordination between the Democrat’s lawfare campaign against Trump, and the Soros family,” Loomer commented.

Oh, it’s obvious, all right! Dang obvious. Even stupid people get it!


Be honest,

did YOU know?

Conspiracy Current Events

Oh! Imagine

that! The corruption rabbit hole is deeper than I ever imagined.

You want conspiracy theories? Because this is how you get conspiracy theories!

Conspiracy Corruption

C’mon guys,

fork it over!

Joe Biden has reportedly used several pseudonyms during his vice presidency, preventing members of Congress from identifying him in correspondence involving Ukrainian energy company Burisma, Ukraine foreign policy, and his son Hunter Biden.

… On Thursday, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer demanded the National Archives turn over any document or communication containing any of Joe Biden’s aliases, “including but not limited to Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB Ware.

… “What we’re seeing every day behind the scenes from the Department of Justice, from the FBI, from the Biden attorneys, and from the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, should make every American sick of their stomach,” Comer said last week.

Conspiracy Corruption Injustice

It’s worse than

you thought.

NYT: Weiss wanted to let Hunter off scot-free–until IRS whistleblowers fought back

Welcome to the world of politically corrupt prosecutions, Mr. Clark. Weiss was apparently happy to bury Hunter Biden’s crimes on behalf of Joe Biden as long as the machinations took place in the dark. Once the IRS whistleblowers shone a bright light on them, though, the roaches scurried for cover.

It’s really unbelievable: No equal protection under the law! THIS is the fruit of “Biden.”

You who voted for Biden, aren’t you ashamed? You should be!

Conspiracy Fighting Back Lawfare

Well, that is

pretty much it.

That last thing by Musk is getting very close to being something of a “Madison Fund” as postulated by Charles Murray.

That idea is this: If you are mistreated, you apply and if accepted, the Madison fund steps in and takes your case. You pay nothing–it is totally funded by donations. So when you are mistreated, it’s not just you going to court. It is a team of experienced attorneys taking your case. Suddenly, the playing field is a little bit more even…

It’s a great idea. It needs to happen.


Let’s just say

that I am pretty dang skeptical. This “smells” like a delusion. Look, two people can keep a secret–IF one of them is dead.

If some secretive office in the Pentagon has actual alien spacecraft or parts of one, someone would most likely have leaked it by now.

Between 100 and 700 people know about this? And yet not a single shred of hard evidence? Oh honey, I don’t think so!

And remember, virtually everyone has a camera and video recorder in his or her pocket! Hundreds of people have seen the evidence? And here’s a clue: In general, not even first-person accounts! ALWAYS, “My sister’s best friend once dated a guy who…”

Color me skeptical…

Hayward is right:

I have an Iron Law of Conspiracies, which holds that as n (number of people necessarily involved) grows, the likelihood of the conspiracy staying secret diminishes at a geometric rate. That’s why successful long-running conspiracies tend to be organized on the close-knit Mafia family model. And while our government is certainly thuggish, they ain’t the Mafia.

Show me the money!

Bad Faith Conspiracy Stooooopid!

I think we ALL

know that the CIA has become merely a Lefty Gestapo. They are NOT your friends! They see their job as covering for Democrats, not seeking justice. DUH!

Maybe it’s the mindless Lefty sheep who are nuts, eh? Yeah, maybe…

But honestly, don’t the Lefty sheep ever get tired of being wrong? You’d think they’d be angry about being continually snookered. But no, they just smile vacantly and say, “Thank you, sir! May I have another?

They are just characterologically incapable of admitting they have been wrong.

Barbaric! Conspiracy

Yeah, it’s

kind of a mystery, isn’t it? There were several people who had good reason to want Epstein dead–not just the Clintons (though I think they are still the odds-on favorite as to the answer to the question: “Who killed Jeffrey Epstein?”).

Well, somebody certainly did, but there is a HUGE crowd of people who quite directly benefitted from his death.

Who killed him? I don’t know–nor does virtually anyone else. I would wager it WAS Hillary and Bill, because I think they had the strongest motive and there is a long history of them killing people who have information that might damage them. But others had motives, as well.

Banana Republic of Brandon Conspiracy Corruption

Indeed, it is

hard to know what is worse.

It is not clear what is more chilling: the menacing role played by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Twitter’s censorship program or its mendacious response to the disclosure of that role. This week saw another FBI “nothing-to-see-here” statement to the release of files detailing how it actively sought to suppress the Hunter Biden story before the 2020 election, gave millions to Twitter, and targeted even satire or tiny posts that did not conform with its guidelines.

IF you care more about government integrity than your “political tribe” you are outraged and very troubled. BUT, many people are FAR more loyal to a political philosophy than they are to abstract ideas such as “right” and “justice.” <sigh>