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A classic

that hit WAAAAY too close to home these days!

Epic fail Lefty Violence

I’m telling you,

the Left is violent. Honestly, you’d have to be a willfully blind and dishonest person to truly think otherwise.

Oh, and there is a reason the Tennessee mass shooter’s “manifesto” has not yet been released. And any fool knows why–it casts “transgender” people in a negative light.

No, of course I haven’t seen it–and neither have you. But it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out what the deal is, here! OK Lefties, prove that I am wrong!

I’ll just wait…


So, is the new

“normal” for a former President to face harassing piddly-poke misdemeanor charges (or worse) as soon as he leaves office?

Just so you know, THIS is why Caesar crossed the Rubicon (the border of Rome itself) with his army (it was illegal to do so under arms). Caesar’s political enemies had every intention of dragging him to court on trumped-up charges as soon as he left his command (he, by law, couldn’t be charged while he was an official military leader).

Caesar had extended his command in transalpine Gaul several times because of that threat, but the time of him extending his command (and thus his “official” status) was rapidly coming to an end. And that meant that he would be prosecuted and exiled–or worse. The sharks were circling…

So after Caesar had protected and enriched Rome he would return, only to be charged and exiled. It just didn’t seem fair! And his soldiers were fiercely loyal… to him! (not to Rome)

So Caesar was faced with either marching on and taking Rome or being ruined and exiled. And this after all he’d done for the country! So he famously threw the dice (“the die is cast”) and marched on and took Rome. Thus began the line of Roman emperors. The Republic was destroyed…

Democrats did a horrible thing, here. Are they just ignorant of history? This is totally stupid!



Not even worth it! Go be a plumber…

Unless you need it for a further degree, it just hardly seems worth it. But as a terminal degree? Uh, no.


So what is the

moral response to the imposition of tyranny? I ask because it is a complicated question and I honestly don’t know the answer to it. BUT, we are facing that question. And each of us will have to make a call one way or the other. Make your choice.

Is it “Turn the other cheek” or is it [Luke 22:36], “But now… he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

So what is Christ saying, here? Just what is the right and moral thing for us to do at a given point? And how will we know if we are there? At what point does self-defense slide into immorality? What is the dividing line? Is it attitude and not actions per se? I wish I knew…

Buffoons Irrationality

Oh yeah, it’s

pretty dang bad.

THIS is the kind of stupidity you get when the foam-flecked Left gets angry and gets their panties all in a wad!

Buffoons Captain Obvious

Oh sure,


The natural question is this: If Manchin is such a rube that he gets fooled by this, does he even have the cognitive wherewithal to be a Senator in the first place?

What game is Manchin playing here? He seems reluctant to criticize Biden directly, and isn’t actually proposing anything new either. Manchin wants to distance himself from the administration he enabled with the Inflation Reduction Act, and really wants to distance himself from its results, but that’s impossible. The vote on the IRA came down to Manchin; Manchin negotiated its terms; and Manchin endorsed its policies and the lack of control the legislation had on Biden’s use of the bill.

See, I don’t think, “I was a total gull” is really all that great of a defense for him. But it’s pretty much all that he has…

Lefty Political Philosophy

Like pretty much

ALL good Leftists, they are both totally ignorant and full of self-righteous indignation. They know only what their “religion” tells them, but they hold their views with religious fervor.

Well, I don’t pray that way…

Lefty Political Philosophy Lefty Violence

Well, when you

go down the path of killing babies, violence against humans in general seems OK. The basic issue here is one of personal morality. And when there is such a gaping chasm in one area, there is almost always fissures in other areas, too.

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