Senile Joe

A true

man of the people, eh?

The setup was a meeting between Joe Biden and “moderate” House Democrats on Saturday. According to those who participated, the president’s performance “was even worse than the debate,” with him not being able to finish sentences. He was “rambling” and would “lose his train of thought.”

… Regardless, it’s Biden’s shot about Crow’s Bronze Star that stands out the most. It’s not debatable that the president was mocking and belittling the representative’s service in an attempt to claim that he’s accomplished more than Crow. Biden randomly bringing up his deceased son is not at all surprising and is a familiar tick. In this case, though, the president was trying to dismiss Crow’s multiple combat tours by falsely suggesting Beau Biden had done more with his Bronze Star despite being in a non-combat role.

Banana Republic of Brandon Senile Joe

No freakin’ wonder

why the DOJ has and continues to fight so hard to prevent the release of the transcripts!

Because they lied about what was in them and releasing them lays bare the lie!

(Captain) My men love me because I never curse out my crew! [paraphrase]
(chorus) Never?
(Captain) Well, hardly ever…
HMS Pinafore (a musical)


“Wow. Judicial Watch’s FOIA lawsuit forced the Biden team to admit what everyone suspected – that the transcript is not accurate and was changed in a way to help Biden,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “There is nothing ordinary about this, and the transcript inaccuracy issues seem to help Biden’s political campaign needs. We today initiated a new FOIA request on this Biden’s Nixonian tape scandal.”

Now it all makes sense. If you read the Hur transcripts, you likely thought they were damning enough, but how much worse is the audio? It’s no mistake that the Biden administration is so aggressively fighting the release of the audio.

Biden wants to show that he’s never a confused old geezer. Well, hardly ever…

Senile Joe Stooooopid!

Well, that is

indisputably true. Biden has never been a smart man. But now he is also riddled with dementia. It’s a bad combination.

Biden was known as “Slow Joe” for decades before he became senile.

Senile Joe

Honestly, how

feeble IS this guy?

Senile Joe

Folks, it’s NEVER

going to happen. Never. Joe Biden and his staff won’t make his senility even more obvious! And there is not enough meth/Adderall in the world to cover for Joe Biden!

Twelve news organizations on Sunday urged presumptive presidential nominees Joe Biden and Donald Trump to agree to debates, saying they were a “rich tradition” that have been part of every general election campaign since 1976.

While Trump, who did not participate in debates for the Republican nomination, has indicated a willingness to take on his 2020 rival, the Democratic president has not committed to debating him again.

Senile Joe

Things just keep

getting worse and worse for this senile old geezer!

So in the same exchange, Joe Biden not only brought up his son Beau — contradicting what he claimed last month — but he couldn’t remember the year Beau died and didn’t even know the year that Donald Trump was elected president.

Senile Joe

Sure. Why


I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on the issue of when McCain died, but there’s no way to spin his referring to McCain as his predecessor.

Remember how the media gushed over Biden’s State of the Union speech? Well, he mentioned “my predecessor” a total of 13 times in that speech. So it seems like at the time he knew he was talking about Donald Trump. Apparently, sometime between Thursday evening and Monday afternoon, Biden’s brain has decided that McCain — not Trump — was his predecessor. Imagine that.

Senile Joe


This is one confused guy!

I’m sorry, but this guy is just not mentally competent.

Political Intrigue Senile Joe

It’s NOT just

with the press! The senility and incompetence runs deep

President Biden has been using notecards in closed-door fundraisers, calling on prescreened donors and then consulting his notes to provide detailed answers, according to people familiar with the routine.

… That Biden’s brain is failing is no big surprise; what is a surprise is that Axios is writing about it and has at least some donors whispering some very-not-sweet nothings about the president.

It sure seems that the political “hit” on Joe has been put out, but there are still some”bitter clingers” who defend him.

Senile Joe

Even New Yorkers

know the score. But Joe Biden is very clearly grossly impaired. Any fool with eyes sees that!

An overwhelming 70 percent of New Yorkers believe Joe Biden, 81, is unfit for another presidential term — a significantly worse result than for Donald Trump, despite the Empire State’s longstanding Democrat-leaning. Biden’s results have worsened from his already poor results in September, when 62 percent of New Yorkers said he was unfit.