Election Integrity

Yeah, pretty


We ALL know that this just spittle-lipped election interference, right? I mean, it’s SO dang obvious to even the dullest among us!

Election Integrity

It’s NOT law

enforcement, it’s election interference. EVERYBODY knows what is going on, here–it’s just that some people agree with the lawlessness. But just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s right!

Regular people are snookered or flat-out corrupted by this. And while like Paul/Saul (Roman citizen name vs. Jewish name, like Silas/Barnabus), they may not throw the rocks to kill Stephen, but they happily hold the cloaks of those who do.

Hopefully, some will follow the path of Paul/Saul and become converted.

Election Integrity Immorality

Can’t we be

a little more like England? What’s WRONG with Leftists who oppose vote security?

There were no reports of widespread denial of voting by recently implemented voter identification (ID) requirements in England’s local elections this week, despite left-wing scaremongering, The National Pulse can report.

… Before Britain introduced voter ID, it was the only nation in Europe that did not have any requirements upon entering the voting booth.

The Lefty squealing about denial of voting is all just a damned lie, anyway. C’mon, Lefties, get with this century! You should be embarrassed…

Just as in the United States, the claim has been consistently made that minorities would be disenfranchised by the new rules. This race-baiting claim was put to rest in so-called “super diverse” English city of Leicester, where more than 59 percent of residents have a minority background. 

Moral dirtbags. They just want to cheat and voter ID makes it harder for them to do so. DUH!

Election Integrity

Be honest now

Democrats, why are you against voter ID? Everyone else is doing it! Your opposition to this gives the STRONG impression that you actually just want voter fraud! Say it ain’t so!

The entire United Kingdom will have mandatory photographic identification requirements for voting in the nation’s May elections this year.

So why not us, Democrats? Why are you against election integrity? The tired old canard that it selectively disenfranchises minorities has been thoroughly debunked. So why?

Election Integrity

Just make sure

you know what is election interference and what isn’t!

Election Integrity

A wolf in

sheep’s clothing.

Almost nothing is more effective than being a double agent!

Election Integrity

Many of us

are not following the government “corrupt accomplice” role with Social Media as closely as it deserves. In part that is because it is SO widespread, convoluted, and morally horrible that it takes real effort to follow it. There is just a ton of information, and unless you are directly involved, you usually don’t feel the need to understand all the minutia. And the corruption is immense.

So it’s important stuff. But still, it’s not like you’re going to put a lot of effort into it. It’s just too much, and it’s not part of your day-to-day life.

It’s like this: We ALL drive cars, but when someone explains to us how an internal combustion engine actually works, our eyes glaze over and our breathing slows. We start thinking about golf. Or pie. Or what we’re going to do this coming weekend. We just nod at the appropriate times.

See, internal combustion engines are not really conceptually difficult to understand, you just don’t want to put effort into really understanding it. You simply want the car to take you to work tomorrow. And that is totally understandable.

So here is the bottom line, the key conceptual “nugget” in all this careful fact-finding: The government colluded with Social Media companies to stifle any information that might possibly be detrimental to Democrats while artificially suppressing conservative speech.

That’s really the crux of it, the main truth, the take-home message. But yes, there some associated issues here:

This was an illegal, concerted effort across many “alphabet” government agencies (FBI, CIA, many others). It was, of course, also completely anti-Constitutional.

And the result was that many deliberately un- and mis-informed people voted for Biden when they would not have done so otherwise. This misinformation operation, in tandem with gross voter fraud (i.e. the middle-of-the-night vote dumps and other things), allowed Joe Biden to be illegitimately installed in the White House.

So you don’t need to get lost in the weeds, here. Just know that Democrats hosed you over, and led you like a lamb to the slaughter.

And this recent data shows that in spades. No one of sound mind and decent intellect can even argue otherwise. It is very clear now that those are the fundamental facts. Undeniable (rationally, that is).

Election Integrity

It’s high time

US Lefties woke up and got with this century! It ain’t the 1800s anymore, you know!

Current Events Election Fraud Election Integrity

This is a

big development. It means that the whole complaint will be heard by the judge. It’s a big deal.

On Election Day this year, many Republicans were expected to vote for Kari Lake. But in the districts where most Republicans were expected to cast their ballots, technical problems prevented thousands of individuals from voting.

Lake’s lawsuit is driven by whistleblowers who have come forward with complaints about how the 2022 elections were conducted.

Bad Faith Election Integrity

It really


Even the most backward crap-hole places do better than the U.S. on this!

ID is essential to ensure that voters have citizenship, are of proper age, vote only once in each election, and vote in the proper jurisdiction. It is also essential if citizens are to have confidence in election results.

Holy Toledo!

Of course, you know that the real reason Democrats want lax voting procedures (like motor-voter shenanigans) is that they want it easier for them to cheat. You know that, right?