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OK, I really

think that we are about to start seeing what I call, “Conservative Lawfare.”

See, the Left has made daily functioning a veritable Gordian Knot. Really, in virtually ALL aspects of business, culture, and politics. Horrible!

I think that Conservatives are now starting to use the lawfare weapon, to make the Lefties live up to the rules they impose on everyone else. Charles Murray has suggested the “Madison Fund,” and I think that is a very good idea.

It overwhelms a despotic system.

Murray’s troops are lawyers — representatives of a proposed pro bono group that he has termed “the Madison Fund” — and their role in the mutiny is to “pour sugar into the government’s gas tank.”

It’s a great idea, and it would be VERY effective. I would LOVE to see this funded and get going. And I would donate to it, as would many others.

It has been “percolating” for a couple years, but I am seeing more of a conservative “pushback” lately. Is the time now?

Folks, let’s roll!

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