Cowardice Foolishness

No debt limit

increase is probably a good thing.



REALLY bad news

for Democrats.

Ro Khanna (D-CA) said: …the first thing we have to do is say people have to be able to express their view. We can’t tell people we disagree with please be silent. We don’t want to hear you. We don’t want to engage with you. That’s going to create further polarization. [emphasis added]

Yeah, that is pretty much diametrically opposed to what Democrats, both local and national, say and do these days.

They need to be able to say, “Here’s what I believe and why…” Yet they seem to have lost that skill. But they can’t forever take the coward’s path and hide behind a strategic ambiguity.


So, you wonder why

Conservatives are SO unforgiving about the WuFlu Karens?

Corruption Cowardice

Sheesh, FBI,


Cowardice Hypocrisy

Yeah, pretty much…

Buffoons Cowardice

Yeah, whatever

Joe. You’re done. You’ve entertained us quite enough…

Corruption Cowardice

Yeah, well

DEMOCRATS. If you want justice and truth, for Heaven’s sake you don’t vote Democrat. DUH! They are just into CYA schemes. Which is why they voted to continue to cover for Joe and Hunter (and, most importantly for them, their precious selves!).

“If the Democrats vote against this resolution, then they are continuing in their coordinated effort to shield a potentially compromised President from necessary congressional oversight,” Comer said Tuesday. “We must shed light on the Biden family’s international business schemes to determine if there is a national security threat.”

Well, they did. Shocker.

“So do you mean to tell me that Joe Biden … had no idea that his son was engaged in the sale of a cobalt mine to a Chinese company at the same time when the centerpiece of Joe Biden’s energy policy is electric cars in the United States?” Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) asked on Tuesday. “That is just crazy,” he said.

Vote these bastards out!


Katie Hobbs is

a total coward!

Will AZ voters let her get away with this crap? If I were Kari Lake, I would take a page out of Cato The Censor’s book and end every speech with, “And Katie Hobbs is still too much of a coward to debate me.”

“Hobbs is so terrified that I might bring up the fact that she is a twice-convicted racist, and that her racism cost Arizona taxpayers nearly $3 million,” Lake said in a video. “I made it unbelievably easy for her. She picks the date, the time, the moderator. She even had the chance to write all of the questions. But she would rather hide from the voters and let Soros and other dark money groups pour millions of dollars in attack ads against me.”

Cowardice Hypocrisy

Well, Disney won’t bite

the hand that feeds them! They can be as “woke” as they wanna be here in the US.

But Middle East countries just won’t take that crap. So Disney meekly capitulates.

Look, I’m NOT saying that we should be as brutal as the ME. I don’t want that.

I’m just saying that Disney’s hypocrisy is totally nauseating. They don’t really take a moral stand if MONEY is at stake. They just preen and posture in places where it is safe to do so.

Cowards and hypocrites!

After picking a political fight with Florida over the state’s Parental Rights in Education Law, and declaring itself an LGBTQ ally to boot, Disney is reportedly censoring gay and transgender content on the version of the Disney+ streaming service that it launched in the region in June.

Captain Obvious Cowardice

Yep! That is

virtually for sure true. Stick a fork in him–he’s done…

Manchin is not up for reelection until 2024, but considering the increasingly Republican landscape of his home state and his willingness to sabotage the livelihoods of the people who put him in office, it grows more and more likely that this will be the last time he is in office.

I assume that this means that he won’t actually run again. I suspect that he has already made that call. I don’t think he can win now, anyway. Besides, he’s way too old.

See ya, Joe!