Cowardice Culture Resisting Evil

Well, you know, it’s

time for physicians to quit being lackey sheep and stand up! They really crapped the bed with their COVID response–they crumped in a nanosecond.

The “transgender” mania has been a little better for them, but only a little. So it’s really nice to see them (AAPS) straighten their spines a bit now. It’s time for them to speak up!

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) filed an amicus brief against the Biden administration in a Supreme Court case, criticizing the government’s online censorship of COVID-19 information.

Unfortunately, the AMA is still a suck-up toady… But hey, baby steps, right?

Cowardice Despicable Dishonesty

Yes, it was a

brutal beat-down! Go Cruz!

“You did not dispute any of the facts I said about the organization that he was an advisor of, he was a donor of, he raised money for,” Cruz continued, lighting up the room with fireworks. “The Democrats don’t want to defend the substance, so now they’re screaming Islamophobia, and I understand, playing the race card when anyone disagrees with the Democrats, they scream racist.”

My own experience is that Leftists will never argue facts. They will just call names and then jam their fingers in their ears and run off!

Cowardice Losers

Johnny Rotten again

rebels. Good for him.

I gotta admit that as an old punker myself it is really very disappointing to see all these guys who preached rebellion against “the man” now knuckle under and mew like kittens or bark like trained seals–for money.

But hey, Billy Idol does, uh, commercials now! Rebel Yell, my butt! The days of Kiss Me Deadly are decidedly over. He can still snarl, but now it is just the faux snarling of a trained monkey, a mere lame caricature. Gee, how much money per fake snarl do you think he gets?

Do you think The Clash would do Rock The Casbah today? Puh-leez! Cowards.

Following the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, the song was placed on the list of post-9/11 inappropriate titles distributed by Clear Channel.

More fool me–I thought they meant it when they preached rebellion. But it turns out, not so much.

As we now know, there were very few of them who were not just acting, in search of the almighty buck. I believed them–I thought better of them then.

Unlike Johnny Rotten, most of these guys aren’t actually rebels, they are really now just bought-and-paid-for establishment suck-up toadies. THAT’s what they have become, and it is hard for me to witness what they have become.

Cowardice Dishonesty Injustice

Aren’t Lefties

just over-the-moon happy?

Cowardice Current Events

At what point are

righteous gentiles” going to step up?

To her, the “black community” has been silent about the Hamas atrocities in Israel and the nearly worldwide protest marches in favor of Hamas/Gaza/Palestine. I suspect she means that her left-leaning black acquaintances have been mostly silent.

Yes, the more conservative black people are NOT silent. But too many, both black and white, sit silently looking at their shoes and saying, “Well, I can’t do anything about it!” while these atrocities rage on. They may cringe but they do so silently, still supporting the despots because they themselves are snookered into “holding the cloaks” of those who actually DO the violence. And it is truly a moral failing–an act of moral cowardice.

Cowardice Lefty Violence

The “Religion

of Peace” is sure violent! And yet Lefties don’t at least vocally object. They are silent as the tomb…

Classic. Don’t DO the act, but “hold the cloaks” of those who do and then pretend that they are not morally culpable. Cowards.

THIS is what you get with unlimited immigration… Thanks, Joe!

Corruption Cowardice Injustice

How ’bout

we have a little impartial justice? Those of us with good sense and morals are just sick of this crap! C’mon, judge! Have a little self-respect and don’t be such a sniveling Lefty toady! Man up, for Pete’s sake…

Cowardice Hypocrisy

I don’t blame

her for not wanting to talk about Hamas’ horrific behavior. She is using the classic Lefty tactic: Avoidance.

On Tuesday, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) avoided questions from Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel Correspondent on Hamas terrorists decapitating babies, murdering children, and raping women in Israel and why she still has a Palestinian flag outside her office.


People are

sick of it!

Even when they’re not willing to say it explicitly, virtually everyone realizes that there’s a crisis going on — except, maybe the Biden administration, which created the crisis and is ultimately responsible for the situations that the virtue-signaling sanctuary states are struggling to deal with.

Yes, Hochul slumped into a cowardly, lick-spittle defensive crouch. But she knows the actual truth, and so does everyone else!


Honestly, who

can follow the bouncing Kathy?

She basically crumped. She pretty much told the truth at first, but then got pressure from “Biden” and toed the line and lied. Could it even BE more obvious?

But Hochul’s candor — aimed squarely at Washington, and at Joe Biden in particular — clearly has had consequences too.
On Monday, she was warbling a different — far more deferential — tune. To wit:“With respect to what was said about the border, I have called for a more thoughtful, balanced national immigration — federal — immigration policy.”
Translation: “Oops, I sure stepped in it this time. Please don’t hurt me.”

… It’s not hard to imagine the blowback Hochul’s impertinence generated; the phone calls doubtless came fast and furious — the message being clear: “Nice incumbency you got there, guv. Be a pity if something happened to it.”

Kathy, stand up for the truth–don’t be a coward. Is that too much to ask?

Look, Biden has the anti-Midas Touch–the merde touch. Everything he touches turns to crap!