Bidenomics Captain Obvious

Well yes,

people were much better off economically under Trump.

Look, economically, Leftism is a TOTAL bust! Don’t we all know that by now? I mean, if you want a good economy, you sure as crap don’t vote Democrat!


I’ve seen various estimates, but the typical worker’s earnings, adjusted for inflation, are between 4%-6% lower than they were before inflation began in earnest in 2021. Some common items, such as groceries, dining, rent, and house payments, have increased in price even faster than the average inflation rate. That means we’re spending more of our smaller paychecks on the necessities and less on the luxuries. 

… It isn’t just the stagnation that hurts; it’s the time we’ve lost. We’re paying 2024 prices with 2020 wages. And our retirement plans either got pushed out three more years into the future or we’ll have to make do in retirement with three years less savings to rely on.

Your vote means something. Don’t be so unwise as to vote for more of the same…

Bidenomics Evil Clown

It’s not your

imagination: Gas prices are going up.

And “Biden” cynically drained or strategic petroleum reserve in 2022 in order to save the election for Democrats. And now he can’t refill it because prices are so sky-high.

Elections have consequences, people!

The nationwide average price for regular gas topped $3.54 a gallon, a spike of more than 45 percent under President Joe Biden, AAA reported Wednesday.

Bidenomics DUH!

Well yeah.

It’s not COVID. It is “Bidenomics.” DUH!

… “we’re going to find out that what happened as a consequence of the crisis we had on health is going to have a lasting effect. We’ve just got to get people to move again. We’re ready. I think the country’s ready to come together…I’m truly optimistic.”

You’re stupid and dishonest, Joe!


Yes, it blows my

mind. I think it blows most people’s minds.

Buying groceries is a very expensive ordeal, now. And Heaven forbid if you want to run through a chain burger drive-thru on the way home!

Of course I can no longer find it on the ‘net (thanks, Lefties!), but there was a meme about how McDonald’s is now offering financing options on Happy Meals!

I guess that cuts too close to the bone for the Lefty Google flying monkeys so they memory-holed it!