Multiple Sclerosis Piss-poor judgment


They backed down It never should have happened in the first place!

I’m glad they backed down. But that doesn’t change the fact that as a person with MS, I’m ashamed of them!

And they should be ashamed of themselves. They need to very publicly fire whoever is responsible for this! And maybe the CEO for running such a crap organization that would do this in the first place! It was SUCH a scaly thing to do!

Piss-poor judgment

Honestly, is your

judgment so piss-poor that you would actually vote for Biden? Wow!

I guess wacky, spittle-lipped Trump derangement runs very deep!

Piss-poor judgment

I told you!

This is yet another medical fad. Like nasal surgery for neurosis and frontal lobotomy and recovered memory.

And it will die for the exact same reason: Legal liability.

Yes, I told you how this would end: Lawsuits. THAT is how the “Recovered Memory” crap ended, too! Mark my words: There will be lawsuits. Surgeons will be successfully sued. And even more telling, so will hospitals. There are some hospital administrators who will wind up in the profession of kicking road apples! And deservedly so. 

And THAT’s how change will happen. There are some of us who are old enough to have seen this movie before…

Piss-poor judgment Poetic Justice

I agree:

This going to backfire spectacularly. And everyone will suffer!

Yuck it up, you morons who think it’s cool to try to frame political opponents, because your mug shots are coming soon enough. And maybe not just mugshots. You’ve genuinely screwed yourselves. You can’t control what you have unleashed. And you’re celebrating. You shouldn’t.

… Do you think these laws only go one way? Do you think this precedent can’t be used right back against you and yours?

… You see, all the incentives are to prosecute Democrats in red enclaves for things Democrats did far away. The first red AG or DA who does it is going to be a superstar. And then all the others are going to have to follow along lest they be left behind.

The thing Leftists never seem to understand is that one day soon things will be reversed–the tables will turn on them. Harry Reid (rest in piss) didn’t understand that, and inadvertently made it so a slew of Conservatives judges got into the Federal courts! Karma, eh?

Will other Democrats be more wise? I strongly doubt it. Leftists,

You’re not putting this genie back in the bottle. Right now, you don’t want it back in the bottle. You think you’ve stumbled on a shortcut to permanent power. You couldn’t just try to beat Trump in an unrigged election. You decided to toss the law out. And you’re too freaking dumb to realize that the only thing protecting you is the law that you just erased.

Evil Piss-poor judgment

Kerry is truly

an execrable person.

Anyone who actually voted for him for President should hide their heads in shame!

Piss-poor judgment

Honestly, what

the crap is wrong with this guy? I mean, just a glance at him immediately tells you something is wrong with him!

And THIS is the guy who, in a fit of crappy judgment, Joe Biden chose to be over nuclear waste in the US! <shakes head in disbelief>

THIS is what you get when you vote Democrat!

Dementia Joe Piss-poor judgment

Yeah, he’s pretty

far gone now. It’s sad, but he is barely sentient anymore. Of course he is not the one calling the shots–and I am not sure who is. It probably depends on the subject.

It’s also very dangerous for both domestic and foreign policies. On the domestic front, US citizens are impacted greatly–the “misery index” is very high.

In terms of foreign policy, everyone knows that Joe is a weak cypher. And his advisors (who are actually running things) have abysmal judgment.

To paraphrase a Lefty hero, don’t underestimate Biden’s ability to screw things up!

And YOU voted for him? You fool! You owe us all a HUGE apology. And gas money (among other things)… If you voted for Biden, maybe, just maybe, you have such piss-poor judgment that you shouldn’t vote at all! It’s time for you to take a hard look at yourself.

Dementia Joe Piss-poor judgment

Yes, senile old

Joe is a weirdo, no doubt about it. But he’s also a senile old gaffer.

And it’s getting worse. MUCH worse.

Look, it’s pretty dang obvious that Joe is not running the show. Oh, someone is, but it’s certainly not Joe…

Did YOU vote for this guy? If you did, then apologize and do better. <sheesh!>

Captain Obvious Piss-poor judgment

I do think that

this is really shocking!

And while I haven’t looked into it, I’m SURE that this is the same for regular couples. And I’d wager that child abuse also went up, big-time.

The hysterical Lefty reaction (after the first two months or so) to COVID has been an absolute nightmare! Learning, language, the economy, employment, child development, mental health, and domestic violence have all had HUGE problems due to our reaction.

I suspect there are others, as well…

Piss-poor judgment

Biden has been

a total catastrophe.

Did YOU vote for him? If so, you should be ashamed of yourself, and you owe an abject apology to the rest of us.

Now go, and do better.