Ignoramuses Piss-poor judgment

Make sure you

recognize value when you see it.

Epic fail Immorality Piss-poor judgment

Yes, yes

indeed. And it is utterly heartbreaking!

Hypocrisy Piss-poor judgment

Don’t you just

HATE it when you get hoisted by your own petard?

Republican lawmakers say Democrats are now seeing the unpopularity of their fee hikes. “That’s not surprising they are delaying implementation … they are trying to minimize the pain that mostly they caused,” Sen. Chris Holbert, the Republican leader, told John [the author].

… “If you really cared, you’d just repeal it,” quipped Jesse Mallory, state director for the conservative Americans for Prosperity.

SPOILER: They don’t really care…

Look, they are just mad that their abysmal judgment is now biting them in the butt!

Dementia Piss-poor judgment

Folks, he’s

a demented doof!

And were YOU stupid enough to vote for him? Be honest, now!