So, you were

a sheep. Yes, you were a COVID coward. OK, now go. Go, and do better!

If you were one of those people who always diligently wore an ineffective mask, got the experimental vaccine and boosters, or performatively practiced social distancing, you really owe an apology to those who stood up for civil liberties during Covid and must commit to being smarter and braver in the future. 

… Covid had only the power we the people gave it. Had enough Americans refused to shutter their businesses and comply with vaccine and mask mandates, the performative fear would have ceased to control us. 

… That’s where those who were sheep during Covid come in. Thousands of Americans were severely punished for bravely resisting the Covid psyop because millions more followed the edicts and perpetuated fear despite knowing better. When the next Covid comes along, those who were either gullible or cowards need to learn from their mistakes and stand up against tyranny. That’s the least they can do.

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