Election Integrity

Well yeah,

I’m not confident at all! Conservative people better get their butts in gear NOW or this will be yet another stolen election!

Among likely voters, 37% indicated they were “very confident” that votes would be counted accurately in the November election and an additional 28% were “somewhat confident.” In contrast, 19% of respondents answered they were “not very confident” and 13% said they were “not confident at all” that the votes will be tallied correctly. Four percent of likely voters indicated they are “not sure.”

Look, this survey found about a THIRD of people who were more or less skeptical about the validity of the election outcome. That is not an insignificant number!

And here are numbers from a different poll:

These results come amid mounting concerns over voter trust in the legitimacy of the American election processes. A June Monmouth poll found that 3-in-10 Americans believe that Joe Biden won the 2020 election solely due to voter fraud.

If you care about the integrity of our elections, shouldn’t such numbers cause you grave concern? These are NOT “fringe” numbers!

Let’s over-simplify things a bit, here: About a third of people have a lot of confidence in the electoral process. Another third are “kinda” confident. The final third of people are not at all confident in the validity of our elections.

Think about it: A third!