Anger Despotism Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

Well, they

deserve to be dragged! And it is discouraging to see how many went bleatingly along. I honestly give a pass for the first few months. But it became more and more obvious as time went on that this was a coercive, despotic power play.

And all that has become increasingly clear, especially with the recent CDC “oops!” about Ivermectin and the obvious damage to adults and kids from shutting down businesses and schools.

… it didn’t take long for the comedian [Bill Maher] to turn his fire toward the media and the medical elites who held us hostage over a virus that has now been relegated to flu status regarding treatment. It’s not official CDC policy, and quarantine is no longer on the table for future COVID infections. This development comes after the media treated this little virus as a horrid mixture of Ebola, measles, bird flu, and the Black Death.

Maher expertly drags the media and the medical establishment without mercy for being outright insane. We closed schools, which has irreparably damaged our children’s education.  

… As the HBO host noted, the backward thinking during the pandemic could be captured like this: the experts, like Fauci and his legion of medical clowns, said it was unhealthy to go outside, get fresh air, and soak up Vitamin D via sunshine during this period because the more responsible option to was to stay locked up, become racked with anxiety, and excessively drink. 

Anger Injustice Lefty Culture

THIS is what

“Biden” hath wrought. He is NOT a friend to the average working person! YOU are less safe because Joe Biden stole the 2020 election!

The widow of fallen NYPD officer Jonathan Diller had harsh words for elected officials when giving the eulogy at her husband’s funeral. Stephanie Diller, who survives her husband along with their one-year-old son, said that her husband died as a he lived, a hero.

“How many more police officers and how many more families have to make the ultimate sacrifice before we start protecting them?” Diller said during the funeral, which took place on Holy Saturday.

21 times! Just think about that for a moment. Haven’t you had enough of the Democrat dog food? It’s time to stop eating!

Anger Banana Republic of Brandon

Yes, as well

they should!

A majority of voters across seven battleground states believe President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats are to blame for the crisis at the southern border, which is a top issue ahead of the November election, a Thursday poll found.

Yes, they ARE to blame!

The Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll also found Trump leading Biden across all seven battleground states 48% to 43%, as well as in each individual state. The former president led by two points in Michigan; four points in Wisconsin; six points in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania; and nine points in North Carolina.

Don’t. Get. Cocky. Democrats are known for stealing elections!

Anger Barbaric! Evil

Let’s put the

budget and spending into a little perspective, here:

It’s truly outrageous! It seems impossible that our leaders could be so grossly irresponsible. What the crap are they thinking?



People are sick of the Senile Joe incompetence.

“My name is Inigo Montoya… I want [Trump] back you son of a bitch!”

Anger Justice

Uhm, maybe

this wasn’t a good idea, Leftists!

Anger Despotism Disgusting!

Gee, no wonder

Democrats are frantic to get Trump thrown off the ballot! They simply can’t beat him at the ballot box!

Long-term (even medium-term) their gambit won’t work, you know. At best, it will just make lots of people seething mad.


Yes, it’s

a pretty good pitch.

The Democrat failing is that they seem to be so ensconced in their Lefty bubble that they are failing to grasp the depth of anger, here.

Anger Injustice

Kind of

boggles the mind, eh?

This is a despicable stain on the Left!

Anger Incompetence Polls

Yeah, Joe’s numbers

are bad. I mean, really bad. And I’m not sure that voter fraud can save the Lefty bacon, this time. Maybe.

Democrats have one huge, unavoidable problem. And his name is Joe Biden.

According to recent polls, GOP front-runner and former President Donald Trump would beat Biden if the 2024 election were held today. A Quinnipiac poll out Wednesday shows Biden with 46 percent and Trump with 48 percent among registered voters, still within the margin of error and too close to call. However, a new Fox News poll, also out Wednesday, shows that in a head-to-head, the former president would prevail with 50 percent to Biden’s 46 — a number Trump has never garnered in a Fox poll going back to October 2015. 

… But there are deeper and far more meaningful insights to mine from the survey, and they don’t spell good things for the Democrat Party.

It is worse for Democrats than you think.

The implications are simple. Voters are confronting a rare moment in U.S. history in which they can actually compare what it’s like to live under the leadership, or lack thereof, of the two major presidential candidates.

… So Democrats are left to lie with sleepy Joe in the bed they made for themselves. It’s hard to feel sorry for them.