Bad Faith Conspiracy Stooooopid!

I think we ALL

know that the CIA has become merely a Lefty Gestapo. They are NOT your friends! They see their job as covering for Democrats, not seeking justice. DUH!

Maybe it’s the mindless Lefty sheep who are nuts, eh? Yeah, maybe…

But honestly, don’t the Lefty sheep ever get tired of being wrong? You’d think they’d be angry about being continually snookered. But no, they just smile vacantly and say, “Thank you, sir! May I have another?

They are just characterologically incapable of admitting they have been wrong.

Barbaric! Conspiracy

Yeah, it’s

kind of a mystery, isn’t it? There were several people who had good reason to want Epstein dead–not just the Clintons (though I think they are still the odds-on favorite as to the answer to the question: “Who killed Jeffrey Epstein?”).

Well, somebody certainly did, but there is a HUGE crowd of people who quite directly benefitted from his death.

Who killed him? I don’t know–nor does virtually anyone else. I would wager it WAS Hillary and Bill, because I think they had the strongest motive and there is a long history of them killing people who have information that might damage them. But others had motives, as well.

Banana Republic of Brandon Conspiracy Corruption

Indeed, it is

hard to know what is worse.

It is not clear what is more chilling: the menacing role played by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Twitter’s censorship program or its mendacious response to the disclosure of that role. This week saw another FBI “nothing-to-see-here” statement to the release of files detailing how it actively sought to suppress the Hunter Biden story before the 2020 election, gave millions to Twitter, and targeted even satire or tiny posts that did not conform with its guidelines.

IF you care more about government integrity than your “political tribe” you are outraged and very troubled. BUT, many people are FAR more loyal to a political philosophy than they are to abstract ideas such as “right” and “justice.” <sigh>

Conspiracy Evil

I’ve always thought

that was a crackpot theory. Now I’m not so sure.

Are you?

Conspiracy Corruption

We are ignoring some

pretty dang important crap, here!

Conspiracy Immorality Unconstitutional misbehavior

So, now we have

explicit and undeniable evidence that Twitter and the gov’t colluded to suppress the truth getting out.

It is neither illegal nor unconstitutional for Twitter to suppress free speech. But it is absolutely certain that it is both illegal and unconstitutional for the gov’t to do it.


Musk just bombed the Democrat despots into oblivion!

Read what happened.

If you are a Leftist AND consider yourself moral, just how do you justify THIS?

Guys, the crap is hitting the fan…

Conspiracy Corruption

This might

be good! Maybe.

Banana Republic of Brandon Conspiracy Evil

It was a clever

attempt to do something blatantly unconstitutional (and illegal) by hiding behind the idea that no one would have legal standing to sue.

So, for a while, it seemed that even though Biden’s plan was glaringly constitutionally suspect, nobody would be able to challenge it in court, meaning it wouldn’t be struck down even if it was unconstitutional. Thankfully, various right-of-center plaintiffs have come up with creative ways to challenge the plan in court. One such lawsuit that has emerged is a suit by six states claiming that their finances would be harmed by Biden’s bailout because they’re heavily invested in private companies that service loans and will take a big hit from the president’s cancellation initiative.

… There’s really only one reason Biden and his administration would so drastically change their plan: They know it won’t hold up in court if a challenge is allowed to move forward. That’s right. Biden is knowingly pushing an unconstitutional policy and simply hoping he can evade scrutiny by the courts. [emphasis added]

So, this is no longer just about bad policy or wasted taxpayer money. Biden’s legal tactics are a national disgrace — and a flagrant, partisan attempt to avoid the checks and balances built into our constitutional order.

Yes, it’s a disgrace. It’s despotic. But then again, there’s “Biden” for ya!

Conspiracy Injustice

Here’s what I

think will happen: There is a LONG investigation of Hunter Biden, who is eventually found guilty (or the time runs out on Joe in terms of time in office). BUT Hunter doesn’t finger Joe.

Why? Because Joe resigns or is defeated, and at the last second pardons Hunter. And that pardon power is TOTALLY absolute. Joe can’t be impeached because he is out of office. Besides, Joe is dead of old age in just a few years, or at the very least incompetent to stand trial (even now, probably). And many Senate Democrats won’t vote to convict regardless of the evidence, anyway. And since Hunter never ratted him out, Joe is not even charged with a crime!

The ONLY possible hitch is that Joe falls (or something) and dies very suddenly. THEN the issue is whether Kamala will pardon Hunter. And I think that is a little less likely than Joe. Still, Joe has very probably amassed enough “dirt” on Kamala that he can ensure a pardon for Hunter from her if it should come to that.

Just you watch! Neither of them will be ever brought to justice…

Conspiracy Corruption

Oh yeah, this was

orchestrated from the very top. Were YOU such a drooling hayseed that you believed Biden when he said he was not involved?


So, not only did the White House lie, they lied big time. The Biden White House was directly behind the effort to launch a criminal probe of Donald Trump, Biden’s 2020 opponent and potential 2024 opponent, in part by eliminating a potential legal defense Trump’s team might use in a battle with the FBI over access to the documents.