Civil Rights Kooks

What the crap

are the idiot Feds trying to pull? Holy Hannah!

In a letter obtained exclusively by Fox News Digital, all 28 GOP attorneys general asked President Biden and White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention director Stefanie Feldman to disregard their Democrat colleagues’ request to end commercial sales from Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, one of the country’s largest ammo manufacturers. 

Of course. Stupid gun-control nuts!


A surprise?

Not really…

I, for one, am not at all convinced it is a trap. Yeah, maybe. But regardless, these ain’t good numbers for Senile Joe! If there were a better Democrat candidate (all things considered) than Sleepy Joe, Biden would already be long gone. Remember, there are ballot deadlines in play, here. The Democrats simply can’t just turn on a dime. Not without some incredibly favorable court rulings–all of which are quite likely to be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court. And such things just don’t happen in a month.

I think the more likely explanation is that puddin’-head Joe is the ONLY halfway viable option and the Lefty natives are getting pretty restless.

Despotism Kooks

Eh, maybe one

step too far.

Banana Republic of Brandon Corruption Kooks

Well, that’s

not fishy or anything!

Recent press reports show that a veteran Democratic political operative played a large part in restarting the case against Donald Trump that the prior Manhattan District Attorney, the Justice Department, and Alvin Bragg himself previously declined to prosecute. Matthew Colangelo is closely aligned with President Joe Biden and his former boss Barack Obama.

… But using the color of law to destroy a political opponent is not normal, not in America, and we will be living with the consequences for years to come.

Anti-scientific stance Deliberate Ignorance Kooks


a cult! These folks are brainwashed, pure and simple. They therefore bleatingly drink whatever kool-aid they are given. With predictable results.

Elections Kooks

If MSNBC is reporting

how bad Fetterman actually is, you KNOW that in reality he is ten times worse! Oh yeah, and he won’t release his medical records. Shocker.

Yeah, ya think?

It kind of amazes me that some PA voters would touch this guy with a ten foot pole! Just CRAZY!

What on earth are they thinking? ARE they even thinking?

Current Events Kooks

The problem here is

the Left is facing a crisis of legitimacy (written by a Lefty, of course)

But it is the case that due to the kooky behavior of the spittle-lipped Left, we are in uncharted waters….

Despotism Kooks

Yeah, around

the world, people are NOT happy with the “green” despotic kooks.

If they were merely “green,” no one would care a ton. Hey, they can be as kooky as they want to be, as long as they don’t impact ME. I just don’t care how they worship.

If they were just despots, well, we know how to deal with THAT. We have dealt with despots, and we will again.

But the combination is really quite disturbing. And reason for revolt.

Let’s roll!


Yeah, Trump grabbed

the wheel from the driver and tried to get to the INSURRRRECTION! Honestly how stupid and spittle-lipped do you have to be to believe this crap? I mean, on it’s face it just makes NO sense! Just think about the logistics of it! Any damned fool HAD to have known that it was just another lame-o lie. DUH!

But people get really stupid about Trump and let their kooky Lefty freak flags fly…

THINK about it, Lefties (I know you’re not used to thinking, but try hard). TRUMP is in the back seat of “The Beast.” He has one Secret Service bodyguard on his left. Another one is on his right. In the front, there is one Secret Service bodyguard in the front passenger seat, and another one is driving. ALL are highly trained.

So tell me, Jefe, just how does a MUCH older Trump get from the back seat, through at least three beefy bodyguards, and yank the steering wheel out of a trained and brawny driver/bodyguard’s hands? And why? He thought he could change the destination of the vehicle? Huh?

Oh, and there was a bulletproof window between the front and back seat, and it doesn’t retract. GAME OVER, MORONS! GAME OVER!

You’ve got to be pretty dang dumb to believe THIS fish story.

What color is the sky in your world, Lefties? Sheesh! THINK, people!