Democrat Flop-Sweat Duplicity

Trump is always

blaming Democrats!

Hey, it’s not polite to notice that they are totally bankrupt in terms of ideas and so are just personally attacking those who disagree!

Bad Faith Democrat Flop-Sweat Election Fraud

The Democrats put

ALL their eggs into the, “hate Trump” basket, and now it isn’t working out all that well for them. NO ONE really buys it.

But there are enough lawyers in the Democratic Party to know that the cases against Trump are largely high-cholesterol pig slop.

And even IF, while very unlikely, they get Donald Trump put in jail and off the ballot, do you think that someone else (like Ron DeSantis) won’t be elected?


But they [Democrats] never counted on a few problems arising.  One of them is the backlash against these utterly hateful, totally unjust attacks on Trump.  THAT appears to be building support for Trump in locations the Democrats never dreamed of. Not all Americans are Democrats, thus not all Americans are robots.  And plenty of our countrymen can see the repulsive, smearing politics the Democrats are playing, and are finding it a bit off-putting.  Even Donald Trump doesn’t deserve THIS.

Folks, no one likes a bully. And Democrats have clearly shown themselves to be hateful bullies.

See, people quite naturally take the side of the victim. Being hateful bullies is NOT a good look for Democrats. And Trump is most clearly the victim while Democrats are the spittle-lipped abusers.

But my point here is, the Democrats have some problems.  They are turning a lot of people away with their single-minded hatred and vituperative attacks on Trump. They are out-Trumping Trump, making him look like the nice guy.  They have a serious Biden problem.  If they can’t get rid of him, they are stuck with him, will have to defend him somehow, and will be offering an obviously unpopular, senile president to America for four more years.  If they succeed in ditching Biden, who can they present as a positive alternative?

Voter fraud is the answer. Trust me, Democrats WILL rely heavily on voter fraud in order to win. And it worked last time, didn’t it? They know their ideas and policies are FAR too unpopular to win, so voter fraud it is!

Real people need to be highly watchful in order to stop the steal this time.

Democrat Flop-Sweat

You know, maybe

the Democrats can just slip each SCOTUS judge a tenner and they will get rid of senile Joe! Hey, they can hope, right?

Me? I want Joe to stick around because he’s a stinky dead albatross hanging on the neck of the Democrats!

Democrat Flop-Sweat Humor

It’s just not

what everyone expected!

Democrats have officially begun to panic as, against all odds, President Joe Biden is still not dead.

As polls persistently show Trump leading President Biden in both the popular vote and electoral college, Democrats have become increasingly anxious that Biden may survive to November. “He was supposed to bite the dust months ago,” sighed top Democratic political operative Dan Scarborough. “Everything has gone perfectly to plan these last four years. Biden wins from his basement, then his body begins shutting down right on schedule… but the guy just won’t die. It’s looking dire.”

Current Events Dementia Joe Democrat Flop-Sweat

Joe is rapidly

losing votes. The Border Patrol people realize very well that he is senile and “he” has made a complete hash of this, as well as endangering the country as a whole.

Even as Joe Biden finally pays a token visit to the border amidst his increasingly disastrous border crisis, the Border Patrol Union had a few choice words for the senile meanderer-in-chief, especially compared to his predecessor.

And this:

“In an effort to invigorate him for his border visit, WH staff reportedly tells Biden that Brownsville is a new ice cream flavor,” the Union joked, referring to Biden’s destination in Texas, where Reuters reported that Biden planned to blame Republicans for his border crisis. Trump, meanwhile, went to Eagle Pass, Texas, long considered an epicenter of the illegal alien influx. [emphasis added]

Ouch! Ouch, ouch, OUCH! The White House staff is saying this! Out loud. To outside people. What does this tell you?

Democrat Flop-Sweat

Why yes,

yes he could. And wouldn’t that just be a darn shame?