Election Integrity

My gut feeling?

We have not yet begun to be angry about Lefty election theft, and 2022 will only make that worse. I dearly hope I am wrong. But I’m 99.9% certain that if Conservatives don’t get active and volunteer in droves as poll workers and such, the election will indeed be stolen.

PLUS, your cell phone has video recording capabilities. USE IT! Your country needs YOU to step up. Don’t just tell yourself, “Nah, it’s just too inconvenient–I’ve got re-runs of “MiamiVice” to watch. And I need to do other things (some of which are indeed important). Someone else will do it!” No, everyone needs to contribute in the way that they can.

C’mon, guys. Let’s roll…

Culture Election Integrity

The data should

be leading to a run on TUMS among Democrat hacks.

The truth is, Republican party has always been a far more natural home for Hispanics. It is just a much better fit. So we shouldn’t be shocked to see this happen. They just aren’t a natural part of the drag-queen licentious Left!

“What you are looking at here, this is the average of every poll we have got out there that’s been taken over the last three months that looks at the Hispanic vote,” Kornacki continued. “And you put them all together, Hispanics are now voting Democratic by just 13 points, so from 38 to 21, now down in the 2022 midterm polling to a Democratic advantage of just 13 points.”

… “Hispanic voters embrace commonsense Republican policies and values that keep the American dream alive,” Morales said. “Biden and Democrats are out-of-touch and out of time.”

I think Democrats believe that can generate enough voter fraud to at least stay even, if not prevail outright. I dearly hope they are wrong…

Election Integrity

Well, Democrats

certainly don’t want THAT. Election integrity is a death sentence for them! Hardcore Democrats don’t want free and fair elections. At all. They just want to cheat in order to get and keep power. THAT is all we have seen from them.

But there is hope. Little more than that, but still…

With 100 days left before the [mid-term] election, the RNC has surpassed a significant milestone with over 32,000 poll watchers in primary, general, and special elections so far this cycle. In addition, they have made over 65,000 unique volunteer engagements and have held over 2,700 Election Integrity trainings.

Get going, people. If you want to preserve government for, by, and of the people you need to get going. NOW!

Current Events Election Integrity

You know, if true,

that DOES seem kinda fishy…

Election Integrity

Well, let’s

just hope it happens

If YOU are not on the side of voter ID, you are just a fringe wacko!