Culture Pathological Avoidance Voter Fraud

The harsh truth is

that only a fraudster opposes vote security. Pretend, prance, and preen all you want, Lefties, but THAT is the TRUTH!

But Lefties, in case you have missed it, the culture is changing. Maybe you are so ensconced in your Lefty fever swamps that you have missed it. Try driving somewhere besides “Amen Corner!”

Try hard. Engage with views contrary to your own…

Crime Current Events Immorality

Let’s be clear,

it’s a slap on the wrist.

But at least he was found guilty. Baby steps…

Dishonesty Evil Clown

Well, she is a

lying scumbag! Totally.

And her bald-faced, unequivocal dishonesty is what gets my dander up most of all. It’s one thing to admit a mistake and then go do better. Yeah, we ALL can improve in some ways. To err is human, and all that.

But lying? Uh, NO! She has NOT changed a bit. What she said is patently false. SHE IS JUST KNOWINGLY LYING TO YOUR FACE! She is NOT remorseful, she is just dishonest. Evil.

I, also, hear no remorse from her. None at all.



Well now,

isn’t THAT curious?

Current Events

Now THAT’s

an idea I can get behind!


Do you

even wonder?

A Butt-Kicking

Yes, get woke,

go broke!

Current Events

So why Feinstein

and not Biden?

Is this just rank sexism? Seems lke sexism, straight up!

Hmmm, I wonder if these were Republicans if we would be hearing Democrats gnash their teeth about sexism. Actually, I don’t wonder. ANY blamed fool knows the answer to that!

Nancy Pelosi (the sage of SanFran) said: “I don’t know what political agendas are at work that are going after Senator Feinstein in that way,” she told reporters. “I’ve never seen them go after a man who was sick in the Senate that way.” 

Current Events

Sure, it’s

early. But still, this is really not good for Biden, inc.

Of course, voter fraud can change everything…

Captain Obvious Culture

It’s a VERY

interesting chart! (h/t Powerline)

The take-home message here is that Lefty places are losing population while Conservative places are gaining. And that, of course, drastically changes the nature of the House of Representatives. But it’s very clear that this is happening.