Courage Rebellion

What to do if

those despotic mask mandates come back like a bad case of crotch rot. Or a “B” horror movie monster.

Finally, if it comes down to it, and you’re unable to stop the mandates proactively, simply do not comply. That might require a fair amount of courage. There might be very real consequences. But the alternative is to suffer under this kind of tyranny indefinitely. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last three years, it’s that there is no virtue in silence. We can’t just ignore these assaults on our civil liberties and expect them to go away. Speak now, or forever be muzzled.

It’s hard. I get it. And every situation is different and will require a response tailored to the demands of the situation. And don’t think that there might not be consequences. But do what you can do.


So, you were

a sheep. Yes, you were a COVID coward. OK, now go. Go, and do better!

If you were one of those people who always diligently wore an ineffective mask, got the experimental vaccine and boosters, or performatively practiced social distancing, you really owe an apology to those who stood up for civil liberties during Covid and must commit to being smarter and braver in the future. 

… Covid had only the power we the people gave it. Had enough Americans refused to shutter their businesses and comply with vaccine and mask mandates, the performative fear would have ceased to control us. 

… That’s where those who were sheep during Covid come in. Thousands of Americans were severely punished for bravely resisting the Covid psyop because millions more followed the edicts and perpetuated fear despite knowing better. When the next Covid comes along, those who were either gullible or cowards need to learn from their mistakes and stand up against tyranny. That’s the least they can do.

Captain Obvious Courage Despotism

Tucker Carlson

has quickly become “can’t miss” viewing. I never saw him when he was at Foxnews, but for me he certainly is not one to miss now.

This guy is freakin’ dangerous to Joe Biden. I dearly hope he has good security. Maybe, just maybe, Andrew Breitbart ALSO needed good security–at least better than he had…

Be safe, Tucker!

Courage Rebellion

Look, revolt

and rebellion is a rite of passage! Trying to squelch middle school and high school students is a fool’s errand!

Uh oh: students at a Massachusetts middle school rose up in protest against a force-feeding of “pride” beliefs, leaving authorities scrambling to put down the rebellion before it could spread.

… Bonassera called on the school to crush the dissent by visiting “consequences” on the renegades, saying it should make an example of them in order to emphasize the town’s commitment to DEI. (Let that sink in.) “We also believe that without any direct and concrete action, these incidents will occur again and increase in severity,” she fretted. And that is the real fear of the rainbow enforcers.

They are losing control of the trolley!

Oh yeah, THIS will help…

After the uprising, the school swiftly met with the offending students to “educate them about how their behaviors affect others, to take responsibility for their behaviors, and to help us become a more inclusive community where all of us feel that we belong,’ Burlington School Committee Chairwoman Martha Simon told the Boston Globe.  And a reinvigorated new DEI board is expected to be visited upon the recalcitrant student body in the future. The clampdown is underway!

… So today, I send great respect to the brave young heroes at Marshall Simonds who stood up for themselves and defied authority. All others take note: this is what speaking truth to power actually looks like.

Courage Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps


ya think?

Yes, CNN has soiled itself. They showed their true colors.

Last year, CNN commissioned a survey examining viewer trust and the places where CNN was succeeding and falling short with viewers across the ideological spectrum. According to a partial copy of the report, which hasn’t been revealed before, CNN’s coverage of Covid-19 was the third leading cause of distrust in the network behind liberal bias and “the Chris Cuomo situation.”

But so has the medical profession. There are reports that they got bonuses (for the hospital) if they made a COVID diagnosis, and another if a patient was put on a ventilator. And another if the person died with a positive COVID test.

Reportedly, THAT (use of a ventilator) was often done, and needlessly. And a percentage of people very predictably died because they were put on a vent. But there was A TON of “head shed” pressure to do so.

The docs just went along with what they were told. “Just following orders!”

And the docs didn’t rise up and say, “Hey, you know, this is a medically bad idea…” Because they valued their income–that was how they provided for their families and their made car payments and paid their mortgages, and paid for little Jane’s ballet lessons, and serviced $250,000 in student loan debt that could NOT be discharged with bankruptcy, etc. And administrators made it VERY clear that even a peep of disagreement would result in firing.

