Anti-scientific stance Chumps

So then,

the mask is not just useless, but counter-productive.

Huh, go figure…

Anti-scientific stance

Let’s just say

I’m not shocked.

Anti-scientific stance Evil

Be VERY careful

about what you believe! Because they usually lose in court, “Biden” has outsourced his PR campaign to erstwhile scientific publications. Yes, he has bastardized even science. It’s not the only thing he has marshaled onto his side, of course. But it is a big thing.

As I have said, “Biden” does not have the Midas touch. He has the caca touch!

Stung by court decisions limiting its ability to pressure and coerce social media companies to remove purported misinformation and facing an uncertain response at the Supreme Court, the Biden administration is finding workarounds.

Here’s the problem–the caca touch, if you will: Now it is very difficult to even know what to believe. Since we KNOW “scientists” have lied in order to boost “Biden,” upon what grounds now do we judge the truth?

I mean, many physicians are pushing the COVID vaxx for little kids, even though little kids virtually never get the illness! Nor do they spread it. So we’ve gotten to the point where we as parents have to make a call that may go against medical advice, and very well could impact that child’s entire life. All the while having NO reliable scientific data on it! We lose a formerly trustworthy source of information.

Because what they tell us might be true. But then again, it might not be…

How diabolical.

Anti-scientific stance

Let’s just say

that getting a booster wouldn’t be prudent!

It’s a ruse, folks. Don’t fall for it! I am a scientist–therefore I believe that the “vaccinations” for COVID are at least a pile of crap, and in fact is likely just a way that charlatans will take advantage of you–make a pigeon out if you.

Anti-scientific stance Buffoons Despotism

Hey flat-earther

Democrat dead-enders, masks don’t work! DUH!

Anti-scientific stance Epic fail

Yeah, it’s a

HUGE fail!

Taxpayers will soon be on the hook for The Coming Green Energy Bailout.

Yyyyyup! It just don’t work!

Anti-scientific stance Current Events

Wow, all those

vaxx shots were sure effective! Oh my!

Guys, a true vaccine prevents you from getting or spreading an illness. And yet, this shot does neither. Face it, it’s not functionally a vaccine.

The White House announced Monday evening that Jill Biden has tested positive for COVID-19 while on vacation in Delaware and is “experiencing only mild symptoms.” Jill Biden is double-vaxxed and twice boosted

Interesting that those who got the vaxx are MORE likely to get COVID than those of us who are “Purebloods.” Huh.

I certainly am not against all vaccines. But I am against tyranny and stupidity!

"Global Warming" nonsense Anti-scientific stance


There is an instrumentation threat to the validity of these studies! Gee, I’ve only been saying that for the past twenty years…

As a scientist, the problem I see is that there has been a widespread willingness by scientists and politicians to avoid careful examination of the threats to the validity of the whole “Global Warming” theory.

And it is really quite obvious that “scientists” would assert “Global Warming” because by doing so they yield to two of the three objectives of ALL despotic temptations–money and power.

The three universal despotic driving forces behind every single act of despotism are: Money, Power, and Sex.

Whenever you see despotic behavior, the impetus driving the behavior is at least one of those three things, and very often some combination of them.

Just know and be on the lookout: It is always driven by money, power, sex, or some combination of those three. ALWAYS. Even in Matthew 4 the temptations of Christ were ALL based on personal gain (money) and power! So, explicitly two of the three–with the third very much implied…

Anti-scientific stance Bad Faith

Yeah, Fauci

is a scientific embarrassment!

I mean, how stupid would you have to be to say or believe that there is NO effect on the whole but the individual people that make up that whole show a scientific effect?

Huh? No really, THAT is Fauci’s argument!

Absolutely gobsmacking. How does anyone with even a smidgeon of scientific understanding believe such nonsense? Un-freakin’-believable!

It is just ridiculous in the extreme.

Wow. Fauci is clearly a liar.

Anti-scientific stance

It’s really quite

sobering and unexpected by me how quickly the science journals sold out.

I guess they were willing to sell their good names and science itself for a mess of political hackism potage…

But will truth make a comeback? It’s now just barely on the horizon, even.