Piss-poor judgment Weirdos

Honestly, what

the crap is wrong with this guy? I mean, just a glance at him immediately tells you something is wrong with him!

And THIS is the guy who, in a fit of crappy judgment, Joe Biden chose to be over nuclear waste in the US! <shakes head in disbelief>

THIS is what you get when you vote Democrat!

Dementia Joe Piss-poor judgment

Yeah, he’s pretty

far gone now. It’s sad, but he is barely sentient anymore. Of course he is not the one calling the shots–and I am not sure who is. It probably depends on the subject.

It’s also very dangerous for both domestic and foreign policies. On the domestic front, US citizens are impacted greatly–the “misery index” is very high.

In terms of foreign policy, everyone knows that Joe is a weak cypher. And his advisors (who are actually running things) have abysmal judgment.

To paraphrase a Lefty hero, don’t underestimate Biden’s ability to screw things up!

And YOU voted for him? You fool! You owe us all a HUGE apology. And gas money (among other things)… If you voted for Biden, maybe, just maybe, you have such piss-poor judgment that you shouldn’t vote at all! It’s time for you to take a hard look at yourself.

Dementia Joe Piss-poor judgment

Yes, senile old

Joe is a weirdo, no doubt about it. But he’s also a senile old gaffer.

And it’s getting worse. MUCH worse.

Look, it’s pretty dang obvious that Joe is not running the show. Oh, someone is, but it’s certainly not Joe…

Did YOU vote for this guy? If you did, then apologize and do better. <sheesh!>

Captain Obvious Piss-poor judgment

I do think that

this is really shocking!

And while I haven’t looked into it, I’m SURE that this is the same for regular couples. And I’d wager that child abuse also went up, big-time.

The hysterical Lefty reaction (after the first two months or so) to COVID has been an absolute nightmare! Learning, language, the economy, employment, child development, mental health, and domestic violence have all had HUGE problems due to our reaction.

I suspect there are others, as well…

Piss-poor judgment

Biden has been

a total catastrophe.

Did YOU vote for him? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself, and you owe an abject apology to the rest of us.

Now go, and do better.

Piss-poor judgment Political Strategy

No, no

it isn’t.

And it’s not at all a mystery as to why: Democrats’ explosive diarrhea spending. DUH!

They are playing a dangerous game of musical chairs. They know (as everyone else does) that such wanton profligacy will ruin the country–eventually. But they hope that they can ride this horse hard and get off just before it dies and someone else takes over (and is blamed for the death).

They want to say, “It was FINE when we were in charge!”

See, their goal is to hose everything up and then give way to RINOs, who will continue screwing things up. Then, when everything totally crumbles, they can shake their heads sadly at what Republicans have done…

Captain Obvious Piss-poor judgment

Even some

Democrats realize that she is a spittle-lipped Lefty loon and just won’t vote for her nomination.

Alas, if only more elected Democrats had better judgment…

Piss-poor judgment Voter Fraud

Mail-in voting

is a TOTAL scam! The ONLY practical reason why Lefties like it is because it makes fraud easier. DUH!

Well, that’s not quite the only reason. It also makes it convenient for Larry Loser to not put his Cheetos and Mountain Dew down long enough to get his smelly butt off his filthy couch and go vote himself more money from the public treasury!

Or for others to hoover up the ballots and vote in the place of Larry Loser. In both cases, see: Oregon.

But you know, if there were appropriate voting and no voter fraud, even California itself might be in play! Maybe–there are a lot of stupid people, and many of them now infest California…

Piss-poor judgment Stooooopid!

Yeah, pretty much…

Tell me you are stupidly unwise without saying that you are stupidly unwise…

Current Events Piss-poor judgment

Look, there are

some real advantages to an armed population!

But Leftists foolishly think that the lion is just a big, friendly kitty that needs a hug…