Piss-poor judgment Poetic Justice

I agree:

This going to backfire spectacularly. And everyone will suffer!

Yuck it up, you morons who think it’s cool to try to frame political opponents, because your mug shots are coming soon enough. And maybe not just mugshots. You’ve genuinely screwed yourselves. You can’t control what you have unleashed. And you’re celebrating. You shouldn’t.

… Do you think these laws only go one way? Do you think this precedent can’t be used right back against you and yours?

… You see, all the incentives are to prosecute Democrats in red enclaves for things Democrats did far away. The first red AG or DA who does it is going to be a superstar. And then all the others are going to have to follow along lest they be left behind.

The thing Leftists never seem to understand is that one day soon things will be reversed–the tables will turn on them. Harry Reid (rest in piss) didn’t understand that, and inadvertently made it so a slew of Conservatives judges got into the Federal courts! Karma, eh?

Will other Democrats be more wise? I strongly doubt it. Leftists,

You’re not putting this genie back in the bottle. Right now, you don’t want it back in the bottle. You think you’ve stumbled on a shortcut to permanent power. You couldn’t just try to beat Trump in an unrigged election. You decided to toss the law out. And you’re too freaking dumb to realize that the only thing protecting you is the law that you just erased.

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