Anti-scientific stance Foolishness

Yes, we are

starting to see a shift. And I told you it would come! Two words: Recovered Memory.

Right now is just the beginning of this shift, but those of us who are old and wise enough to have seen this kind of thing before in medical circles always quite clearly recognized it as just another destructive medical fad that would eventually burn itself out.

Of course, there are victims. Lobotomy was a fad that burned itself out, too. But there were thousands of life-long victims. And also, many parents were falsely accused of child sex abuse–and some went to prison.

And that is also the general case here–the very same pattern. But times 1000, this time. It is burning itself out, but there will be many thousands of life-long victims. And just who will be the last person to be permanently mutilated in the service of this fad?

Truly sad. Heartbreaking, really. Attorneys, gear up!

Anti-scientific stance

You kinda

wonder, eh?

Anti-scientific stance

Wow! Even the

Lefty suck-up NY Times admits the obvious.

“There is just no evidence that they” — masks — “make any difference,” he told the journalist Maryanne Demasi. “Full stop.”
But, wait, hold on. What about N-95 masks, as opposed to lower-quality surgical or cloth masks?
“Makes no difference — none of it,” said Jefferson.

… But when it comes to the population-level benefits of masking, the verdict is in: Mask mandates were a bust. Those skeptics who were furiously mocked as cranks and occasionally censored as “misinformers” for opposing mandates were right.

All I can say is, “DUH! What took you so long?”

Anti-scientific stance

Just out of

idle curiosity:

Anti-scientific stance Bad Faith

It’s time. It’s

time for mainstream scientists to come clean.

Her’s something for the Pandemic Porn Pimps™ to acknowledge:

 I was wrong. We in the scientific community were wrong. And it cost lives.

… We made science a team sport, and in so doing, we made it no longer science. It became us versus them, and “they” responded the only way anyone might expect them to: by resisting.

… It’s OK to be wrong and admit where one was wrong and what one learned. That’s a central part of the way science works. Yet I fear that many are too entrenched in groupthink—and too afraid to publicly take responsibility—to do this.

Anti-scientific stance Despotism

Gee, what a


Those of us with functioning brains and a little scientific training have known THAT for a couple years, now.

This was NOT about science or knowledge. This was purely about control and dominion.

Anti-scientific stance Despotism


I told you!

There are cracks in the dam. And I’m not at all sure the water can now be stopped!

Sure, assuming the bill makes it through the house, it probably won’t get through the Senate. And even if it did, “Biden” would certainly veto it.

But look, it took ONE DAY for people to attack “Biden’s” plan to rescind his onerous and anti-scientific pandemic decree. One day. For legislation.

Do you think it can last until May 11? I don’t.

Anti-scientific stance Current Events

Yeah, but has

he checked with his masters at the CDC?

Hmmmm… And how does he know that May 11 is the “magic, magic” day? How? Is he looking at some sort of data? Is he a sorcerer? Did God tell him and he is a prophet?

Or rather, is “Joe Biden” just arbitrarily picking a day that suits him and his posse? I mean, why not May 1?

So on the 10th of May it is still an emergency. But on the 11th all is OK? Scientifically, what is the difference? And just how does Biden or anyone else know? Why not, say, February 1? Is this science, or just some arbitrary date that he pulled out of his butt? Is there some rationality behind it, or is it mere politics?

Honestly, I don’t see how Biden rationally holds on to that May date. I’m not sure how he holds off tomorrow, to be honest! How on earth can a sentient being be so stupid as to think May 10 is dangerous as heck but May 11 is just fine?

Wise people have some questions…

Anti-scientific stance Bad Faith

Yeah, a lot

of people are coming down with this!

Anti-scientific stance

Can I just

say that I’m not surprised?