Banana Republic of Brandon Barbaric!

Yes, and in truth

it is amazingly frightening! The smirk is nothing but disturbing. The level of malevolence is just out of the park!

The truth flashed uncontrollably the other day at the White House. Any American who saw Biden’s long, weird smirk celebrating the criminal conviction of his rival–former President Donald Trump–won’t forget it. If you care about this country you won’t forget it.

… The media had an orgy over Trump’s conviction. It should have been X rated. The flesh eating harpies of “The View” wanted him sent to Riker’s Island to be assaulted by street criminals. They laughed as they confessed to being so excited they were leaking. The audience cheered and cooed.

It’s scary, and this means that any President could be brought up on whatever charges are at hand, whether it be a Lefty prosecutor or one one the right who feels a total justification given what the Left has done. And so starts a cycle of retribution…

“What’s going to stop a red state attorney general who wants to make a name for themselves to do what Alvin Bragg did, and invent these novel charges and move things from misdemeanors to up to felonies and use legal theories to concoct something, and get a red state attorney general to indict Joe Biden or Hunter Biden or anyone else?”

A warning from Harry Reid from the grave?

As the American political left celebrated the taking down of Trump, there were perhaps a few who could see the inevitable counter reformation to come. Those who understand human nature might see what’s coming. But most of the left didn’t want to take a look at the bed they had made for themselves. They praised themselves and prattled on and on about their precious rule of law, ignoring the fact that they had grabbed the tomahawks, leaving the opposition no other choice than to grab tomahawks for themselves.

The ONLY way out of this revenge cycle is to implement mutually-accepted rules. And THAT is exactly why the Founding Fathers relied on the rule of law! They knew! What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander–equality under the law. THAT is how you set things up!

Because if you are attacking someone and pull out a knife, don’t be surprised if the other guy pulls out a knife, too. Maybe an even bigger knife. Or a stun-gun. Or a .45. Or a shotgun…

BUT, as said by John Adams, Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.