Yeah, it’s funny how, “What is good for me” quickly morphs into, “This is right and good.”

I know. I was there.The threats were also directed toward ME! So I quit and went elsewhere. But most people didn’t have that option. I’m very grateful that I did.

But in essence, providers failed this incredibly difficult test–the system did NOT allow for even a whiff of dissent and the MSM was totally “in the tank” for the Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps™. So I totally understand. They were put in a HUGE bind. I may well have also failed that test–I very much understand that. There but for the grace of God go I…

And schoolteachers–oh my Heavens! So you lose your job and the pension you have spent decades working for over this? There is NOT an easy answer to this!

But let’s be honest about what happened.

Choosing Courage

Please, Trump,

correct yourself. There are hints that Trump may indeed be doing so. But the opportunity for a course correction is going fast…

Change! And here’s the problem: Trump has focused on his personal insults and not at all on the important policy issues at hand. And that is disturbing. And that has to change.

Courage Media Flying Monkeys

Yes, it’s

time to burn the ships.

Burning the ships of traditional media and turning it off for good is not an easy task. It requires courage, determination, and a willingness to challenge the status quo. However, it is necessary if we want to create a media landscape that serves the interests of the people, not the oligopoly regime. We must embrace new media and independent journalism, and most importantly we must take an active role in seeking the truth.

Have courage. The good will eventually prevail. I have no doubt as to the final outcome. The only question is what YOU will do. Yes, this isn’t about outcome–it is about YOU and YOUR morality.

Be wise. Don’t be weighed in the balances and found wanting…

Courage Current Events

Look, even

sane Democrats have had enough!

Haven’t you?

Courage Current Events Resisting Evil


in mind: Your job as a Conservative is to fight against the corruption and despotic Leftism in government that we are currently seeing. (And I’m sorry for the length of this post)

And there are some important lessons I learned from SERE school in the military. SERE stands for Search, Evasion, Rescue, Escape. Every pilot has to go through it. It aims to teach pilots and others how to act if they are shot down and taken as a prisoner of war.

Here is the take-home lesson, and the one we as Conservative need to learn: The Lefty enemy wants to discourage you. They want you to think that all is lost, that there’s no need to face the pain of further resisting. That it’s over.

BUT, that’s a lie. It’s geared to defeat you, to make you more malleable, to turn your pain into shrugging apathy. In fact, sometime I hear soi-disant Conservatives spout a version of that–“It’s ALL corrupt and we should just not vote at all!” NO!

So we Conservatives need to act like POWs. And the goal is to stymie the Lefties who have captured so much of our society! Anyone who advises you to just give up is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Bank on it!

First and most importantly, never give up. They indeed may break you today–we are ALL human and can be broken. But keep in mind, tomorrow is a new day. Maybe they did indeed break you today–it happens to the best and bravest.

But tomorrow is a new day. Make them break you again tomorrow. And again the next day. And the next… They may indeed “break” you–make you discouraged and apathetic and supine. OK, but tomorrow is another day. Don’t stay broken.

Do what you can. Resist in seemingly small, relatively safe ways. You don’t need to be a “hero” and do huge acts of resistance. Little acts build up.

And psychologically (and practically), there are HUGE benefits to a rebellion, no matter how small. Delay the evil for 10 minutes. Maybe you will find a way to delay it for 10 more. Do what you can, over and over and over!

Go underground. For example, on this blog I try very hard not to identify myself. I use a VPN. Could I be “outed?” Of course! But I take measures to try and avoid that. Because the Left is vindictive and hates free speech and moral agency. I know very well that I am taking risks for speaking out–look at Trump, for Pete’s sake! BUT…

“This little star of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…” And your country desperately needs you.

But I have already been a collaborator! OK, but today is a new day. It is a lie that all is lost. Start over right this moment. YOU are not forever lost. Start over.


Indeed, it IS

courage time for House Republicans.

Conservatives have an opening right now to make some changes that will help the country. So take courage, House Republicans!