Biden-Induced Human Misery

HUGE self-own!

He’s not good at this. And neither is his staff.

In the first image, a junior tray, which involves a smaller main item and two sides, was $4.99, while a tray featuring a larger main and two sides, was $5.99. The second image, which we know is from the president’s visit this week, shows the junior tray at $6.59 and the regular tray at $7.59.

That’s an increase of 32% for the junior tray and a 27% jump in price for the regular tray over three or four years! (Aren’t you glad I did the math for you?) I wish I could’ve found the price differential for those milkshakes that Biden loves so much, but you can bet they’ve gone up by about the same amount, too.

“Bidenomics” at work!