Injustice Intellectual Cowardice Stooooopid!

What a freakin’

loony despot that judge is! What a maroon!

Is that weenie judge trying to makeTrump a more popular and sympathetic character?

Because THIS is how you make Trump a more popular and sympathetic character!

Incompetence Intellectual Cowardice

She’s just not

ready for prime time. I know she is whining that the question was from “a plant,” but whether it was or not, she TOTALLY failed!

Intellectual Cowardice Pathological Avoidance

Leftists show the world

how evil they really are.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that ALL Leftists are evil like this. No, but NONE of them find this evil to be a deal-breaker…

This is their motto: “I’m not personally evil, but I affiliate with those who unquestionably are.”

Kind of a “floppy” position, eh?