Civil Disobedience

Now let’s see them

enforce it.

The truth is, regular Oregonians are sick and tired of being bullied by the Leftist goons in Portland and Corvallis.

According to an analysis of what counties voted on the gun-control measure, voters in only six Oregon counties out of 36 favored it. The counties that had a majority of voters who voted in favor of it were located in and around Portland, the state’s largest city; the county that includes Eugene, the capital of Oregon; the county that includes the city of Corvallis, the home of Oregon State University; and Lincoln County, located on the coast.

Civil Disobedience Fighting Back

Uh oh, Democrats!

Now the Irish!

Civil Disobedience

Look, it’s NOT

just the Dutch!

In the Netherlands, farmers are protesting against the Rutte government’s climate activism and the alleged nitrogen crisis that will destroy a third of all farms in the country. Now the Duch are getting support from German farmers.

… What started with the Dutch has spread to Germany, Poland, and now Italy as farmers collectively protest their governments’ destructive climate policies that threaten livelihoods and global food supplies.

… Polish farmers have also joined the fight at home, demonstrating in Warsaw against their government’s policies. “Enough is enough. We will not be robbed,” one demonstrator can be heard shouting into a megaphone. [emphasis added]

… Italian farmers, meanwhile, have joined the fight, saying they’ve had enough of their country’s insane climate policies. “We are not slaves; we are farmers,” one farmer yells as he drives slowly. Then he tells the other farmers to “go to Rome.”

Civil Disobedience Current Events Lawfare

OK, I really

think that we are about to start seeing what I call, “Conservative Lawfare.”

See, the Left has made daily functioning a veritable Gordian Knot. Really, in virtually ALL aspects of business, culture, and politics. Horrible!

I think that Conservatives are now starting to use the lawfare weapon, to make the Lefties live up to the rules they impose on everyone else. Charles Murray has suggested the “Madison Fund,” and I think that is a very good idea.

It overwhelms a despotic system.

Murray’s troops are lawyers — representatives of a proposed pro bono group that he has termed “the Madison Fund” — and their role in the mutiny is to “pour sugar into the government’s gas tank.”

It’s a great idea, and it would be VERY effective. I would LOVE to see this funded and get going. And I would donate to it, as would many others.

It has been “percolating” for a couple years, but I am seeing more of a conservative “pushback” lately. Is the time now?

Folks, let’s roll!

Civil Disobedience Current Events

REAL Americans

have had it. For the last several years I have been warning Lefties not get the Right all riled up. But Leftists I know have ignored me. And THAT is a stupid move.

And then there has been this mass (and disingenuous) Lefty swoon over January 6. But it has ALL been utter nonsense,

If you still believe that 300,000 Americans, many of them well over 50 years old, showed up without guns to take over the United States, I’d like to sell you a unicorn that farts silver dollars.

But it goes far beyond that. And it is time to strike back. Civil Disobedience is indeed the answer…

Lefties, are you paying attention to what has been happening? How on earth are you still cloistered in your fetid Lefty fever swamps? You better wake up and eschew these recent dishonest ways!

Or be the next Dodo bird…

Civil Disobedience Evil Clown

Well, there is grudging

progress. But you know it has FAR more to do with the fact that most people just ignore them than it has to do with science or knowledge. They have shown in spades that what they do has precious little to do with science…

Civil Disobedience Civil Rights Despotism

Free at last!

free at last! Thank God almighty I’m free at last!