Evil Injustice Piss-poor judgment

Huh, imagine


Yeah, that’s not a fishy or anything!

You knew this whole special council thing was just a scam. It was always just a way to prevent justice from actually being served. It was a way to prevent certain documents from coming to light. It was a dodge. It was never about getting justice. Never.

But here’s the question that you need to ask yourself: I knew not to vote for this dirtbag. So why didn’t you? If you are at all introspective, you fearlessly examine your own motives…

Or, you are just a mindless hack.

Dishonesty Piss-poor judgment


He is a known liar. So his “word as a Biden” is worth CRAP.

Look, he has LONG been known as a liar–that is certainly nothing new. I’m not sure it is even possible to name a politician who has been as chronically dishonest over the years as he has been!

It’s like hearing, “My word as a rattlesnake, I won’t bite you!” Uhm, OK…

Who thought it was a good idea for him to say that? Does it fool anyone who is not a partisan and ignorant rube? The chutzpah is just breathtaking!

The truth is, Biden voters knew what he was when they picked him up.

Immorality Piss-poor judgment

As well it

should. Joe Biden is scummy. And he has the caca hand (reverse Midas touch) where everything he touches turns to crap!

If you voted for him, just know that it was piss-poor judgment! Hide your head in shame…

Dementia Joe Dishonesty Piss-poor judgment

The fabulist-in-chief

is at it once again! <sigh>

Look, Biden has always been a liar. But now he is so demented that he mistakes his self-aggrandizing fantasies for fact. He can no longer tell the difference.

Oh sure, that happened! Lefties, don’t you get embarrassed by Biden’s continual lies? I mean, c’mon!

Wow, who had such piss-poor judgment that they actually voted for this guy?

Piss-poor judgment

Hey, there are

morons who voted for him! Sure, it was in a spasm of MSM-induced Trump hatred, but that is no excuse for the piss-poor judgment.

Piss-poor judgment Stooooopid!

Because, well,

of course they are! The hope is that the GOP takes the House and can impose a little fiscal sanity! You certainly are never going to get that from Democrats. Never have, never will. And there are some Republicans and virtually ALL the RINOs who are also guilty, here.

Do they hate the country? Is that why they are doing this?

Piss-poor judgment

You know,

sometimes there are repercussions for our actions. As proof, I give you: Joe Manchin!

Only 42% of registered voters approve of Manchin and 51% disapprove after the senator lost a lot of support from Republicans and independents. In a poll during the first quarter of 2022, his approval rating was close to 60% and his disapproval rating was less than 40%. 

… The new poll shows Manchin with the third highest disapproval rating among voters in a senator’s home state. The only two senators who have higher disapproval ratings are Sen. Mitch McConnell in Kentucky with 63% disapproving and Sen. Ron Johnson in Wisconsin with 55% disapproving.

Incompetence Piss-poor judgment


how much longer?

Sorry, but it was just piss-poor judgment to ever vote for this nimrod.

Age-related decline Dementia Piss-poor judgment

AND it is

getting worse and worse.

YOU voted for this guy? Apologize!

It’s clear that Scar Biden is merely an evil Regent. And we are eagerly awaiting the return of the king!

To understand what’s happening, it’s best not to think of this as a Biden Presidency, but a Biden Regency.

Lame Piss-poor judgment

Democrats have a plan

to get us out of the horrible mess they created.

And it is brilliant! They even got Joe Manchin drunk and stoned so he would agree to go along with it.

Through a marijuana haze, he said:

“So, you know how we spent trillions upon trillions of dollars and wound up screwing up the economy?” said Senator Manchin. “I’ve been brainstorming for twelve months, and I think I’ve got the solution. What if – wait for it – we spend even more money? And we clamp down on domestic energy production even harder?? Pretty brilliant, right?”


Sorry, Manchin got totally worked! You know he is NOT running again–that much is obvious. I wonder if he would even make it passed the primary (probably), but he would have NO chance in the final election!