Anger Biden-Induced Human Misery Captain Obvious

Look, I apologize

for nothing! And the proven facts support what I said…

Biden-Induced Human Misery Current Events

Black and Latino

voters are taking a HUGE hit due to Biden’s Lefty policies. It’s time for them to come home, where they are valued and protected by sound policies.

Black and Hispanic communities are most negatively impacted by President Joe Biden’s policies — including unfettered illegal immigration — former President Donald Trump said during his historic rally in the Bronx.

… “We had gasoline down to $1.87 … We had a record low poverty rate for black Americans and Hispanic Americans. We had the lowest — we had the best poverty rate in terms of the positive number ever in our history for black Americans and Hispanic Americans. We lifted 6.6 million people out of poverty,” Trump said, explaining that “nothing like that has ever happened.”

Our subways are squalid and unsafe, the ceiling tiles are falling down, and they look worse than a third world country. The medians of our highways are crumbling. Our sidewalks are littered with garbage, bottles and trash, but worst of all, the discarded needles from people that so desperately are in need of help. And we have mobs of migrants fighting our police officers and giving America the middle finger.

Let’s go, folks!

Biden-Induced Human Misery

You know,

it’s pretty dang obvious!

Ruhle said, “[L]et’s talk about Joe Biden and this student debt relief. We’re seeing Republicans push so hard against it, saying Joe Biden is buying votes. If he’s doing this for college grads, what about all the people who don’t go to college? They get nothing, they’re left out. Isn’t that how politics works?[emphasis added]

Biden-Induced Human Misery Evil

Guys, it was

on purpose! Don’t be confused. This was not “just a mistake…” Far from it.

THIS is who Joe Biden actually is. Don’t forget it!

Biden Recession Biden-Induced Human Misery

PSST! Wanna good

deal on some SF office space?

Biden-Induced Human Misery

I think that

most of us actually get it now.

Biden-Induced Human Misery

Careful, Democrats,

you need to understand that YOU won’t like these new rules when YOU are on the whipping end! But these are the rules you foolishly insisted on.

You enjoyed having the whip hand. But somehow I think you will find it less awesome when the tables turn (as they ALWAYS do). And then I don’t want to hear you whining about how things are hard or unfair!

HINT: treat others as YOU would like to be treated!

Biden-Induced Human Misery Disgusting! Immorality

Let’s be brutally honest:

Joe Biden and ALL who support him have the blood of Israeli children on their hands. Sorry, you can’t argue innocence by saying, “I didn’t throw the rocks, I just held the cloaks of those who did!” And provided the rocks. And a bullhorn.

Admit it. THIS is what you are supporting. Yes, it’s disgusting. But, Lefties, it’s time that you stopped your psychopathological denial and faced the facts.

That people can do this kind of posturing while at the same time prancing and preening and taking a crap-eating “holier-than-thou” stance about how “moral” they are is unreal. It is just nauseating hypocrisy.

If you are a person of Jewish decent, just KNOW that the Democrats will very quickly hurl you under the bus in hopes of getting MI voters. ANY voter, actually. They will have you wearing yellow stars in no time! They are NOT your friends…

Biden-Induced Human Misery

Welcome to

the Biden Pleasure Dome!

A $100 grocery haul in 2019 costs almost $140 today — nearly 40 percent more for the same common items, causing consumers to “become creative to cope” with crippling inflation.

Biden-Induced Human Misery

It is pretty

obviously true.

A majority of voters are “worse off financially” under President Joe Biden, up 25 points since he assumed office in 2021, a Fox News poll found Wednesday.

The poll asked respondents, “Are you better off or worse off financially today than you were four years ago, or about
the same?”

  • Better off: 22 percent
  • Worse off: 52 percent
  • About the same: 26 percent
  • (Don’t know): *