Biden-Induced Human Misery

Yes, “Biden”

hosed us all down.

And be (painfully) aware: This is NOT just about paying sky-high prices at the pump! Pretty much everything you buy or use was shipped. So a rise in petroleum prices means that virtually ALL commercial products are more expensive!

Already, my wife and I are spending just over $30 to get a burger, chicken nuggets, and drink going through a fast food drive–thru. But that will surely increase! That food was shipped from somewhere! And petroleum was used to transport it.

Plus, there are the employees who made the food, and they need to be paid. And they need to be paid enough to heat their homes, buy food, buy a pair of jeans, and put gas in their cars and come to work. And gas prices keep going up…

So with a rise in gas & diesel costs, the price of our meal will drastically increase. Even more. Everything will increase!

So YOUR life will change. Already we no longer go for Sunday drives because it is just too expensive! What is next?

Welcome to the Biden Pleasure Dome… You’re a long way from home!

Did YOU vote for Biden?

Biden-Induced Human Misery Captain Obvious

You were warned.

Yes, you were warned.

Joe Biden freeing up six million to Hamas-funding Iran was the proximate cause of the attack on Israel. You understand that, right?

And YOU voted for Joe, right? And people are DEAD because of how you voted. You need to own it.

“[One] month ago Trump predicted the $6 Billion that Biden gave Iran would be used for terror attacks across the Middle East and specifically kidnapping,” conservative Jack Posobiec captioned a screenshot of Trump’s prediction on X. “This is exactly what we are seeing in Israel this morning.”

… On TruthSocial, Trump wrote, “Joe Biden’s ineptitude, weakness, and incompetence has led to this horrible attack on Israel, and it will only get worse. Just four years ago we had the signing of the historic Abraham Accords, and today we have an attack on Israel. What a difference a President makes!”

It’s time to wise up and do what is right, folks. C’mon! Understand that what you do can have HUGE consequences.

Biden-Induced Human Misery

Even a RINO like

Eyepatch McCain is noting what a mess “Biden” has made of the economy. Get this bum out of office!

Biden-Induced Human Misery Fighting Back

One word:


And another one:

Vigilanteism (actually self-defense): Brought to you by Democrats. THIS is what happens when you vote for Democrats! Keep it in mind. Decide what kind of world YOU want to live in–what kind of world YOU want to leave to those who come after you…

Biden-Induced Human Misery Captain Obvious Lefty Squalor

“Biden” has been

absolutely horrible as President. There are things we need desperately to do, and “he” just won’t do it!

Bad Faith Biden-Induced Human Misery Dishonesty Economy

Have you

A) gone to the grocery store lately or B) gone out to eat lately? If so, you know that “Bidenomics” is a steaming pile of crap!

Last evening the Mendelian Spousal Unit (MSU) and I went through a national chain drive-thru. One of the BIG ones. We got 2 hamburgers, 2 large drinks, and 2 4-piece chicken nuggets. The bill? a few cents shy of $30!

No inflation my butt! We’re not stupid, you know… Democrats, do you think we are stupid? ‘Cuz we’re not. We know you are lying! DUH!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released new data on Thursday. It shows that the price of food went up 4.9% in July. Call it Bidenomics or Bidenflation. Neither one is good.

The Consumer Price Index shows inflation ticked up over the last year and remains more than double what it was when Biden took office. Think of that when Biden brags that inflation is coming down.

Biden-Induced Human Misery Buffoons

To those who

voted for Biden: Way to go. Way to go

Biden-Induced Human Misery Polls

Not at all

surprising. ANY non-hack with two brain cells to rub together for warmth sees that Biden and his crew of merry butt-heads are nothing but bad for the country!

A Washington Post/ABC News poll found that Biden is sinking in the polls, sounding alarms that he may not be able to recover from his disastrous decisions before the 2024 election. 

… The poll found that 58 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say they want their party to nominate someone else. [emphasis added]

In addition, Biden’s approval rating remains at a historic low of 36 percent. 

Unfortunately, there are too many hacks for whom reality and wisdom are never-visited, strange foreign lands.

But for most people, Biden has been weighed in the balances and found wanting…

Biden-Induced Human Misery Illegal Immigration

We’re DONE,

OK? We’re done.

Democrats, don’t screw around with this–you really won’t like the results!

Biden-Induced Human Misery Captain Obvious

Yes, yes

they are.

The Senate conservatives added, “There is a strong, conservative Republican Party all across America that is demanding action to put our nation back on the path to fiscal sanity.”

This Democrat position is neither sane nor in the best interest of the American people! We need to get rid of these recidivist Democrats!